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A Review Of The Scarlett & Jo Floral Prom Dress

5 Jul

Since I first laid eyes on the Scarlett & Jo collection at Evans I have been in love. They make well priced fun funky garments that have suited ladies of so many sizes, shapes and ages. They run from sizes 14-26 at present, and so fingers crossed they go up to a 32 in the very near future.

I recently spied this gorgeous sheer yoke print dress in an Evans store, and I shockingly adored it! Shocking because I’m not a fan of pinks and purples, but you can see why…
And so imagine my joy when Lucy from Scarlett and Jo was kind enough to send me the dress in a size 16.


This dress has no stretch too it, and so the 16 was a snug fit across the chest.


The mesh panel at the top of the dress does of course show my bra straps off, but not in an obvious way.


The dress comes with a tie up sash to help cinch it in at the waist. I will no doubt add my own belt, but I did like the dress as it was.


The cute V neck back made it easy to zip up on my own AND was rather flattering.


The dress comes with a silky underskirt that helps give it a bit of flounce and body. Not so much that the dress is comical, just enough!


The dress is a perfect length for me. It hits me right on the knee, showing off my slimmer lower legs.


Sleeveless dresses are something I do usually have to modify with a bolero or cardi, and this will look great with a variety of colours – pink, purple, black, silver. I can see it working well for a wedding with some shoes to match the bolero. It will also make a great party dress, or something to wear on a casual summer’s day.

You can see what Hanna from ‘The Wardrobe Challenge’ thought of the dress here – you will have to agree, it looks sublime on her!

What do you think of Scarlett & Jo’s range for Evans? Have you tried any pieces or would you like to?

Bras : The Good The Bad And The Ugly By Leah Chamberlin

18 Jun

Bras! Bras! Bras! Women tend to have a love hate relationship with these nifty little creations. Whether they just can’t seem to find the perfect bra that fits just right or they have an obsession and may “collect” as many as they can get their hands on; after all, some of these things are super sexy and stylish! Bras today have changed in style and design from those …interesting bras of our past, but it seems that there are still some clichés in the system. There are handfuls of women who still have an extremely difficult time finding bras that fit them the way they should. Instead of having the comfort and support they deserve, they may end up with bulge, sagginess, or even multi-boob issues! Finding the perfect or “right” bra size should be a must on every woman’s to-do list!
Bra Fitting - Infographic
Find your best fitting bras at Herroom.

A Review Of The Tutti Rouge Betty

17 Jun

Ever since I first tried the Liliana bra by Tutti Rouge I have been champing at the bit to give some of their other sets a whirl. And so when Tutti Rouge HQ sent me a little tissue paper wrapped gift, complete with the Tutti stick of rock and lipgloss, I couldn’t have been more excited for it’s contents!

Inside was the gorgeous Betty set in a size 36HH/XL.


I was really excited to try the set on, especially in a 36HH as my previous bra had been touch and go in a 36H. Tutti Rouge sent me this unprompted, and they must have realised that sizing up would probably be a good idea on me.


As you can see, the set fit me pretty damn well! The size XL knickers were a lot comfier than the Liliana briefs, and I attribute that to the material that they are made out of. I adore the sexy sheer back and the peephole at the top with the tiny cute hot pink bow topping it off. I’m actually in shock at how well the fit my rather large derriere, especially given that they are a size XL!

I found the bra to be a pretty good fit on me. It’s made out of a two part construction, and gives me a very rounded shape.


I wore the bra almost solidly for two days in a row under one low cut dress, and one very fitted dress, and it was extremely comfortable, perfectly plunged and I didn’t have to worry about anything showing underneath my dresses.


The bra gave me a gentle cleavage without squishing my bust or bruising my chin. My bust felt very secure in the bra, and it even survived me running for several buses and trains – the story of my life! The wires under the arms were a good length on me, and I didn’t experience any stabbing under the arms, or too much ‘side boob’ overflow.


