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8 Jul

I was recently sent a gorgeous dress from Pieces Of The Past – the beautiful Bella dress. Paula from Pieces Of The Past had asked me my stats prior to sending it to me, and as luck would have it we are very similar in figure. She selected a blue size 18 Bella, and she was spot on with her predictions!


It is suggested that the 18 is best for a 42 inch bust, but my 48 inch bust fit perfectly! The seams didn’t quite sit in and under my boobs, but the shape of the waist detail diverted attention from it.


The dress is made of a slightly stretchy polyester bengaline, and because of this it arrived with barely any creases. It flowed down to my mid calves – the perfect pairing with the rather daring neckline!


The cut out back section is adorable, and gives the dress an almost gothic twist If you would rather wear the dress off the shoulders you could just tuck the ties in and ta da! One dress, two styles! I did find that the sleeves came up rather small on my meaty arms, but it didn’t restrict the movement or feel uncomfortable.

I wore this dress out and about in the blazing sun the other day and it was an inspired choice!


I paired it with my gorgeous wide fit sandals from New Look, my Ewa Michalak Malachit bra and…shockingly…NO BELT! Whilst the dress is not perfect on my waist, the nipping in and military button embellishment means that I can be without the sweaty sensation of elastic wrapped about my torso on a hot summer’s day!


There was a slight breeze blowing that day, but the heavyish skirt stayed put whilst not making me feel too hot! I do however now have a rather interesting tanned back…


If you fancy a Bella dress of you own then head to the Pieces Of The Past website and snap one up! The code ‘FULLER’ will get you 10% off any order for the next six weeks. Bargain!

And whilst your there why not pick up some quirky statement necklaces to go with it – your whole outfit sorted for a great day in the sun!IMG_7226

Shoe Spree! The Best Wide Fit Shoe By Jenny Crompton

19 Jun

Chances are you don’t particularly enjoy shoe shopping if you have wide feet. Finding a pair of shoes that fit fantastically and feel fabulous can be a real chore, even the thought of can tire you out.  The feeling of squeezing yourself into anything doesn’t make anyone feel good, but why should you have to put up with it? Well, you don’t have to. All you need to know is how to choose the best style of footwear that will flatter wide feet whilst providing comfort – nobody wants blisters! So what are the best choices for summer?

Casual in Converse

For creating a simple casual look or an ultra cool fashion statement, Converse are simply wonderful. A lace up trainer is always a good choice for wide feet as it is easy to control how loose or tight the shoe is. With so many colours and patterns available to choose from it’s easy to express your personality through your shoes – perfect for wearing with denim.


High-tops are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe and are suitable for wearing all year round. For feisty, fashionable females try wearing a pair of All Star high-tops with a cute summer dress – one of the most on trend looks this season.

2.Hightop Converse


You really can’t go wrong with a flip-flop, with so little fabric you don’t have to worry about feeling constricted. Many flip-flops are actually designed to fit the wide foot, but you should always try before you buy, even if you’re buying online.  They are an essential accessory to go with your bathing suit so you can flaunt all of your curves.

3.Roxy Flipflop

Simply Be have a great range of wide fit sandals and flip flops in stock right now in fits E to EEE.

Heavenly Heels

Searching for those killer heels to keep you dancing all night can be difficult for any woman but even more so when you have wide feet. Nowadays most high-street stores have a section dedicated to your wide-footed needs with a selection of fantastic fashionable styles – in fact the best shoes can even be found there!

New Look sell a large range of wide fit shoes, including many many fabulous high heels. For keeping comfortable with a hint of feminine finesse the best design for you is the ever-on-trend peep-toe, it gives you the extra space so you won’t feel restricted. A pair of court-shoes are essential to every girl’s wardrobe; with their subtle style they’re a great choice for work, weddings or just when you want to feel casually fabulous.


Next also stock a great range of E+ wide fit shoes and boots. The sling-back style is perfect for wide feet, with a design that features limited material around the heel they will prevent those pesky blisters from ruining your night. If you’re a woman who wants to show off her confidence try a pair a platforms to create that sultry, fun-loving look.

