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My Recent Photo Shoots

22 Jun

The keener eyed readers amongst you will have noticed that I recently updated my blog’s header to include some recent images. Some of those images are from my latest shoot with My Boudoir and I thought it only right to share the full set with you!

My last experience with My Boudoir was absolutely amazing, and so you can imagine how excited I was to not only get the chance to return to Nicola’s magical house of wonderment, but also to be going with none other than Caroline CurvyWordy.

Nicola and Sarah were as lovely and welcoming as ever, and I cannot recommend My Boudoir highly enough! Caroline’s fantastic write up of the day just goes to show their consistent brilliance, and if you ever want a stunning set of photos, nude clothed or otherwise, then My Boudoir is the place for you.

And now, without further ado I’d like to share my images with you. All of the outfit details will be listed with the images.


My first outfit was my Collectif Dolores doll dress in a size 14 worn with a petticoat from Nicola’s boudoir wardrobe. As ever, I wore my trusty What Katie Did Morticia corset in a size 30 to help my achieve gorgeous curves! I loved posing on the floor in a ‘classic pin up’ pose, and then had a lot of fun being giggly and winky in front on Nicola’s wind machine – it also helped me cool off a little, as the bright lights can get very warm!


Next up I had some fun looking like a sultry goddess in the teal Ava from Pinup Girl Clothing, size 2XL. I loved how Sarah made me look a little vampier with my darker make up, and of course my hair looked magical! Those two images were my absolute favourite from the day, and I felt like I had been transported to another era.




Nicola and I then had some fun trying to force my thick mane of hair into one of her fabulous wigs, and I did my best to channel a busty Velma Kelly in that a my gorgeous size 32 Corsets UK curvaceous corset. You can read more about the highly curvaceous corset in my review.


Lastly, Caroline and I donned our matching XL Pinup Girl Clothing Erin dresses and had great fun pulling some sultry poses. As you can see, my Morticia corset made another appearance. Sometimes I wish I could tolerate wearing her all the time, the shape she gives me is amazing!

Another shoot that I saw the results of recently was my shoot for Volup2. I posed for the three hour shoot just hours after my 21 hour journey back from Vietnam, and so I was very interested to see the results…







I wore a mixture of my Collectif Dolores dolls dresses and my Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie and Haunted Housewife in rose. Of course I teamed these dresses with my What Katie Did Morticia corset and Freya Deco as always! Helped by hair artist Rachel Williamson and make up artist Laura Goodwin I became Velvet’s vision – a ‘hillbilly dolly’. She wanted me to move away from the pin up look, and boy did she nail it with this shoot! I flounced around the gorgeous Good Enough College, feeling a bit silly with my curly fringe and contoured nose. It’s lucky I trust Velvet – and of course, she made me look fabulous, and I needn’t have even entertained the idea of worrying! Trying something so different was very fun, and being able to wear my own amazing dresses made me feel a little more in my comfort zone.

I do have one more shoot to share with you. If you follow my on my social streams you will know which one I mean… but that will come with reviews of the items I wore, and so stay tuned for that in a few weeks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the images from my latest shoots – it makes a change from me posing in my living room!

A Review Of Corsets UK’s Highly Curvaceous Corsets

10 Jun

As most of you will have spotted, I adore corsets! My ultimate favourite corset has to be the Morticia from What Katie Did.Volup2_Simplicity_Page_199
The reason that I love the Morticia corset so much is because she is perfect for someone like me who has a ‘curvier’ figure, and a large hip to waist ratio. I’ve never quite found a corset so perfect, and so I was thrilled when Corsets UK asked me if I would like to try one of their ‘Highly Curvaceous’ corsets.
The steel boned corset promised to work on ladies with a “large difference in waist and hip measurement” – that sounded like me!
The lovely Lizzie from Corsets UK sent me a size 32 corset to start with – I usually wear a 30 or 28, but that’s in underbust corsets where my boobs do not roam!
The corset fitted me quite well. I especially liked how it fit on my hips. However, I did find it not quite roomy enough on my bust and a bit too short for my long torso. It sufficed for a cheeky photo shoot with My Boudoir but I wasn’t convinced that my assets would have stayed put for anything more strenuous…





Lizzie and I decided that a size down in the corset might work well on me, as I had been able to lace it closed at my waist. I knew it wouldn’t be any better on my bust, but I was curious to see how it would fit.


