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Debenhams ‘Gorgeous’ Range Revisited

12 Jul

I’m always quick to recommend that my British readers visit Bravissimo for an excellent fitting service and a great range of bras, but they are not the only place on the highstreet that offers a service to large cupped women. Enter: Debenhams.

I first tried Debenhams lingerie last year and so I was very pleased to be given the change to try out two more out their bras.

First up was the orange spotted non padded DD-J balcony bra in a 36H, with matching briefs in a 20.
I probably don’t need to tell you again that non padded bras don’t really do it for me, but I am starting to wear them more often. Some of my dresses require my bust to take up a little less room, and when that happens I do like to don something sheer.
This bra really and truly blew me away. Even before I put it on I was in love! The fiery chilli pepper colour was amazing and unlike anything else I own.
I loved the greeny yellow details that can be seen on the edge of the cups and on the bows at the gore and on the straps. They really pop, and offset the fiery orange.
The gorgeous polka dot details add another cute dimension to the bra, and really appeal to me – I’m a sucker for a spotty pattern!
The bra is made of a three part cup construction, and the top third is sheer, and the lower two are made with a double layer of fabric. This helps offer support and projection whilst still being undeniably sexy. The bra didn’t feel rough or itchy, but it wasn’t silky smooth either. It didn’t rub me uncomfortably at all and it will be a great every day bra.
I found that the cups gave me an amazing projected rounded shape. I would have liked the sides to be a teeny tiny bit higher to contain my rampant side boob, but other than that I could not fault the bra.
As always, the three hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps were a welcome feature, and the fit was pretty much perfect. I sometimes have trouble filling bra cups all the way to the bottom, and with this bra that was the case with my right tit. However, it didn’t show through my clothes and I didn’t spill over the top of the cups.
The size 20 briefs were dreamy! The frilly part over the thighs was a cute touch and they fit my ample bottom extremely well. I could probably have gone for an 18 as they were very true to size.

The next bra that I tried was the natural moulded multiway bra.
Strapless bras are not something I can wear unless the dress I have on gives me a huge helping hand, and so I was dubious about trying another one.
This bra reminded me a little of the Freya Deco. It fit true to size, unlike some strapless bras that come up very tight.
I was thrilled when I first put the bra on as I felt instantly boosted and aloft. However the bra didn’t keep my chest up for long, and it was only a matter of moments before I felt the weight of my bangers almost crushing the cups!
The inside of the band is lined with an almost rubber type of substance that helped stick to me without causing discomfort. However, even they could not support the weight of my chest.
I did love the smooth moulded cups and just how rounded my boobs looked, despite that only being fleeting!
The bra has additional boning around the band to help keep it aloft, and three hooks and eyes – two great features.

I feel that if the cups had more structure than being simply ‘moulded’ they would have maybe stayed up a little more. And if worn with a halterneck dress or a strapless dress with some inbuilt scaffolding it would no doubt work rather well!

I decided to try the bra as a halterneck as well.
The support was marginally better and I loved the shape it gave my chest.
The strap felt surprisingly comfortable on my neck – although any tighter and my neck paid the price of an even better cleavage!
Due to the fact that the bra still wouldn’t stay up, I did have some overspill. I think that the 36H is the best fit for me, however my boobs need a bit more help!
This bra has some very high ratings on the Debenhams site, and I think that ladies with a lighter firmer chest will get on very well with it.
So far this is the best strapless bra that I have tried, and I will be using it with any future dresses I find that work with it. I’ve pretty much given up hope of ever finding one that truly works in my current size on it’s own but who knows – maybe one day.

Curvy Kate: The Princess And The Portia

12 Jul

I first became aware of four year old ‘Curvy Kate’ two years ago when I partook in their annual ‘Star In A Bra’ competition. The concept behind it is simple: their customers wear their underwear, so they should become their models. Although I didn’t win, it was that brand ethic that stuck with me. The fact that everybody and every body who fits into the Curvy Kate range IS a Curvy Kate girl. A girl who deserves gorgeous flirty underwear in delicious exciting colour ranges, with bows and frills and flowery details. Over the years I’ve watched Curvy Kate evolve and change to suit their customers. They’ve extended their cup sizes, changed the shape of some pieces that they received a great deal of feedback from, and their amazing brand ethic means that I will always champion them.