Plimsoll perfection

Made with flexible refreshing material the plimsoll is a gorgeous style of shoe that flatters the wider foot. It really is a great choice for summer as this style is ultra comfortable. Team together with a pair of cute shorts and a pretty ankle bracelet, and no one will ever know you have wide feet. Plimsolls are huge this season and you won’t be missing out!

4.Adidas Plimsoll

Evans are one of the best stores for stocking a huge range of sizes and styles. They stock shoes in UK sizes 4-10, and fits E-EEE.

Remember the golden rule; always try before you buy but by following this style guide you’ll find the best wide fit shoes to rock your favourite casual look. Today, there are many shoes designed specifically for wide feet so you’re bound find something stylish with the bonus of a magnificent fit – you’ll never dread shoe shopping again!

Inspired By New Look

2 Jun

When you’re a fat girl, shopping on the high street can be a royal pain in the arse. Some shops stop at a 16, some at an 18, and some have plus size lines that in no way reflect the gorgeousness of their smaller clothes.

One shop that I have always found to fall in that latter category is New Look. New Look are famed for selling amazing affordable fashionable high street pieces, and yet their plus size line always seemed so…frumpy. So boring. So safe. And so I avoided them!

Recently I was asked if I would review some items from New Look, and I instantly thought of the Inspire range. I has seen some more impressive pieces from them on a recent shopping trip, and I felt it was time to see if they had some more appealing pieces in stock.

I selected several items and some shoes to go with them, and excitedly waited for them to arrive. It wasn’t long before they did, and this is how I got on…

The first item that I tried, and tested on a lovely sunny day was this Aztec dress.


I got it in a size 18, and the fit was great – although ideally a 16 would have been better.


The dress was a perfect length on me, and I loved the modest neckline.


The pattern was so unlike anything I have ever tried before, but I loved it! I was worried that it may be a bit too much, but it was surprisingly flattering.


This dress looks complete with a nice thick waist belt added too it, and it is a versatile dress that will look great on many occasions all year round.

The shoes I added to the dress were these gorgeous wide fit sandals:


My feet are of the wider variety, and these sandals were ideal and gorgeous looking! My only gripe is that the soles have absolutely zero grip, and so be careful how you go if you are inspired to buy a pair!

I was really excited to try the Aztec print skirt and I chose to pair it with a peplum top.


I found the size 18 skirt to look and feel great, and I have already worn it many times with several different tops and shoes.


I didn’t find the peplum top to be as flattering as I had first envisioned, and I feel it will take a bit of experimentation to make it work for me.


The skirt sat nicely on my waist, and it is figure huggingly flattering.




The shoes that I teamed with this look were these cork wedges.


These wedges are AMAZING! Them being wide fit means that the straps actually fit which is fab, and they look great with everything! They are very sturdy and comfy to walk in and I think I need the black pair…

My last purchase was a nice light raincoat. The was my first foray into trying some coats and jackets at New Look and this plum number in a size 20 was a great choice.


It’s not quite as smart as I had hoped for due to the material being rather soft, but it fits fabulously with room for a jumper or more layers underneath.


The colour is great for a mucky pup like me, and the deep pockets are great for storing my phone and oyster card in.


I have worn it over a variety of outfits, and it dries quickly and folds up neatly to fit into my handbag.

Overall I am extremely impressed with my haul from New Look’s Inspire and wide fit range. I have already had so much wear out of my outfits and I can’t wait to see what Inspire come out with next season – if only their instore range was extensive as the online selection…

Planet Pinup

30 May

Since venturing down the more vintage route with my wardrobe I have become very fond of the finishing touches that help complete outfits and pull them together. And something I have become especially enamoured with is hair flowers.
This did not go unnoticed by my friend Jean, the brains and beauty behind Planet Pinup.

