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My Recent Photo Shoots

22 Jun

The keener eyed readers amongst you will have noticed that I recently updated my blog’s header to include some recent images. Some of those images are from my latest shoot with My Boudoir and I thought it only right to share the full set with you!

My last experience with My Boudoir was absolutely amazing, and so you can imagine how excited I was to not only get the chance to return to Nicola’s magical house of wonderment, but also to be going with none other than Caroline CurvyWordy.

Nicola and Sarah were as lovely and welcoming as ever, and I cannot recommend My Boudoir highly enough! Caroline’s fantastic write up of the day just goes to show their consistent brilliance, and if you ever want a stunning set of photos, nude clothed or otherwise, then My Boudoir is the place for you.

And now, without further ado I’d like to share my images with you. All of the outfit details will be listed with the images.


My first outfit was my Collectif Dolores doll dress in a size 14 worn with a petticoat from Nicola’s boudoir wardrobe. As ever, I wore my trusty What Katie Did Morticia corset in a size 30 to help my achieve gorgeous curves! I loved posing on the floor in a ‘classic pin up’ pose, and then had a lot of fun being giggly and winky in front on Nicola’s wind machine – it also helped me cool off a little, as the bright lights can get very warm!


Next up I had some fun looking like a sultry goddess in the teal Ava from Pinup Girl Clothing, size 2XL. I loved how Sarah made me look a little vampier with my darker make up, and of course my hair looked magical! Those two images were my absolute favourite from the day, and I felt like I had been transported to another era.




Nicola and I then had some fun trying to force my thick mane of hair into one of her fabulous wigs, and I did my best to channel a busty Velma Kelly in that a my gorgeous size 32 Corsets UK curvaceous corset. You can read more about the highly curvaceous corset in my review.


Lastly, Caroline and I donned our matching XL Pinup Girl Clothing Erin dresses and had great fun pulling some sultry poses. As you can see, my Morticia corset made another appearance. Sometimes I wish I could tolerate wearing her all the time, the shape she gives me is amazing!

Another shoot that I saw the results of recently was my shoot for Volup2. I posed for the three hour shoot just hours after my 21 hour journey back from Vietnam, and so I was very interested to see the results…







I wore a mixture of my Collectif Dolores dolls dresses and my Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie and Haunted Housewife in rose. Of course I teamed these dresses with my What Katie Did Morticia corset and Freya Deco as always! Helped by hair artist Rachel Williamson and make up artist Laura Goodwin I became Velvet’s vision – a ‘hillbilly dolly’. She wanted me to move away from the pin up look, and boy did she nail it with this shoot! I flounced around the gorgeous Good Enough College, feeling a bit silly with my curly fringe and contoured nose. It’s lucky I trust Velvet – and of course, she made me look fabulous, and I needn’t have even entertained the idea of worrying! Trying something so different was very fun, and being able to wear my own amazing dresses made me feel a little more in my comfort zone.

I do have one more shoot to share with you. If you follow my on my social streams you will know which one I mean… but that will come with reviews of the items I wore, and so stay tuned for that in a few weeks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the images from my latest shoots – it makes a change from me posing in my living room!

Volup2: Simplicity

16 Mar

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected to model from Velvet d’Amour’s magazine Volup2. That was the day the love affair between us was born! I love how at ease Velvet makes me feel in front of the camera, how she totally understood what I wanted and what I liked and disliked about myself, and how I should trust her! You can book a shoot with her via her website Velvetography.

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

Since then I have had several more shoots with Velvet for Volup2, and I’d love the share the most recent images with you, as well as urge you to buy Volup2 to see hundreds of glorious images.


Dress: the Erin wiggle dress by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Dress: the Dita dress by Dollydagger.


Dress: George at ASDA.


Dress: the Mon Cheri by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Shapewear: the 1294 by Rago.

The bra (worn in every shot): the Deco by Freya.

The corset (worn in every shot): the Morticia by What Katie Did.

I hope that you enjoyed these latest shots by Velvet. I believe that no airbrushing took place, she instead uses natural light to shoot and the glorious make up skills of plus size model and hair and make up artist, Laura Goodwin.

Please help support Volup2 buy paying just a few pounds and subscribing to the next three issues.

You can contact Velvet at: emaillinkif you want to advertise in Volup2.

Volup2 Kickstarter Campaign

18 Sep

Velvet d’Amour and her fantastic magazine ‘Volup2’ are slowly taking over the world!  She has just released the third issue, ‘Zest’, and has already racked up several million page views.  Her beautiful images grace many tumblr sites, blogs and web pages as people rejoice in seeing  her celebration of beauty in it’s every form.

Up until now almost everyone involved has worked for free, and any expenses that have cropped up have been paid for out of her own pocket.  Now, as she looks to carry on her amazing work she is looking for funding and donations.  That’s where YOU can help!

Click here if you would like to watch or read what she has to say about her work, and if it moves you you can make a donation. The best part is that you receive a gift or reward with every amount pledged, as well as knowing you are helping a fantastic project out!

(And if you watch the video closely you may even see yours truly having some fun behind the scenes!)

So go on, see what Velvet has to say and maybe you could help be part of a huge revolution.

Click here to check out the magazine’s ever amusing and poignant Facebook page.
Click here to follow Velvet on Twitter.

A Birthday To Remember

18 May

I love my Birthdays!

I may now be 24 but I am yet to get over the excitement of having a day where people say and give nice things to me. This year I received one of the best gifts ever – I graced the cover of a magazine!

That’s right, there’s a new Vol.Up.2 in town!

As ever it is filled with glorious diversity and even though I have perused it several times I am still blown away by it.

If you fancy buying a copy of this or the last magazine then click here. I was lucky enough to see the last one in print and it is a perfect coffee table size, a glorious thing to own.

Some of you may recall that I was lucky enough to be involved in the last copy and so when Velvet offered me the chance to be involved in the “Feminity” issue and appear on the cover I leapt at the chance! Especially when I learned that fellow plus size blogger Lauren Ding would also be involved and shooting on the same day as me!

As ever I had a lot of fun on the shoot with Velvet! She is crazy hilarious and really puts me at ease and gets the best from me! My hair was done by the amazing Emma Hellier of Salon Retreat and I did my own make up – I am very proud of how that turned out!

All details of mine and the model’s names and outfits can be seen in the magazine and most have clickable links. I was most impressed by my size 30 What Katie Did corset, which helped give me an amazing silhouette underneath my gorgeous dresses.

I was especially touched by Velvet’s Birthday message to me!

Next year’s Birthday will have to be pretty spectacular to top this one!