Sheer cupped bras are often a tricky area for me, as I love a round projected shape, and as a 36H that can sometimes be hard to come by without a little extra oomph. That being said, when I do rummage through my lingerie drawer for something that isn’t padded or moulded, I often go back to my same old faithful Curvy Kate bra, as the shape and comfort are unbeatable.

I was recently given the chance to try out two other styles – the Portia in Seafoam/Pink and Princess in Orchid/Purple, both in my most visited size of 36H with size 18 matching briefs.

The first bra set I tried was the Portia.
The Portia is actually a style that was re worked by their designer Charlotte following the feedback from their customers. I’m a sucker for anything aqua, and the pop of pink was a bonus touch. Being that it FINALLY is the summer, I’m blessed with a slight tan, and this set looked wonderful against my skin tone. The bra comes with fully adjustable straps which I barely had to touch, and three hooks and eyes which offers the most amazing support.
The band is stretchy yet firm and I don’t feel I could have sized down just yet. The shape it offered my bust was fabulous. I felt sufficiently pushed in and up, although my boobs did feel slightly conical – something that did not show through my top.
Whether it’s the ribbon detailing or the shape, this bra did cause me to bulge a little over the top, and as luck would have it I attended a Curvy Kate event where their talented staff who not only make and market the bras, but are also expert fitters. I was able to try a 36HH Portia and the fit worked far better for me. I do have to wear a 36HH in some less generous styles, and so I would say that if you are between cup sizes you should go up one, especially if you have top heavy boobs like I do.
I was VERY dubious about trying the size 18 briefs, as I find Curvy Kate bottoms can come up a little small – unlike my own. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be a really excellent fit. The sheer back adds a little stretch and drama to them, and there’s that gorgeous pink ribbon detailing again! I think I would be happier in a 20 as I felt that the embroidered detail did dig into my hips a little, but I was impressed at how well they fit me in the 18.
The Portia is a very gorgeous set. It’s a bra that could be worn every day that will give you that confidence of knowing you’ve got something quite beautiful lurking under your clothes.

Next up I tried the Princess, which looked absolutely sublime in the gorgeous purple colourway.
This bra was heavenly! Like the Portia it had fully adjustable straps and three hooks and eyes – two huge ticks in my book, and something that is another great thing about Curvy Kate.
The 36H felt spot on, and I was fully encased in the cups with no bulging from the front or sides. My boobs took on a glorious rounded appearance that reminded me of my old favourite, and I mentally added it to the top of the sheer cupped pile.

The briefs also felt a lot better on me, and I think that the Princess may be made out of a slightly more generous fabric. They also have sheer detailing on the bottom, something my boyfriend approved of!

Overall I preferred the colourway of the Portia, as aqua is my favourite, but this beautiful mix of purples was by no means a disappointment, and I adored how beautiful the two purple shades looked together, especially on the rose detailing.

Curvy Kate lingerie is now available to buy at BrandAlley, and they are really worth trying if you haven’t already, or revisiting if they are an old favourite.

Introducing: Tutti Rouge

12 Apr

Recently, there has been a stirring amongst my fellow lingerie bloggers. Images from trade shows and press releases have been shared of a brand that is due to start hitting stores next month. I have seen images of laughing smiling models, wearing brightly coloured gorgeous sexy lingerie that appears to be available in larger cup sizes. Models that are slim and slender with curves, with smaller and larger back, augmented and natural breasts. Who is this magical brand? The answer…

IMG_1255 copy 2

“We would like to introduce you to a cute, curvaceous, fun, flirty and frilly lady ‐ Tutti Rouge.

Tutti Rouge will get the party started with one of the most exciting brand launches of the year, offering a stunning, fuller bust collection of coordinating lingerie available in DD – HH cups with 28” ­‐ 38” backs. The range has been lovingly created by lingerie designer Jessica Prebble. Previously Jessica has consistently delivered best styles for selected European brands and High Street retailers.

Tutti Rouge has already successfully trialled in several independent and online stores in the UK for AW12. The SS13 collection will debut with lingerie leader Bravissimo.

The emphasis for the brand is on fashion, fit and affordability. As Jessica says ‘Tutti Rouge will break a few hearts, but she won’t break the bank’.

Tutti Rouge calls to curvaceous, vivacious, fashion-­forward girls with attractive price points of £26 -­ £32 for bras and £9.50 – £17.50 for co-ordinates. Complemented by a vibrant marketing campaign, the word on every girls lips will soon be Tutti Rouge.”