The pattern of the bra is stunning, and something you would usually struggle to find in larger cup sizes. The straps sported the signature heart shape adjusters, and they held me in place over the two days. My only gripe with the straps would be that they are only half adjustable, and smaller shouldered women may find that something of a problem.


In the photos my bust does look somewhat squished, and I would be curious to try a cup size up and possibly a band size down, as the band is very forgiving.


The frilly detail on the bottom of the bra does give the illusion of the wires sitting away from my chest – something that led to a great discussion amongst my fellow blogger and bra addicts. However, I can assure you that the wires sit flush against my chest, and as stated there is no movement from the bra when I wear it. Like I said, the band is quite stretchy and I would possibly fit a 34JJ bra better if it existed, but this 36HH was a pretty spot on choice.



I’m hoping that these photos will give you a better idea of how the band sits against my chest, and also show the frill detail off a little better. It is a nice touch, and one that only serves to enhance the beauty of the bra, and causes no irritation or discomfort to me.

All in all the Betty works rather well for me in this size, but I would be curious to see how it worked on me in a 34JJ if that size existed in this style. I would have to conclude that Tutti Rouge’s sizing is generous in the band due to a rather generous stretch in it, and in that respect the sizing is rather like the Eveden brand’s bras (Freya, Fantasie, Elomi). The cups do come up a cup size or two small – reminding me of Curvy Kate’s ‘Showgirl’ sizing.

If you are curious about what’s coming next from Tutti Rouge then check out Invest In Your Chest’s post.

Did Betty take your fancy? Would you like to win a set? If so you have one week, until Monday the 24th of June, to ‘like’ the Tutti Rouge Facebook page and write a post on their wall finishing off this sentence in 50 words or less:
“I love Tutti Rouge because…”
The Tutti team will pick a winner and announce it on the page! Good Luck!

Click here to buy your own Betty set from Bravissimo.

Spring Cleaning!

12 Jun

I am a TERRIBLE hoarder, and it really takes some effort from me to clear out my wardrobe or cupboards and decided what I want to part ways with. I am also an impulse buyer – and so you can imagine the mess that my flat is in!
I often use eBay to sell unwanted items – the thing is, I then end up buying even more tat…
Enter musicMagpie. If you are looking to sell your old clothes before the summer or anything else then this is the site for you. musicMagpie are a company that allows the user to make easy cash for some of their old unwanted items. Starting with DVDs, CDs and video games, they have gone on to buy consoles, laptops, iPods, iPads, mobiles and now even clothes! So now you can sell your old stuff that you don’t want anymore, whilst making money, all at the tips of your fingers, using their website or even their mobile app, making it even easier for you!
I’m currently selling a few clothes on my Facebook page, but I will definitely be trying to make a bit of extra money on musicMagpie selling other unwanted items.

Here are my top tips for deciding whether or not to sell or keep something:

* If it’s an item of clothing – does it fit you? There’s not point waiting to lose or gain enough weight to fit something. Your wardrobe is for NOW and if it’s the wrong size you should get rid!
* When did you last use/wear it? Have you missed it? If not – get rid!
* Is it of sentimental value? Will the person who gave it to you be upset if you part with it? Will they even know? If not – get rid!
* Is it broken beyond repair? If so you should maybe throw it out…
* Do you have about five of the same item? I have about ten red dresses, and about half of them look suspiciously similar. Time to pick the faves and get rid of the rest!

Are you also a fan of spring cleaning? What do you usually do with your unwanted items?

Inspired By New Look

2 Jun

When you’re a fat girl, shopping on the high street can be a royal pain in the arse. Some shops stop at a 16, some at an 18, and some have plus size lines that in no way reflect the gorgeousness of their smaller clothes.

One shop that I have always found to fall in that latter category is New Look. New Look are famed for selling amazing affordable fashionable high street pieces, and yet their plus size line always seemed so…frumpy. So boring. So safe. And so I avoided them!

Recently I was asked if I would review some items from New Look, and I instantly thought of the Inspire range. I has seen some more impressive pieces from them on a recent shopping trip, and I felt it was time to see if they had some more appealing pieces in stock.

