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A Review Of The BiuBiu ‘Marsala’ Dress

27 Jul

Many of you will know that I am a huge fan of BiuBiu. They make bust friendly clothing at very reasonable prices, and I have always found the fit to be excellent and consistent.

I was recently sent two dresses in sizes 44BB/BBB – which translates as ‘size 16 with huge boobies’ – check the BiuBiu size chart for more info on how their sizes work.

The Marsala dress in red.

The Marsala dress in blue.

I found the dresses to fit exactly the same, despite them being different colours.


They have a wonderful high neckline – not so high that create a ‘shelf boob’ look, but high enough to be modest in situations that call for it.


The length is perfect on my 5’7 frame, hitting me at that magical point just below the knee.  The capped sleeves didn’t cut in or make my arms look any bigger than they already are.


The stretchy cotton helps accommodate my figure, and is a nice cool material to wear in this amazing hot weather. I can see me adding a long sleeve tops underneath them, and some leggings and boots in the winter – versatile dresses, perfect all year round.


I wore the red dress to work yesterday, and it really is a perfect office dress. If I were going out after work I could have changed my flat shoes for some heels, instantly the look of the dress.


I did of course add a belt when I wore this dress to work.  As you can see the dress fits amazingly well, but I just wanted that extra bit of definition and something to break the outfit up and match the  dark shoes I had on.


I found that the tulip shaped skirt added a bit of puff to my stomach.  I don’t mind this too much as it also helped conceal it somewhat, but at certain angles it did add some bulk. However, the adding of a simple waist belt did help draw attention away from the puffiness.

In conclusion, I love these dresses.  They really do accommodate my bust whilst still being flattering on my body.  In these photos I paired them with my trusty Maidenform shapewear, a plunge bra from Ewa Michalak and my old Marks and Spencers high heels.

Special thanks goes to the beautiful patient CurvyWordy for taking these photos for me.

If you want to check out another view of the Marsala dress then visit A Sophisticated Pair for her review of the dress.

Women Are Back

22 Jul

If you have been following my social streams as of late you will have seen me gushing on and on and on and on and ON about the fact that I was in Milan! I was flown there by Marina Rinaldi, as myself and eleven other girls were due to spend four days together working on an exciting project – more will be revealed in a few months!  All I can say is that I ate gelato, met some babes, tried on some amazing clothes and had my hair and make up done every day.  It was like a dream!

It was amazing to meet some of my blogging idols, and I absolutely adore every woman I had the pleasure of spending time with over those four perfect days.

I’d love to introduce you to these women if I may, I will go from left to right.

Katya Zharkova. What can I say about this girl!? I’ve wanted to meet her ever since I saw the spread she did for Plus Model Magazine.
She looked so fun and so beautiful, and meeting her proved that she was that and then some! She has fought and fought and fought to become a plus size model for so many years, and she has such a great attitude towards body image and body confidence, and I felt truly inspired to be around her. Plus she was a dream to watch in action on one of her shoots and I can’t wait to meet her again.

Tanesha Awasthi aka Girl With Curves. 532627_436939976340555_1100787605_n

Wow is all I can say. What a beautiful graceful woman she was! She had the ability to make everything she wore look sublime, and was always so composed and perfect looking!

Melike Çarpatan was a complete darling. melike_7e2b8dff-f59a-4f8e-9943-3a268946816d_10

She brought everyone good luck bracelets from Turkey and looked amazing in her sophisticated outfit choices.

Ditte Vallø – my booby twin! SAM0699-1024x682 A mother of three who looked too young to even have one! Ditte was so funny and amazing to be around, a really positive effervescent woman.

Roberta Scagnolari was wearing a Marina Rinaldi dress when we met, and seeing how good her busty petite curvy frame suited the garment made me even more excited for the following when when I got to try on everything and anything! RobertaScagnolariThis buxom beauty had a knowledge of make up that blew me away!

Iris Tinunin – I love this girl! 251826_10150982223282919_22752224_nShe was so fiery and fun, a pocket sized Italian beauty.

Gabi Gregg. portraitWhat plus size blogger doesn’t want to meet this voluptuous legend!? Gabi was so down to earth and fun to be around – and the fact that she is my body shape twin didn’t hurt either!

Shila Kreuzer was an complete babe. 541302_4140050291906_459295290_nShe wore the best accessories and had the most beautiful lips.

Stéphanie Zwicky – wow! fashion,cream,lacy,pink-686ebfa721fdf71f5ffcf47c77153e86_h

I have to say she was a little intimidating at first, but I soon got to know her and discovered a very sweet warm loving woman. My favourite moment from the trip happened when a little old lady in the Marina Rinaldi store asked me what us girls were doing in the store. She mentioned that she read a blog by a French lady called Stéphanie, and I excitedly told her she was in the store! Stéphanie could not believe that this lady in Italy read her blog, and moments after meeting her she burst into emotional tears. ‘This is why I do it. This is why I blog. I get told I’m fat, too fat to wear nice things. But I don’t care. I blog for women like her.’ – I think we all started crying at this, and Iris summed it up with ‘Your emotion; it’s beautiful.’ Stéphanie recently launched her new collection, and she looked amazing wearing a few of the items from it when in Milan.