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Tutti Rouge lingerie!
Luckily, my wish was granted by the arrival of a gorgeous looking box some weeks later. The ‘Tutti Rouge’ label on the packaging made me instantly rip the parcel open, and inside was the most gorgeously presented box of lingerie and goodies.








I had been sent the ‘Liliana’ set in a size 36H/XL and she was gorgeous! And who can resist a stick of rock and some lip balm!?

I hurriedly tried Liliana straight on, marvelling at the fact that it was a gorgeous pretty pink PADDED bra in my size – yippee!


The set fit me almost perfectly! The cups were spot on with no bulging, the 3 hooked band was nice and snug, the fully adjustable straps with the cute heart adjusted didn’t dig in painfully. My only qualm was that the knickers were a bit too small. An XL roughly translates to a size 16, and these hips aint no 16! However, the soft stretchy material didn’t create too much of an unflattering silhouette, and they are certainly wearable. Fingers crossed that once the company launches and becomes popular they will consider introducing larger sizes.


The bra does give me a gentle cleavage. It’s not an overly projected shape, making it perfect as a more casual bra, or as a prettier bra to wear out under a fancy dress. I wore it to work underneath my white shirt, and I was very comfortable in it as I moved about during my 6 hour shift. I didn’t experience any digging in under the arms, any movement or any other discomfort.


Pink is not a colour I tend to favour, however, this softer bubblegum pink is undeniably gorgeous and very suited to my colouring. I love the white lace details seen on the cups and briefs, as well as the beautiful bows.


As I mentioned, the shape the cups give me is gorgeous. The bra is made out of a three part construction, and I find that even with padded bras that can sometimes give way to a pointy shape. However, Liliana keeps my boobs looking perky, rounded and gorgeous.  The top part of the cups is unpadded, which helps it lie against the bust rather than cut in.


The bra band is not overly rigid, meaning it was easy to fasten and nice and snug. I found that the sizing of the Tutti Rouge Liliana reflected that of Panache.

Tutti Rouge will start to hit stores from May onwards, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information, and more product photos. They will also be launching their website at around the same time.

I am excited to see what the future hold for Tutti Rouge. They may not stock as many sizes as full busted women would like, but give them time and I am sure things will change. To start off with 28 bands and padded bras up to an HH across all the band sizes is amazing, and I feel sure that they will soon become a favourite for many large breasted women who are crying out for flirty fun bra styles.

What do you think of Tutti Rouge and the Liliana bra? Will you be trying them out for yourself? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Smoothie Operator

1 Mar

My love for the Deco bra by Freya is one that is so strong and all consuming, it makes me break bra rules! I squeeze my 36H chest into their 36GG bras because of the unrivalled cleavage and oomph they give me, and I’ve yet to find a bra that fits properly and does the same.

Some time ago, Curvy Kate released a moulded plunge called the ‘Smoothie’, a bra that was actually named by Curvywordy! It followed the Showgirl sizing, meaning that it only went up to a 38G/36GG/34H and so on with the sister sizes.

Of course, I just had to try the Smoothie out. I decided to go for a 36GG and crossed my fingers that it would be a little more generous than the Deco.

The Smoothie has three hooks and eyes, which gives it one over on the Deco in my book. It has fully adjustable straps that were easy to self adjust and didn’t appear to slip. The bra is subtly leopard printed, and both it and the thong have a small leopard print pendant at the front centre. It’s been a while since I felt a brand new Deco, but I did think that the Smoothie was a tad stiffer than the Deco.

I took my Smoothie on holiday with me so that I could try it out underneath my pretty summer dresses. Here is how it fared…




I was impressed by the shape and lift the bra gave me – it was extremely similar to the Deco in terms of fit and comfort.


I did feel like it contained me a little more that my Deco both at the side, and the top. And so I decided to compare it to my 36GG Honey Deco – and lo and behold:



The back band fit well, although I may try a 34H with my next Smoothie as I felt there was a little give in the band.




The matching thong was an optimistic size 18 and sadly it didn’t quite cut it on me – or should I say, it DID cut it – my love handles that is!