I selected several items and some shoes to go with them, and excitedly waited for them to arrive. It wasn’t long before they did, and this is how I got on…

The first item that I tried, and tested on a lovely sunny day was this Aztec dress.


I got it in a size 18, and the fit was great – although ideally a 16 would have been better.


The dress was a perfect length on me, and I loved the modest neckline.


The pattern was so unlike anything I have ever tried before, but I loved it! I was worried that it may be a bit too much, but it was surprisingly flattering.


This dress looks complete with a nice thick waist belt added too it, and it is a versatile dress that will look great on many occasions all year round.

The shoes I added to the dress were these gorgeous wide fit sandals:


My feet are of the wider variety, and these sandals were ideal and gorgeous looking! My only gripe is that the soles have absolutely zero grip, and so be careful how you go if you are inspired to buy a pair!

I was really excited to try the Aztec print skirt and I chose to pair it with a peplum top.


I found the size 18 skirt to look and feel great, and I have already worn it many times with several different tops and shoes.


I didn’t find the peplum top to be as flattering as I had first envisioned, and I feel it will take a bit of experimentation to make it work for me.


The skirt sat nicely on my waist, and it is figure huggingly flattering.




The shoes that I teamed with this look were these cork wedges.


These wedges are AMAZING! Them being wide fit means that the straps actually fit which is fab, and they look great with everything! They are very sturdy and comfy to walk in and I think I need the black pair…

My last purchase was a nice light raincoat. The was my first foray into trying some coats and jackets at New Look and this plum number in a size 20 was a great choice.


It’s not quite as smart as I had hoped for due to the material being rather soft, but it fits fabulously with room for a jumper or more layers underneath.


The colour is great for a mucky pup like me, and the deep pockets are great for storing my phone and oyster card in.


I have worn it over a variety of outfits, and it dries quickly and folds up neatly to fit into my handbag.

Overall I am extremely impressed with my haul from New Look’s Inspire and wide fit range. I have already had so much wear out of my outfits and I can’t wait to see what Inspire come out with next season – if only their instore range was extensive as the online selection…

Planet Pinup

30 May

Since venturing down the more vintage route with my wardrobe I have become very fond of the finishing touches that help complete outfits and pull them together. And something I have become especially enamoured with is hair flowers.
This did not go unnoticed by my friend Jean, the brains and beauty behind Planet Pinup.

“Here on Planet Pinup, our favorite pastime is turning damaged vintage frocks into new fashion accessories for modern pinup girls. We also enjoy buying and wearing modern pinup dresses, practicing the perfect cat-eye, and watching groovy old movies for fashion inspiration. We also simply love kittens and beer, but never for the same meal.”

Lovely Jean offered to make me some unique hair flowers and I said my thanks with a Ryan Gosling colouring in book! She asked what kind of flowers I would like, and I mentioned that my favourite colour was turquoise, ans I left the rest up to her creative genius.

It wasn’t long before an exciting looking box arrived at my door, and in it were three gorgeous hair flowers.

The colours were absolutely spot on, and I loved the vintage jewellery pieces she added to some of the flowers. That centre on the teal was from a vintage fascinator her friend’s Mum – it fell apart but she kept the pieces. The centre piece from the blue and magenta was from a pair of antique costume earrings




The sizes were perfect, and the clips were perfectly concealed no matter which side of my head I wore the flowers.




My gorgeous new hair flowers could easily be added to a range of looks and outfits, as they do have a vintage feel to them, but they would also be perfect with a glam wedding outfit or a nice simple day dress.

They also have a brooch fastening, meaning I could add them to a bag or jacket:IMG_6489

They made a welcome addition to my ‘garden’ of accessories, and I feel sure you will see them making appearances in my forthcoming blog and outfit posts.


Planet Pinup is not only the home of beautiful unique hair flowers. Jean also makes snoods, hair scarves and hair bands. Check out here Etsy store here and keep up with her latest happenings on here Facebook page here.