“Here on Planet Pinup, our favorite pastime is turning damaged vintage frocks into new fashion accessories for modern pinup girls. We also enjoy buying and wearing modern pinup dresses, practicing the perfect cat-eye, and watching groovy old movies for fashion inspiration. We also simply love kittens and beer, but never for the same meal.”

Lovely Jean offered to make me some unique hair flowers and I said my thanks with a Ryan Gosling colouring in book! She asked what kind of flowers I would like, and I mentioned that my favourite colour was turquoise, ans I left the rest up to her creative genius.

It wasn’t long before an exciting looking box arrived at my door, and in it were three gorgeous hair flowers.

The colours were absolutely spot on, and I loved the vintage jewellery pieces she added to some of the flowers. That centre on the teal was from a vintage fascinator her friend’s Mum – it fell apart but she kept the pieces. The centre piece from the blue and magenta was from a pair of antique costume earrings




The sizes were perfect, and the clips were perfectly concealed no matter which side of my head I wore the flowers.




My gorgeous new hair flowers could easily be added to a range of looks and outfits, as they do have a vintage feel to them, but they would also be perfect with a glam wedding outfit or a nice simple day dress.

They also have a brooch fastening, meaning I could add them to a bag or jacket:IMG_6489

They made a welcome addition to my ‘garden’ of accessories, and I feel sure you will see them making appearances in my forthcoming blog and outfit posts.


Planet Pinup is not only the home of beautiful unique hair flowers. Jean also makes snoods, hair scarves and hair bands. Check out here Etsy store here and keep up with her latest happenings on here Facebook page here.

Thank you for my pretty hair flowers Jean, I can’t wait to pair them with my array of dresses!

Pieces Of The Past

14 May

Recently I was contacted by a lovely lady called Paula Marsden. She is the owner of a vintage jewellery company called ‘Pieces Of The Past’ and she wanted to know if I fancied reviewing some of her gorgeous jewellery.






“I used to dabble in making things for myself and the occasional gift for people, but as I was working as a business development manager for a major retailer since I left university, it was nothing more than a hobby. Then I got made redundant in February and I was heartbroken, and unsure of my next move. Cue a bit of travel and messing about before deciding to invest in lots of supplies, a website, some graphic designers and a PR firm to help launch things! That was only this April and already I’m taking custom orders, have grown a nice Internet following and I am thoroughly enjoying being so creative. There are a couple of big ideas in the pipeline that should be ready for release in June and I can’t wait to start working at vintage fairs, craft fairs and tattoo conventions in May.”

Paula’s business looked and sounded fabulous, and I couldn’t await for my surprise parcel of pieces to arrive…





I was very excited to try my unique one off pieces on, and what better dress to pair them with than my purple Jessica from Pinup Girl Clothing.




The lucite earrings were stunning. I loved the stars, the shape, and of course – the colour!




The necklace was simple and elegant. I’m not a fan of chunky or long necklaces, as I don’t think they don’t look too good on a larger bust, and so this lovely rectangle rose number suited me rather well.





Brooches are not something I wear that often, but I do find they are VERY useful for pinning boleros closed, and the vintage brooch made my outfit look very pulled together. The peach brooch looked fab on my bolero, and would look especially good with some matching hair flowers or other pieces of jewellery.

I’m really pleased with my jewellery from Pieces Of The Past, especially my earrings! Paula regularly updates her Facebook page with her new and upcoming pieces, and the array of gorgeous designs and colours brightens up my newsfeed!

If you do fancy purchasing some jewellery from Pieces Of The Past then use the code ‘FULLER’ and get 10% off – you won’t regret it!

Betty Le Bonbon

1 Apr

I have been aware of Betty Le Bonbon for a while now. Several Facebook friends are huge fans of the brand, and I often see their beautiful photos posted on the Facebook page. As you can imagine, I was over the moon when Jasmine of Betty Le Bonbon contacted me offering me a beautiful plus size apron to review.

“We’re trying to cater mostly to women in the plus size range, and to that end the aprons are made with straps that, combined with the (on average) 30 inch front fabric panel, can accommodate up to a 70 inch waist (alternately just wrap the straps around the waist twice, or wear with a huge bow at the back).”

meredithMeredith Grace modelling for Betty Le Bonbon.