I’m pretty excited at the way this bra fits, and even my anti pink rule can’t resist the lure of this little number:

I’m hoping that Smoothie may answer a few ladies prayers. I know that those who are sized out by the sister sizing system will be disappointed, but fingers crossed that this exciting development in the Deco rivaling stakes means that other companies will follow suit – or that Freya/Curvy Kate will expand their size range.

Why not check out Cheryl’s review here and Kelly’s review here.

What do you think of the Smoothie? Have you tried it or would you like too?

A Review Of The Meg Bra By Cleo

6 Dec

It’s safe to say that Cleo by Panache’s Autumn Winter collection is bloody gorgeous! And their Meg bra is no exception.Meg Balconnet - Bird Print
Bird prints get a huge thumbs up from me and I was so happy to get my hands on this bra. The red detailing and scalloped edge cups are quite unique, and I especially adored the swallow charm on the central gore. The cups are made out of a fairly thickish material that still manages to be sexy and sheer. IMG_2658I initially tried this bra in a 36HH but found the cups a little too baggy, and so this is a 36H.IMG_2638Sadly, no matter how much I tightened one strap over the other I was somewhat lopsided in the bra as you can see. It may have been because the cup construction thrust me very much forward and pushed me in at the sides.
IMG_2642However, I was left with some puckering of material at the very tip of the cups, although it was spot on elsewhere. The shape that I was given was very rounded and projected, as I mentioned, and I felt very secure in the cups.IMG_2641The back band was firm, almost to the point of being too firm which is no bad thing, but I would have preferred three hooks and eyes.
In conclusion, sadly Meg is not for me. The wrinkling cups show slightly under my clothes and I am unhappy with the overall shape it gives my breasts.  It is a stunning bra and one that I wish came out in of the padded balconette styles that Cleo do so well.  But I can’t have them all, sadly!

Click here for a review from Invest In Your Chest, and here for Undiegamer’s review.

A Review Of The Sienna Couture Gold Sequin Dipped Hem Dress

13 Nov

I was recently offered the chance to try a dress out from Sienna Couture.
sienna couture banner

I decided to try out the Gold Sequin Dipped Hem Dress.

Dipped hems are so popular right now and they appeal to someone like me who is paranoid about her legs, especially the back of them. The elastic under the bust looked like it would be flattering on my waist, and gold sequins – why not! I chose a size 16/18 as I the item looked to have enough stretch in the bust to handle me!

The first thing I noticed about this dress was how scratchy the sequins are. I would never wear the dress without a shrug anyway which will help shield me from them, but they really are quite lethal! They look stunning but they are a tad impractical.
The length of the skirt at the back was great, however the front was a little too high for my personal leg hating preference, and this dress would need to be worn with black tights to make me feel comfortable. It would be absolutely perfect for a leg loving apple shaped lady as the skirt skims the tummy area perfectly and is really flattering. The bust section was an excellent fit and I helped accentuate my waist with one of my many thrifted belts. I could easily zip the dress up on my own and the v neck back of it looked and felt great – mainly because the sequins had no chance to wreak havoc!

I would probably wear this dress on a fancy night out or to a dinner date. The gold sequins make it look quite special and the occasion would need to suit. My huge collection of turquoise accessories would compliment the gold and black perfectly, as would my red items, especially as we approach the festive season. It is a statement dress, and one that will not be easily forgotten by those who I wear it around. I would also like to think that it will be quite unique within my circle of friends, and that is always a bonus!

Overall this dress is one I do quite like. Tights and a shrug would solve my main issues with the sequins and length and make the dress very wearable. It is not my usual pin up style, but it does mean I can give the shapewear a night off!

Simply Red

1 Nov

Sometimes I feel that every other dress in my wardrobe is red. For this I blame my boyfriend as it is his favourite colour which indirectly makes me want to wear it a lot, and also the fact that red dresses are just so damn gorgeous! My complexion really suits the colour as well, and so why fix something when it’s not broken, right?