As you can see my bust does NOT look ready to stay put in the corset, however it did give me a lovely shape.


The length of the corset is, as previously stated, a bit too short for my torso. I am 5’7 with a long body and so I am used to things coming up fairly short on me, but sadly a too short corset = tummy bulge!


The corset laced with a ribbon, and I find that hard to lace up on my own. I feel that the corset could have gone smaller with the assistance of someone else, but I am happy with the shape it gave me as it was.


I had the corset on for almost an hour as I took photos and checked how it looked. I did find it very comfortable, but not quite as flexible as some corsets I have owned. I couldn’t do my shoes up in a corset like this, but I would be able to last an evening in it.

The next highly curvaceous corset that I tried was a size 32 underbust corset.


I really loved this corset! It didn’t give me an overly dramatic shape, but it was a great length and felt very comfortable on.


I once again was unable to fasten it as tightly as I would have liked, which may in turn have led to a more extreme silhouette, but I was pleased with how easy it was to put on.


The cord tie is my preferred corset fastening as it feels durable and easy to use, as it were.


As much as I am disappointed that the overbust corset wasn’t a great success on me, I am excited to find another great curve accommodating underbust corset that does account for my hips and height. I think that the overbust corset range will work better on shorter women with a 8-10 inch difference between their waist and hips.

What do you think of my new corsets? Are you a fan of the highly curvaceous corsets from Corset UK?

Gaining Confidence

22 Mar

I often get comments that express admiration at my confidence. It flatters me, as I do believe that body confidence is one of the most attractive things anyone can have. The ability to present yourself not as egotistical, but as cool, calm and happy with yourself. It’s not something that we are born with, or something that comes easily to us all. It’s not about looks, it’s more about feeling at peace with yourself and feeling comfortable. Here are my tips on how to feel a little more confident and self assured.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the first place you should look too to feel happier and more confident is…your underwear drawer. Ill fitting bras and uncomfortable knickers are enough to knock anyone’s confidence. If you are UK based I would urge you to get to a Bravissimo for a fitting. If you would prefer you can email or call them and they will be able to advise you that way. Alternatively, you can check out Butterfly Collection’s bra calculator which will be able to give you a size that is very close to what you should be wearing. For more information about the styles of bras out there and what they can do, check out my video:

Check out my bra fitting posts here.

In terms of knickers, this post by The Lingerie Addict is a great read for ladies looking for a little comfort in the undercracker department. My advice is to always buy knickers that do not dig in, do not irritate you and if they match your bra? Bonus!

Of course, it doesn’t end there with underwear. My favourite piece of underwear after my bra has to be my shapewear. I know that a lot of women turn their noses up at the idea of shapewear and see it as ‘cheating’ and an annoyance, but personally I adore it. It helps put my mind at ease that my tight dress isn’t showing too much of my bulgey stomach, and it makes me feel smooth, streamlined and carefree. This is my favourite piece:

This is how the shapewear looks when worn with a fairly loose corset.

This is how the shapewear looks when worn with a fairly loose corset.

It is by Maidenform and I adore it. The straps mean that it won’t roll down, and the shorts mean that it won’t roll up – even on my rather large thighs! The only problem with it is that going to the loo can be…ahem…tricky. It has a convenient ‘slit’, designed to make such actions easier, but it’s still something that baffles some, and can take a bit of getting used too!

Once your underwear is in order, you can feel like you are ready to take on the world! You feel younger, slimmer, walk taller and your outfits can look far better. I get countless emails from women who have been fitted for a better bra or found some that work well for them, and they are all positive. These women feel happier and more body positive without having to lose or gain weight or have surgery.