Thank you for my pretty hair flowers Jean, I can’t wait to pair them with my array of dresses!

I Love Lady V London!

27 May

I am a HUGE fan of Lady V London, not least because I was given the privilege of modelling their plus size dresses. Every time I share their dresses on my Facebook page I get a huge response. They stock so many gorgeous patterns at great prices, and women of every size and shape can find something for them.

Recently the lovely Victoria sent me some gorgeous dresses in styles that I have never tried before and *SPOILER* I adore them!

The first was in a style I have been dying to try for ages – the Hepburn.


Victoria sent me this poppy print dress in a size 18.


The Hepburn comes with a slim belt, and is made out of a cotton elastane blend, meaning that the 18 fitted my bust perfectly, although it was a little large on the waist.


The belt was a little large for me, however, I favour thicker belts, and that it what I will be adding to this gorgeous dress.


The length was perfect on my 5’7 frame, and it would look great with heels, flats or sandals.


The full skirt sat nicely, and didn’t crease easily. The colours popped and it was so pretty and feminine.


High necklines are not a favourite for many large busted women, but this one felt very flattering. This dress would be perfect for many occasions because of the modest neckline, and could be easily dressed up or down.

I will of course be adding one of my trusty boleros to the dress when I wear it out as my arms do not do sleeveless, but apart from that I adore this dress!

The second dress that I so kindly received was one of the much raved about wiggle dresses.


I have been curious about trying them ever since Kel Kitty’s review, and so I eagerly tried the size 18 dress on.


The dress had a small bit of stretch too it, like the Hepburn, and the 18 fit my gigantic hips in with room to spare!


The cut was very flattering and sexy, and the higher neckline makes it very versatile.


The pencil skirt didn’t nip in at the knee as much as I would like, but that only helped add to the versatile aspect. It could easily be a work dress, a perfect one to wear before heading out for office drinks.


I would definitely add a belt to this dress, and maybe remove some of the military style buttons to accommodate it. I don’t feel that the dress necessarily needs one, but I do always feel like I need one!
I love the deep wine colour of this particular dress, and of course, polka dots are always a winner for me!

What do you think of my latest Lady V London dresses? Do you have your eye on any styles from them or already own any pieces? Let me know in the comments 🙂

A Dash Of Cream

30 Apr

One of the joys of being a blogger is that I get offered clothes to review from a variety of stores. I often play it safe and stick to items that tick the majority of my preference boxes – but when I was contacted by Desire recently I decided to try something a little out of my comfort zone. Something short, sleeveless, pale and lacey – this dress.


An old friend of mine with a gorgeous busty apple shape used to wear dresses like this, and I was always so jealous of how she looked. I knew I would be unlikely to pull it off as well as she did, but I was determined to give it a try.

I opted for the dress in a size 20, as although it was listed as being made with “95% Polyester, 5% Elastane”, I worried that an 18 would not accomodate my bust.

The dress arrived just a few days later, and here is how it looked…



Not too bad! It fit over my bust and has a nice amount of stretch too it. However, the waist was tragically big on me. I intended to show how the dress looked as it was, no ‘Georging’, but I wanted to show how I would take a style that I’ve never tried and make it work. And so I added…


A belt from eBay.


A bolero from Excite Clothing, and of course my Yours Clothing tights and heels from M&S.


It’s really not a dress that I ever thought I would wear, but by adding the bold red touches, covering my arms and cinching my waist in with a belt I feel a lot happier and a lot more like me.
The dress is lovely and soft, a the lining helps prevent any static and makes it sit nicely.


My Birthday is approaching – maybe this will be the perfect dress to have a little boogie in!


It’s safe to say that I have been well and truly removed from my comfort zone with this Cream Floral Lace Overlay Skater Dress, but by adding a few of my finishing touches and favourite accessories, I’ve managed to make it work for me. Just don’t ask me to go out without the tights on!

Check out the recently added plus size line from Desire Clothing here.