Recently I was lucky enough to get my grubby mitts in TWO amazing red dresses in the space of as many days, and naturally I compared and contrasted how they looked and felt on me – as did my boyfriend 😉

The first dress I received was from The Big Bra Bar. When Nikki Hesford of BBB kindly asked if I would like to try her brand new dress I was chuffed! Just like Pepperberry and BiuBiu the products she sells are made with extra bust room. However when she mentioned that it would be a size 16 I was a little dubious as I can range from a 14 to a 24 in outfits. I needn’t have worried…
The dress fit me like it was made for me! It had enough fabric to cover my bust, it nipped in at my waist, it flowed over my hips and stopped at that dream spot – just below my knees. The fabric is a stretchy satin and it has a stretchy thin net lining inside to stop it being static and clinging to every dimple. It was a little unforgiving on my stomach sadly, meaning I will keep it for those days when I haven’t just eaten a takeaway! It is easy to zip up on my own and feels very luxurious. As it is not a fitted wiggle to the knee it has no need for a slit and is easy to walk and sit in. Being sleeveless means that I don’t have to worry about my chub chub arms trying to fit into it, but it also means that it will not be worn without a shrug.
True to form I had to try it on with one of my trusty thrifted belts just to see how it looked – and surprisingly it didn’t help nip me in anymore, but it broke the outfit up nicely and meant that my pairing it with red shoes looked a little more matching.

So if you are busty and around Pepperberry’s size range I would definitely recommend this! It’s a little slinkier and sexier than a lot of Pepperberry styles and fits curves extremely well. It is a very decent price for something that looks and feels so lovely. If you have any questions about this or any other Big Bra Bar products then do not hesitate to contact Nikki on her Facebook page.

The next dress I received was this vintage style dress from Dollydagger, the Dita dress.

Dollydagger sell many items, including my personal favourites, 1940’s and 1950’s style dresses.

Again I was somewhat concerned that I would fail to fit into the dress – my bust and hips are almost 50 inches around and the measurements for the size 18 fell a little short of that. However, as it is made with very high quality bengaline I was hopeful that the power of s-t-r-e-t-c-h would allow me to rock this dress…
Phew! I got it on and I felt so glamourous and foxy! Once again the length was perfect and the slit at the back didn’t show off too much above the knee. The fit across my bust and the sleeves were both a little too small, but still manageable. Again it is something that will also require a bolero or shrug to hide my bingo wings, just like most dresses in my wardrobe. I felt a lot more confident about my wobbly stomach as it seemed to pull it in and skim over it in a flattering way.
It is a fairly pricey dress but it’s definitely a worthy top quality investment piece – perfect for that wow factor. Always keep an eye on the Dollydagger Facebook page for discounts and offers that will make shopping a bit more rewarding.

Of course I once again tried adding a belt to see if it changed things…
And once again it really didn’t make much overall difference.

With both of these dresses I was wearing a Freya Deco bra and the shapewear is from Maidenform.

It’s dresses like these that highlight just how far I have come in my quest to get clothes that fit me. I went from baggy, to Pepperberry ‘Designed with Your Boobs In Mind’, to this – a dress so perfect it’s like it was made for me! It can take a bit of searching but there are items out there for those of us who are busty and don’t want to have to stick to one or two stores and their ranges. Personally – and this may come as a shock to you – I ADORE pinup style outfits and I find they are often cut for curves or at least have a decent amount of stretch to fit everything into them. It shouldn’t have to be a struggle to find items that fit well and I myself am finding it easier all the time.

My adoration of the pinup look has given me an amazing opportunity – I have designed a pinup style dress for Simply Be that will be out next Summer. I will keep you informed of how things progress with that!

So tell me – are you also a red dress fan? Which dress in this post was your favourite and why? What is your preferred style or colour of dress?

Marvellous Marcie

22 Oct

As soon as I saw the Autumn Winter pieces from Panache I knew I would be in trouble! There were so many sumptuous pieces in the collections, especially from Cleo:

Not long after the pieces were released a few reviews popped up – one from Invest In Your Chest one from Undressed To Impress and one from Elena Davies and they all sang the praises of this gorgeous number, the Marcie bra:

Beautiful red underwear in a large range of sizes is NOT something to be sniffed at and so I decided to give Miss Marcie a go.
As I had been measured as a 36HH at a recent Panache event I asked to try that size during a recent trip to Bravissimo. Sadly they only had a 36H which, as expected, was a bit too small. Not to be put off I went ahead and ordered a 36HH online.

Strangely enough the 36HH was just too big for me. The upper part of the cups gaped slightly and it was slightly visible under clothing.
However, the bra itself is stunning and the fit elsewhere was spot on. The cup detailing is extremely pretty, and the cute contrasting blue bow is divine.

Marcie has half adjustable straps that I didn’t even need to alter. The two hooks and eyes felt ok, as you may know I do favour three.