Personally, I always feel a lot happier after exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe going to the gym as much as anyone! But when I leave, red faced, sweating and breathing heavily, I do feel body positive, even though I am a long way away from being happy with my size. Sometimes all I need to do in a few sit ups or go for a short jog. Sometimes it’s a full gym session. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

Taking care of my nails, skin and hair is also something that makes me feel good. Yes, they are appearance based and it is vain, but personally I feel a lot more put together when I feel confident with my looks.

Due to my job, I can’t paint my nails too often. But when I can, I do and it makes me feel ultra feminine. Sometimes I indulge myself with a salon treatment, and often turn here for interesting offers on professional manicures in London. I am also a huge fan of pedicures, and my trusty Ped-Egg is the best thing that I have found to use on them. Clean smooth feet with painted toes are something that you don’t even need to show anyone or spend much time and money on – it can just make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

I dye and straighten and curl and generally abuse my hair way too much! And so treating it to the odd hair mask is a must!. I do love to go the the hairdress when I have the time and money, but it’s just so easy to do some cleaning or cooking whilst my hair rejuvenates in a hair mask, and in a few hours it’s back to looking gorgeous and healthy.

I am also a huge sucker for a face mask, as is my boyfriend!

Pardon my face!

Pardon my face!

It’s another quick cheap easy DIY treatment that really changes how you feel about yourself. I rarely wear foundation, and I attribute that to my face mask obsession and all the water I drink. I have tried a few homemade masks to varying degrees of success, but my favourite has to be this mud mask.

There are of course ways that will and won’t work for various people with regards to feeling happy and confident and exuding that. This post was just my way of sharing how I go about making myself feel like ‘me’. I hope that it has not come across as a vain post, but generally speaking appearance is something that we all rely heavily on to make us feel good about ourselves. I would love to hear from other people with regards to what you do to feel confident and happy within yourself 🙂

Volup2: Simplicity

16 Mar

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected to model from Velvet d’Amour’s magazine Volup2. That was the day the love affair between us was born! I love how at ease Velvet makes me feel in front of the camera, how she totally understood what I wanted and what I liked and disliked about myself, and how I should trust her! You can book a shoot with her via her website Velvetography.

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

Since then I have had several more shoots with Velvet for Volup2, and I’d love the share the most recent images with you, as well as urge you to buy Volup2 to see hundreds of glorious images.


Dress: the Erin wiggle dress by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Dress: the Dita dress by Dollydagger.


Dress: George at ASDA.


Dress: the Mon Cheri by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Shapewear: the 1294 by Rago.

The bra (worn in every shot): the Deco by Freya.

The corset (worn in every shot): the Morticia by What Katie Did.

I hope that you enjoyed these latest shots by Velvet. I believe that no airbrushing took place, she instead uses natural light to shoot and the glorious make up skills of plus size model and hair and make up artist, Laura Goodwin.

Please help support Volup2 buy paying just a few pounds and subscribing to the next three issues.

You can contact Velvet at: emaillinkif you want to advertise in Volup2.

The Maggie Babydoll By Elomi

2 Mar

I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that when you have a larger bust you can sometimes struggle with finding items that small busted women have readily available to them. And for me, one of those items is a babydoll.
I’ve tried out various items from Ann Summers, however, they have always been far too small in the bust and far too big in the band. And so when I saw that Elomi had released the Maggie babydoll I immediately wanted to try it!

Maggie, 36-42 bands, F-GG cups

Maggie, 36-42, F-GG

Sadly, Maggie stops at a GG cup. However, not to be defeated, I decided to try it in a 38GG, the sister size to my 36H. As babydolls are ‘bedroom’ attire, I figured it would be something I could get away with.

Thankfully, Maggie has quite a firm band. The 38GG arrived, and it fit me rather well.





The three hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps were as welcome as always. I adored the keyhole detail below the backband, and the length was perfect on me. The shape the cups gave me was glorious, especially for non padded cups.