“In terms of what we’re about; our big focus is on providing unique, well made, beautiful options for plus size ladies. We find a lot of our first time customers become repeat customers, and we believe it’s because we provide a great range of interesting, colourful fabrics, great construction, and fair prices for what we’re providing (ie. custom sizes). We also have a range of ready-made skirts in block colours at a much lower price point, and the sizes for these are determined by demand (our latest batch of skirts are 32-40 inches, but in the past we’ve gone up to 48 inches). We presently have a couple of dresses in production for release later in the year, and we’ve been involved with a focus group of ladies pretty much every step of the way to determine what they do and don’t like (thicker shoulder straps, shorter waists, room for larger busts, longer zips so the dresses can go over larger hips/busts etc). We want to work with our customers to give them what they want!”

Betty Le Bonbon sounded like a fabulous company with great ethics, and I of course excitedly accepted Jasmine’s kind offer. I naturally selected the most colourful apron I could see, and it arrived only a few days later.


I paired the apron with my Lady V London swing dress and my boyfriend looked on approvingly as my inner housewife got unleashed!





I wore the apron around my waist with the bow at the back, as seen. It hit just above my knee length wise, and covered the front of my skirt.




The gorgeous fun pattern was something really different and unusual. Brightly coloured cartoons of food make for a quirky cute apron, especially when contrasted with the polka dot pockets and tie. And of course, pockets are always useful.







I am really pleased with my Betty Le Bonbon apron. I do a lot of cooking and cleaning, and I love the fact that I now have a colourful pretty stylish plus sized apron to keep my looking stylish whilst I go about these duties.

Check out Betty Le Bonbon’s online store for more gorgeous kitsch items in stunning prints.

Gaining Confidence

22 Mar

I often get comments that express admiration at my confidence. It flatters me, as I do believe that body confidence is one of the most attractive things anyone can have. The ability to present yourself not as egotistical, but as cool, calm and happy with yourself. It’s not something that we are born with, or something that comes easily to us all. It’s not about looks, it’s more about feeling at peace with yourself and feeling comfortable. Here are my tips on how to feel a little more confident and self assured.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the first place you should look too to feel happier and more confident is…your underwear drawer. Ill fitting bras and uncomfortable knickers are enough to knock anyone’s confidence. If you are UK based I would urge you to get to a Bravissimo for a fitting. If you would prefer you can email or call them and they will be able to advise you that way. Alternatively, you can check out Butterfly Collection’s bra calculator which will be able to give you a size that is very close to what you should be wearing. For more information about the styles of bras out there and what they can do, check out my video:

Check out my bra fitting posts here.

In terms of knickers, this post by The Lingerie Addict is a great read for ladies looking for a little comfort in the undercracker department. My advice is to always buy knickers that do not dig in, do not irritate you and if they match your bra? Bonus!

Of course, it doesn’t end there with underwear. My favourite piece of underwear after my bra has to be my shapewear. I know that a lot of women turn their noses up at the idea of shapewear and see it as ‘cheating’ and an annoyance, but personally I adore it. It helps put my mind at ease that my tight dress isn’t showing too much of my bulgey stomach, and it makes me feel smooth, streamlined and carefree. This is my favourite piece:

This is how the shapewear looks when worn with a fairly loose corset.

This is how the shapewear looks when worn with a fairly loose corset.

It is by Maidenform and I adore it. The straps mean that it won’t roll down, and the shorts mean that it won’t roll up – even on my rather large thighs! The only problem with it is that going to the loo can be…ahem…tricky. It has a convenient ‘slit’, designed to make such actions easier, but it’s still something that baffles some, and can take a bit of getting used too!

Once your underwear is in order, you can feel like you are ready to take on the world! You feel younger, slimmer, walk taller and your outfits can look far better. I get countless emails from women who have been fitted for a better bra or found some that work well for them, and they are all positive. These women feel happier and more body positive without having to lose or gain weight or have surgery.