The cups gave me a jaw dropping uplifted rounded shape – I can see why my fellow bloggers thought so much of it!

Sadly, Marcie and I are not meant to be, which is a great shame as I heard a rumour that a turquoise version of the set is to be released next year, and as some of you may know turquoise is my absolute FAVOURITE colour! However I would still give Marcie a go in your usual Panache size, although you may find you need to go down a cup size depending on how it sits and fits.

Panache – you know how to make us larger breasted women feel special, supported and sexy.

My Plus Size Plight For The Perfect Tights

18 Oct

Being a larger girl I really struggle to find tights, hold ups, fishnets and stockings that fit me. I’m not overly tall or long legged, however my average height and over average sized legs do prove a problem, and I often rip holes in my tights in a bid to get the crotch up higher than knee length. And even when I am successful I often find they work their way downward throughout the day and it is almost better to go bare legged than spend my time hoiking them up.

Recently I came across a site called Tights Please. They stock a huge variety of tights and leggings and stockings in many sizes. Browsing the website brought me a lot of joy – I couldn’t believe how many awesome plus size options there were – I just had to try a pair! And so after careful I decided on these Pamela Mann hold ups.

The hold ups arrived very quickly and in a parcel that could be posted through the letterbox, an added bonus for those of us who despise those post office slips. The length of the tights worked well on me and I didn’t have to struggle to pull them up high enough. The lacy tops were nice and thick and although it took a while to get them into a position that didn’t make them roll down, once I did they felt secure and comfortable. They did dig in a little more than I would be comfortable with in a tight skirt, but they would work perfectly under something less fitted.

I will definitely be using TightsPlease again. I’ve got my eye on these funky coloured tights – perfect for fancy dress parties or jazzing up an outfit. Hopefully my hosiery woes will now be a things of the past!

Debenhams Get It Right

2 Oct

When it comes to bra fitting and selling on the highstreet in the UK I am quick to recommend Bravissimo and Leia. I have had some rather bad experiences with shopping at other stores that offer a fitting service – my tale of woe with painful photos can be seen here.

One place that I have not had a chance to try out is Debenhams. I have heard a few things from other people saying the service is ok/great/not good but I have never had the chance to give it a go myself – until now! Oooh this lingerie blogging business gives me a lot of excitement!
I recently attended a lingerie press event for Debenhams and after being given a glass of bubbly and a cake I was offered a fitting – not a bad start to the day! I went to the room with the fitter and after awkwardly extracting myself from my dress I stood there in my undies getting ready to flinch at a tape measure. I could not have been more shocked when she looked me up and down and said ‘36H’. Just like that, the magical boob whisperer spoke and she spoke my language! I do fluctuate a bit, especially with this mega slow weight loss that I am indulging in at present, but she soon had me in this 36H bra and it was spot on. Not only was it spot on, she told me how to put it on, she jiggled my boobs into the cup (note to men reading this: no, you cannot get a job as a fitter) and she explained what everything was for and should do when it comes to a bra. She made me try my dress back on over the bra to admire the shape and lift and talked about other styles that I may want to try. It was amazing, a perfect fitting experience! Of course I fully understand that Debenhams brought a top fitter with them to the event, but to have a woman like that in their company, training others is fabulous. Bra fittings should be fairly hands on and explanatory, you should come away feeling good about yourself and your size and shape, not miserable and freakish like how some places can make you feel.

Debenhams do have a fantastic range of bras. They stock their own brand, the ‘Gorgeous’ range, as well as brands like Freya and Fantasie. They recently started to stock Elomi, an amazing success for the full bust full figured brand – hey, I know someone with the body type…

Elomi are part of the Eveden group (Freya, Fantasie, Huit 8, Goddess) and their bras do fit like those brands. They cater for 34-46 bands, and D-K cups in selected styles. I used to not care much for them as their bras were a little dull and it saddened me to think of all the funky Freya bras and then the frumpy plus size range from Elomi. But they have changed things, responding to the requests from their customers to bring out some funner flirtier prettier styles and now they are an outstanding brand.




I personally cannot wait for this beauty, due out next year in the Spring/Summer collection, wowza…

Debenhams usually have damn good sales and reduced bras by the hundreds in their stores and online, and so if you haven’t checked them out I urge you to do so!
Nice work Debenhams, we can finally start to trust big high street chains stores to give us great service and options.