The cups fit very well on me, although it would have been nice if they were a bit higher at the sides. And if I were to be really picky, I would love it if someone made large cupped babydolls that nipped in at the waist a little more. As whilst Maggie worked for me in terms of fit, I can’t help but think she would have been more flattering if I had a little more waist definition.

What are your thoughts on babydolls? Have you found any that fit? Do you love them, loathe them?

A Guest Review Of The Panache Porcelain Body By Kate Nolan

30 Jan

I’ve always been a little curious about bra bodies, and so I enlisted the help of a friend to write a review of hers…

Hello lovely readers of FFFB!

A little while ago I purchased the Panache Porcelain body in 30G. George kindly gave me the amazing opportunity to review it for her.

Overall, sadly, I think it was distinctly average. The bra part of the contraption fit okay, but not perfectly and it only really held in my flab a tiny bit. 1


I found that my torso seemed to be somewhat too long for it, for example, if I pulled the bra up to where I would be happy wearing it, then I got a major wedgie and everything seemed stretched. Besides that it didn’t stay there and I was constantly pulling it up. If I left the bra where it sat naturally, there was folding in the bottom of the cups under my boobs. My boobs weren’t at all supported. This problem was rectified by using the straps included with it, but the reason I bought it was to use it for a strapless dress. 6


Also, weirdly, I seemed to have a weird back fat situation where the back band of the bra pushed my back fat down but the body pushed my back fat up resulting in a back-fat-flap. Most uncool.

The material used was really silky and super comfortable, but not as firm as I was hoping for; I wanted something to hold me in but I found it just altered my shape slightly. I don’t often wear shapewear so I’m not an expert and maybe I had far too high expectations, but I found it did very little for making my flab less flabby. I constantly tell my ribcage off for needing protective fat because I hate the bulge underneath my bra. I hoped that because this was a bra combined with something intended to disguise reality, that maybe I wouldn’t get an under-bra-band-bulge. I was not to be.

And also, maybe I’m nit-picking, but the cup kept denting in the middle. It was even noticeable under my dress.


On a more positive note, the band was firm and cup true to size. However, sadly the cons outweighed the pros and my quest for the perfect bra body continues!


Thanks for reading!  Please let me know if you are a fan of bra bodies and which ones you have tried.

Recent Shennanigans

23 Jan

I’ve had quite an exciting week or so! A lot has happened, some good, some amazing, some scary! And so here is a little round up.

Firstly, I hit 7000 likes on my Facebook page which felt pretty great! I’m not one to judge my worth on how many social followers I have, but I can’t deny my elation. I am really blessed to have so many ladies on that page who are so kind, loyal and informative! A variety of topics get discussed there and it’s a fun environment to have helped create. I share images, blog posts and ask questions to help other readers and my own curiosity. I recently posed the question:

“What would you LOVE to see a plus size designer make? Whether it’s more bodycon, more mini skirts, more black tents (!!!) anything, what do you want?

Me – more options with sleeves, and more form fitting dresses.”

Within seconds there seemed to be a a dozen answers. It seems that a lot of women, like me, would like to see sleeved items and sexier dresses. A few wanted to know where they could find shirts that buttoned up over the bust. A lot talked about maxi dresses – where to find ones with decent straps and lengths. These dresses should provide a few solutions to some of those questions. A lot asked about wide fit boots, clothes for taller women, shorter women, small busted women…the list was endless. It seems that plus size companies have a little way to go before everyone’s sizes, tastes and needs are acquainted for.

On the plus side of being plus – Plus Size Fashion Weekend is approaching!855_487397121299436_2130464114_nTo be in with a chance of winning tickets to this amazing event, click here.

It snowed several times here in the UK this week – not fun at all! I have been asked a few times about what I wear when it turns colder, and so I thought I would share my go-to layer up look!