Personally, I always feel a lot happier after exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe going to the gym as much as anyone! But when I leave, red faced, sweating and breathing heavily, I do feel body positive, even though I am a long way away from being happy with my size. Sometimes all I need to do in a few sit ups or go for a short jog. Sometimes it’s a full gym session. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

Taking care of my nails, skin and hair is also something that makes me feel good. Yes, they are appearance based and it is vain, but personally I feel a lot more put together when I feel confident with my looks.

Due to my job, I can’t paint my nails too often. But when I can, I do and it makes me feel ultra feminine. Sometimes I indulge myself with a salon treatment, and often turn here for interesting offers on professional manicures in London. I am also a huge fan of pedicures, and my trusty Ped-Egg is the best thing that I have found to use on them. Clean smooth feet with painted toes are something that you don’t even need to show anyone or spend much time and money on – it can just make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

I dye and straighten and curl and generally abuse my hair way too much! And so treating it to the odd hair mask is a must!. I do love to go the the hairdress when I have the time and money, but it’s just so easy to do some cleaning or cooking whilst my hair rejuvenates in a hair mask, and in a few hours it’s back to looking gorgeous and healthy.

I am also a huge sucker for a face mask, as is my boyfriend!

Pardon my face!

Pardon my face!

It’s another quick cheap easy DIY treatment that really changes how you feel about yourself. I rarely wear foundation, and I attribute that to my face mask obsession and all the water I drink. I have tried a few homemade masks to varying degrees of success, but my favourite has to be this mud mask.

There are of course ways that will and won’t work for various people with regards to feeling happy and confident and exuding that. This post was just my way of sharing how I go about making myself feel like ‘me’. I hope that it has not come across as a vain post, but generally speaking appearance is something that we all rely heavily on to make us feel good about ourselves. I would love to hear from other people with regards to what you do to feel confident and happy within yourself 🙂

Curved Rose Jewellery

5 Mar

Some weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely lady called Jessie.

“I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Jessie and I have just launched an independent jewellery store online called Curved Rose – specialising in contemporary jewellery in larger sizes.

After working in the retail jewellery industry for 12 years, I decided to go it alone and launch Curved Rose. It became apparent to me whilst working in a modern, high street jeweller, that many women were unable to buy the jewellery that they would like, as it was not available in their size. Curved Rose is all about offering a great choice of ready to wear, contemporary silver jewellery, but in sizes for plus size women.

I was really excited to hear of a company like hers, as I know myself and others definitely struggle to find items that are beautiful and elegant in larger sizes. Curved Rose has a well laid out website with plenty to choose from, and I loved almost every other item! And so I cheekily asked if I might try this gorgeous ‘Into The Blue’ ring as I don’t have the slimmest of hands, and I am a sucker for anything blue/green/turquoise.
Jessie was very lovely and offered to send the ring over the very next day. Using the sizing guide I identified the best size for my selected finger as being ‘S’, and I eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

Within a day the parcel containing the gorgeously wrapped box arrived! And it even had a little something extra inside…IMG-20130228-02350


It also came with a care sheet that had a personal feel and nice clear instructions on how to keep my jewellery in tiptop condition.

I tried the ring on straight away, but to my dismay it was slightly big due to me being an amateur at measuring my finger.
However, Jessie was an absolute angel and sent me out a new one that arrived the next day, even before I had returned the larger one. The new ring was a perfect fit and I adore it!
As you can see, the extra little something turned out to be the gorgeous matching ‘Into The Blue’ necklace! It fit me perfectly and sat at a flattering height on my decolletage. I was genuinely touched by Jessie’s generosity, and I absolutely adored it!
I am definitely one for larger colourful pieces of jewellery over small dainty pieces, and these pieces from Curved Rose were a perfect fit for me. Classy and elegant enough to make me look like a lady when needed, but bold enough to make something of a statement.
I am a huge fan of silver over gold, and these pieces looked and felt high quality. The prices really do reflect the pieces, and Jessie has a real talent and eye for what looks good on a larger woman. As seen in this interview on Plus Size Millard, Jessie has been working on her current collection for 8 months, and I am excited to see how she progresses now that she has launched.