The Winning Entry…

3 Apr

Thank you to everyone who entered my competition to win a photo shoot with My Boudoir. Myself, Nicola and Sarah loved reading all of your entries, and it was a tough call but we managed to pick a winner. Her letter made us smile as we loved her honesty and energy. Here is her letter and favourite photo of herself:

Hi Pam

How are you?

It’s been a while since we’ve been caught up together so I thought I’d write you a letter.

You now how you get with these, so let’s try and keep this short, sweet and to the point! See you’re rambling in the first sentence!

Ok, it’s been a while since you’ve taken stock, the last few years have been full of change around you, countries, jobs, wedding and future weddings.

But there’s a couple of things which are constant, which you really need to appreciate more of.

You’re lucky, you have the most amazing parents, siblings and friends, you’ve managed to surround yourself with the most encouraging people who love you for who you are.

You have a future husband, who’s been to the ends of the earth and back for you, (not many people would do that!) and through it all, the thing I love most about you personally, is that you’ve stayed true to who you are. Well done woman! You know who you are, you know what you stand for and you don’t try and be anything else!

A lot of people thought moving country, starting a new relationship and such were because you had changed (ie: gone mental!), but actually it’s because you were finally showing the world who you were. There is a fine line between confident and cocky of which you are very aware of, but sometimes your confidence in who you are can be misconstrued and your fearlessness does scare other people! You’re also really stubborn! Blame dad for that! You got the best and worst of your parents!

You’ve got the amazing Indian black hair, you look like a proper Punjabi woman, with the boobs and the butt! I love your wibbly wobbliness, although I still can’t believe Ben compared you a to a weeble wobble! Apparently you’re perfectly balanced! Well perhaps physically! Lol!

Anyhoo, as well as being blessed physically, you’ve got an likeable personality, but like everything else in life, keep working at it, keep learning and don’t take it for granted! Keep getting up in the morning and start each day as you do: “Wow, Pam, you’ve never looked as good as you do today!”. Keep smiling, keep loving, keep trying to get fit, keep making lists of things to do, keep reprioritising your priorities, keep organising your music library, just keep going!

I wouldn’t want to be anyone else in the world but you. I love you.

From yours eternally

Pam xx

p.s: Sing woman: #I’m sexy and I know it.. duh duh duh du, dum dum dum “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle“! #

Pam, looking gorgeous in the blue dress.

Pam, looking gorgeous in the blue dress.

I will be posting some of the other letters and photos on my Facebook page in the weeks to come, and then hopefully sharing Pam’s photos and experiences from her shoot, so stay tuned for that.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered my competition and bared your souls to us.  We really loved reading your entries.

Busty Basics

7 Mar

As you will have seen in my previous post, when on holiday in Vietnam recently I took advantage of the cheap and plentiful tailors and tried to get myself a custom fit dress. Whilst there, I also tried to get a hoodie made. It’s something so basic, but it is so hard for me to find one that fits! They’re either too baggy, too tight with the pockets too high up, or the zip fails to climb any further around my bust. I have found a few hoodies that have come close, but often the pocket situation occurs, which in turn loses my waist and I struggle with that. Sadly, the tailors couldn’t quite meet my needs for a zip up hoodie with pockets, and so I gave it a miss and vowed to look harder on the high street.

Not so long ago, I was in Primark with my boyfriend. He has a few size medium Primark hoodies that I do wear, however, they are quite baggy on me. And so I thought I would try the size smalls, just to see if they would work any better…


Wowsa! What a great fit! They could fit a *tiny* bit better on my waist, but at ten pounds a pop I was more than happy with them. I went all out and got three of these beauties in a few of my favourite colours. They zip up easily, the pockets sit perfectly and the length is spot on.


I didn’t find much variation between the colours in terms of fit. The hoodies come in about 8 different colours, and it was hard to pick just these three!


The jeans worn in my post are from Evans Clothing and the boots are from Australia.

Are you also a fan of hoodies, but do you struggle to find any that fit well? If you can’t get to a Primark then you may be interested in these hoodies from BiuBiu that are designed to fit a larger bust.