My favourite recent purchase has to be my Maidenform Fat Free Leggings. Thanks to the linked post by Curvywordy, I discovered these amazing leggings, and I am hooked!
The perfect fit for me is a size large, and they suck me in and smooth me out without being too restrictive.
Remember – they are leggings, not trousers, and the arse stretching see through aspect means that I always wear them with something to cover my bottom!
When layering up, I add a long sleeved bust friendly BiuBiu top.IMG_3326
Any old dress, often without a belt as it’s not seen under the layers.IMG_3330
One of my boyfriend’s hoodies (most of them are from Primark).IMG_3336
My Collectif coat, a scarf, some thick socks, and either my Uggs or Evans bootsIMG_3341


Like I said, I change this look up a bit but generally those layers keep me warm and snug and don’t add too much bulk to my already large body.

My dress obsession and broken handbag recently got introduced to two new sites – and thus, one glorious outfit was born.


The dress is, predictably, a Dolores doll by Collectif that I got in the sale at Miss Mole. The handbag is from JustFab and I got it at at introductory offer of £17.50.
Be warned though – if you do buy from JustFab, read the sign up instructions carefully as you will get a monthly charge if you do not make a monthly purchase.
That said, my new bag is gloriously green, has many zip pockets and the option of a long or a short strap. A beautiful bargain that looks great with my new dress – which I really need to iron, I do apologise!

And last but no means least, this happened…
I appeared in the Daily Mail. Something I swore to myself would never happen! But, if you read the article (ignore that horrific photo that I spoil) you will see it was for a good reason. You can read more about the project and the other ladies involved here, at Plus-Size-Tall.
Sadly we were badly represented what with all the ‘curves’ and ‘curvy’ and ‘real women’ being thrown about, despite me specifically telling Liz how much I hated those terms. I did not know who Daisy Lowe was, and after a quick Google I stated that I thought she was slim, yet curvy. I was also quoted as saying that I wanted to lose weight but feared what my readers would think. Nuh uh. I want too and AM losing weight. I don’t need 200 trolls to tell me to do so, but thanks for the concern guys! Fat as I am, I am healthy, I do exercise, my eating choices are not always the best but I am trying. I have no problem getting male attention (hello boyfriend of 4+ years) and I didn’t eat any dwarves. My thighs do not chaff, I love colour block dresses and guess what DM readers, you aint got nothing on me! Those of us who are intelligent will know that DM readers comment to provoke, they use pseudo names and would never dare look us in our piggy eyes and say such things to our fat faces. Which didn’t make reading them (I couldn’t ignore them) any easier, but it did help me put in a killer session at the gym.
I love this post from my fellow chubster Callie, as it summed up how I felt as well.

So, that’s my news!  I hope that this round up has been interesting and fun.  It’s something I may do more if you all would like.. just let me know 🙂

How To Fasten A Corset

21 Jan

I recently did a post for Hot Corsets on how to fasten a corset by yourself, something I get asked about a lot. Remember, ‘FULLFIGURE1’ gets you 10% off their products.





My Photoshoot With ‘My Boudoir’

17 Jan

Just before Christmas I received an email from a lovely lady called Nicola who wanted to know if I fancied having some ‘boudoir’ shots taken with her. She said liked my blog and my confidence, and she thought I could help inspire other larger women to take pride in their bodies and feel like a star in front of her lens. She sent me a link to her Boudoir photography website and Facebook page as well as a few examples of her photos, and encouraged me to peruse her work and make a decision when I was ready.





I must admit that at first I was somewhat hesitant to take her up on her offer. The word ‘boudoir’ conjured up all sorts of images for me, and my first thought was that I would be expected to have a nude shoot, something that panicked me for a variety of reasons. However, I couldn’t ignore that her work was amazing, her ‘Before&After’ photos spoke for themselves and I wanted to look amazing like the girls in the shots! After emailing back and forth a few times with her, I felt reassured that I would be asked to do nothing that took me out of my comfort zones, and I couldn’t wait to look like a glamourous bombshell!