The dress worn in this post is a custom made dress from Vietnam. I thought it suited the pieces perfectly, and would also make a great outfit for a wedding.



Sadly the dress is not quite what I had hoped for from a custom dress. The design I chose had a lot of material in the bust area, and for that reason they seemed unable to fit it to my waist. I’m glad I bought it and had the experience of the process, but my curiosity has been sated and I will stick to my pin up style dresses!








Thank you to my boyfriend for taking these photos in our carpark, and helping to tuck my bra straps in in the other photos! The neighbours were somewhat amused…

Are you happy to hear of Curved Rose? Do you struggle to find beautiful elegant jewellery in larger sizes?

Follow Curved Rose on Twitter here, and like them on Facebook here.

Dainty Doll

16 Jan

A few weeks ago I received this message on my Facebook page:

“Hi Georgina,
My name is Shannon Feeney. I am 17 years old from Birmingham, West Midlands. I have set up a business called Basically what I do is create hand-made jewellery and I sell fashion jewellery.
I work on this as a hobby and the money I raise via doing this goes towards a charity ‘In Memory Of’. It’s set up on behalf of my grandmother who I lost to cancer. 60% of the money raised goes to charity and the rest goes on materials to make the product. I would like to send you a few items and maybe you can review my product for me.
I am currently in the process of making my website, I will leave you my details and I hope to hear back from you.

Yours faithfully,
Shannon Feeney


Of course I couldn’t help but take a look and be touched at impressed at Shannon’s site and dedication, and a few days later a parcel arrived containing some items for me to sample.

The first thing that I unwrapped was a gorgeous little trinket.LUCKI have kept it in my purse for now, but I may add it to a necklace or charm bracelet.
lippieI LOVE this retro packaged cherry lip balm. It smells great and has a slight tinted sheen too it.

marshmallowThese cutesie adjustable rings would make the perfect gift for someone, and I especially love the scrabble letter one, simple yet effective.




mringearringI adore all of the earring, particularly the rose ones as I have quite a collection in a few colours, and these were the perfect addition. The M&M ones with the matching ring are quite fun and something a little different.

I really love Shannon’s shop and determination. She regularly attends local fairs to sell her items, and her reasons for starting the line make her a little star. I hope that you are as touched and impressed as I am, and if you ever fancy some cute accessories then make your way to Dainty Doll and support a great cause and an amazing young lady.

Thank you for sharing your story and products with me Shannon x

My Plus Size Plight For The Perfect Tights

18 Oct

Being a larger girl I really struggle to find tights, hold ups, fishnets and stockings that fit me. I’m not overly tall or long legged, however my average height and over average sized legs do prove a problem, and I often rip holes in my tights in a bid to get the crotch up higher than knee length. And even when I am successful I often find they work their way downward throughout the day and it is almost better to go bare legged than spend my time hoiking them up.

Recently I came across a site called Tights Please. They stock a huge variety of tights and leggings and stockings in many sizes. Browsing the website brought me a lot of joy – I couldn’t believe how many awesome plus size options there were – I just had to try a pair! And so after careful I decided on these Pamela Mann hold ups.

The hold ups arrived very quickly and in a parcel that could be posted through the letterbox, an added bonus for those of us who despise those post office slips. The length of the tights worked well on me and I didn’t have to struggle to pull them up high enough. The lacy tops were nice and thick and although it took a while to get them into a position that didn’t make them roll down, once I did they felt secure and comfortable. They did dig in a little more than I would be comfortable with in a tight skirt, but they would work perfectly under something less fitted.

I will definitely be using TightsPlease again. I’ve got my eye on these funky coloured tights – perfect for fancy dress parties or jazzing up an outfit. Hopefully my hosiery woes will now be a things of the past!