I live in London, and Nicola’s shoots take place in her house in Ramsbottom, Manchester, a speedy bullet train journey away. She was very understanding about the times I would arrive and leave, and arranged for me to be picked up and dropped off at the station by the lovely Gary, who waited patiently for me at the station with my name on a sign, carried my bags to the car and dropped me off at Nicola’s house. I was greeted by two excited French bulldogs and a smiling huggy Nicola, who checked that I was ok with the dogs being there. She then ushered me into the lounge where I was introduced to Sarah, the hair and make up artist. I was asked about the kind of make up and hair I wanted, and Sarah was very thorough with the exact looks I wanted for my hair, eyes, eyebrows and so on. She was great fun to talk with, and it felt like no time at all before I was ready to take a look into the mirror. I could not have been more pleased at what I saw! She had really captured the look I so often try to emulate, and I couldn’t get over the way I looked!
I felt ready to take on the camera, and I followed Nicola upstairs to start my shoot.
Nicola had selected the outfits from my suitcase that she thought would work best, and left me to change into look number one, my Morticia corset from What Katie Did and Bravissimo Demi Diva set.

The room where the shoots takes place is actually Nicola’s bedroom! It, along with her whole house and the lady herself, have a wonderful vintage feel too it. The room was nice and warm, some great upbeat girly songs were playing and I felt very at ease. I changed into outfit number one and then Nicola came back to just help make last minute adjustments to my corset.

The first pose that she wanted me in really helped break the ice! I had to lie on the floor by her wardrobe with my legs up against the wardrobe, my body in an ‘L’ shape. Let me tell you that doing that in 6 inch heels, a tightly laced corset and knickers that tie up and the side was no mean feat, and poor Nicola must have got many an eyeful as I navigated myself into the pose! But luckily she was very patient, and once I was in position she gave me direction on the placement of my legs, handed me a gorgeous vintage telephone and then started snapping. It was quite hot under the lights, and some positions that I had to hold made me feel like I was getting a work out, but thanks to Nicola’s wonderful direction and editing, I think I look rather good!
After that I changed into my Fauve Rosa set and faux fur coat and had some fun looking elegant on her chaise lounge and cheetah rug.



Next, I changed into my Dollydagger Dita dress and assumed various positions on the satin strewn bed. Once again, she did not disappoint with the images she created.

By this point I felt very at ease with Nicola. I was used to the bright hot lights, the positions that look so natural in the photos, but can take a bit of concentration and effort to hold and maintain, and her frequent directions and praise – something that really makes me relax with a photographer.

I changed into my Erin dress from Pinup Girl Clothing for the next few shots, and I just love how she made me look in the shot with the umbrella.


Last but not least, I changed into my Masquerade Rhea bra and pink corset (code ‘FullFigure1 gets you 10% off at Hot Corsets) and my absolute favourite image was born – something that surprised me as I really loathe pink!



Nicola took a few face shots and made me look utterly classically beautiful, I gasped when I saw the photos!





And then we were done, and it was time to wave my goodbyes and catch my train home!

Luckily for impatient me, Nicola had the photos edited and sent to me the very next day, and like I said above I was in AWE of how I looked in them! She had taken into account my hatred of my arms and legs, and managed to get the absolute best out of me in the images. Yes, her style it to enchance with photoshop, and yes I don’t look natural in some of the shots, but I adore every images she sent me and I feel very privileged to have had such a wonderful experience. It’s something I would definitely look into doing again, and I’m even considering buying a package for my best friend who deserves a dolled up experience.

As I have proven, ‘boudoir’ shoots are all about posing in outfits that you feel happy in. Whether that’s your birthday suit or a full suit, I’m sure that Nicola and Sarah could work their magic on you and make you feel like a goddess. And the great thing is, if you’re not overly keen of a photo or part of a photo, Nicola will change it for you until you are satisfied. She has never produced anything less than mind blowing images, and I want to thank her and Sarah for my wonderful experience, and I hope I have convinced a few of you to let the ladies make you feel like a princess at My Boudoir.

Simply Red

1 Nov

Sometimes I feel that every other dress in my wardrobe is red. For this I blame my boyfriend as it is his favourite colour which indirectly makes me want to wear it a lot, and also the fact that red dresses are just so damn gorgeous! My complexion really suits the colour as well, and so why fix something when it’s not broken, right?

Recently I was lucky enough to get my grubby mitts in TWO amazing red dresses in the space of as many days, and naturally I compared and contrasted how they looked and felt on me – as did my boyfriend 😉

The first dress I received was from The Big Bra Bar. When Nikki Hesford of BBB kindly asked if I would like to try her brand new dress I was chuffed! Just like Pepperberry and BiuBiu the products she sells are made with extra bust room. However when she mentioned that it would be a size 16 I was a little dubious as I can range from a 14 to a 24 in outfits. I needn’t have worried…
The dress fit me like it was made for me! It had enough fabric to cover my bust, it nipped in at my waist, it flowed over my hips and stopped at that dream spot – just below my knees. The fabric is a stretchy satin and it has a stretchy thin net lining inside to stop it being static and clinging to every dimple. It was a little unforgiving on my stomach sadly, meaning I will keep it for those days when I haven’t just eaten a takeaway! It is easy to zip up on my own and feels very luxurious. As it is not a fitted wiggle to the knee it has no need for a slit and is easy to walk and sit in. Being sleeveless means that I don’t have to worry about my chub chub arms trying to fit into it, but it also means that it will not be worn without a shrug.
True to form I had to try it on with one of my trusty thrifted belts just to see how it looked – and surprisingly it didn’t help nip me in anymore, but it broke the outfit up nicely and meant that my pairing it with red shoes looked a little more matching.

So if you are busty and around Pepperberry’s size range I would definitely recommend this! It’s a little slinkier and sexier than a lot of Pepperberry styles and fits curves extremely well. It is a very decent price for something that looks and feels so lovely. If you have any questions about this or any other Big Bra Bar products then do not hesitate to contact Nikki on her Facebook page.

The next dress I received was this vintage style dress from Dollydagger, the Dita dress.

Dollydagger sell many items, including my personal favourites, 1940’s and 1950’s style dresses.

Again I was somewhat concerned that I would fail to fit into the dress – my bust and hips are almost 50 inches around and the measurements for the size 18 fell a little short of that. However, as it is made with very high quality bengaline I was hopeful that the power of s-t-r-e-t-c-h would allow me to rock this dress…
Phew! I got it on and I felt so glamourous and foxy! Once again the length was perfect and the slit at the back didn’t show off too much above the knee. The fit across my bust and the sleeves were both a little too small, but still manageable. Again it is something that will also require a bolero or shrug to hide my bingo wings, just like most dresses in my wardrobe. I felt a lot more confident about my wobbly stomach as it seemed to pull it in and skim over it in a flattering way.
It is a fairly pricey dress but it’s definitely a worthy top quality investment piece – perfect for that wow factor. Always keep an eye on the Dollydagger Facebook page for discounts and offers that will make shopping a bit more rewarding.

Of course I once again tried adding a belt to see if it changed things…
And once again it really didn’t make much overall difference.

With both of these dresses I was wearing a Freya Deco bra and the shapewear is from Maidenform.

It’s dresses like these that highlight just how far I have come in my quest to get clothes that fit me. I went from baggy, to Pepperberry ‘Designed with Your Boobs In Mind’, to this – a dress so perfect it’s like it was made for me! It can take a bit of searching but there are items out there for those of us who are busty and don’t want to have to stick to one or two stores and their ranges. Personally – and this may come as a shock to you – I ADORE pinup style outfits and I find they are often cut for curves or at least have a decent amount of stretch to fit everything into them. It shouldn’t have to be a struggle to find items that fit well and I myself am finding it easier all the time.

My adoration of the pinup look has given me an amazing opportunity – I have designed a pinup style dress for Simply Be that will be out next Summer. I will keep you informed of how things progress with that!

So tell me – are you also a red dress fan? Which dress in this post was your favourite and why? What is your preferred style or colour of dress?