Marie Denee – it was so good to see her again! tumblr_mo6o7r5Acl1qe2ex9o1_500Marie and I first met when we worked together on the Evans campaign, and I was so glad to see her name amongst the others, as I was a little dubious about meeting so many new people. She was as fun and beautiful and sassy as ever, and seeing her work it for the camera was something really special!

Edith Dohmen – the girl with the lost luggage! LOOK2311I felt so sorry for Edith, turning up to Milan to find her bags a few hours behind her! Luckily it arrived, and so did she looking as beautiful as she does on her blog. I really enjoyed her attitude and outlook on the plus size world. She is more of an ‘inbetweeny’ at her size, something that she covers a lot on her amazing blog, and with her amazing brand of clothing.

So there you have it! The eleven women I spent time with last week! The Marina Rinaldi gang were also a dream to be around, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Milan, exhausting as it was! I ate great food, had my photo taken by Riccardo Vimercati and Max Cardelli. These photos and accompanying interviews will be appearing on huge posters and in magazine in a few short months, something that I’m even more excited about!  And best of all I finally got to try some beautiful Marina Rinaldi clothes – the links and reviews of which I will also post in a few months. I caught myself crying several times during the trip, and on the way home. I feel so lucky to have been given such a wonderful opportunity with some truly fabulous women, and although I can’t reveal everything about the trip just yet, I can share a few photos with you. Enjoy!





























Top Of The Tights

20 Jul

With the weather hotting up every day in England, it doesn’t seem right to be blogging about tights! However, we only have a few months of delightful weather left before we’re back to breezier climates, and it’s best to be prepared!
Luckily for me I have been sent a few pairs of tights, hold ups and stockings to try out recently, and in this post I will be showing you the ones that worked well for my size (around a UK18/20) and height (5’7).
Please bear in mind that these I tried these tights on in my rather toasty flat, and therefore it was a little hard to get them on and looking picture perfect and so I do apologise!

The first pair I tried were the 15 denier Pretty Polly Curves Superfit ladder resist tights, XXL in ‘Barely Black’.
They fit me extremely well, and as you can see sat very high on me, which is perfect! They were easy to get on and didn’t snag or catch easily. They were a chocolatey brown colour, and will be perfect on darker skinned girls.

Next up I tried the Nylonica Linea Classica Sheer 15 stockings in XXL.
These stockings were incredibly soft, and felt like air to put on! They were easy to pull up and didn’t cut into my thighs. The colour is not one I would wear unless going to a fancy dress party, but I would definitely get them in a darker colour.

Hold ups are something I struggle with. they often won’t stay up on me, or they’ll dig in uncomfortably. And so I was intrigued to try the Nylonica Linea Classica sheer 15 lace top hold-ups in XXL.
These fit me excellently, and stayed up successfully for quite some time. They were easy to roll up and felt great on.

These Cette Oslo tights, size L were something a little different…
I have to say that the red and black colouring is NOT something I am a fan of at all, and these will sit firmly in my fancy dress box! However, I liked the fit and the thick comfy material that was easy to put on, and meant the tights stayed up. The fit over my bottom was rather questionable as you can see, but if these came in black I would love them!

Next up I tried two pairs of Sonsee tights, one pair in 60 denier, and one pair in 100. My size 18-20 puts me as a size ‘Flawless’ in Sonsee, and I really love the way the brand is dedicated to making larger women feel and look amazing!


“If you’re a Sonsee-sized woman, you know how difficult it can be to find sexy, luxurious hosiery that truly fits your body. Until now, plus size hosiery has been tight, controlling, restricting, uncomfortable, sold in bland colours and generally thrown out after one wear.
Not anymore.
Sonsee has discovered the best thing to come out of Italy – next to Sofia Loren, that is.
Italian materials and manufacturing have married to create hosiery that stretches beyond your imagination.
It’s comfortable, sexy, durable and fits your body.”

My friend was over as I tried the tights on, watching in amusement as I road tested them all. When I put these tights on her mirth turned to amazement, as she admired just how well they looked and how good they fit! I am so impressed with these tights and I can’t wait to see more from this company.

Last up I tried some products from another brand new brand – Lida.


All of these products were a size 4XL and once again I was impressed with the wonderful fit and look of the products. The hold ups were once again prefect on my chubby legs, and the lighter tights will serve me well during Autumn. Dominik from Lida was absolutely brilliant and patient with me when it came to ensuring I had the right size of product, and I adore the fact that this company are investing time and effort into making hosiery to fit and suit larger women.

Have you got any favourites when it comes to plus size tights, stocking and hold ups? Do you also struggle to find the perfect fit? Let me know in the comments.

A Little Lovedrobe In My Wardrobe

10 Jul

SUMMER IS ACTUALLY HERE!!!! I can’t quite believe it! And that means Pimms, beer gardens, and a spot of sun bathing! I’m lucky enough to have a communal private garden that no one else in my block of flats cares to visit, and so last weekend I threw on a bikini and set off to my little spot of sunshine to settle down with a good book and some iced water. And what better dress to throw on over my bikini than this one:
lrgscale1311 lovedrobe
The Lovedrobe beige antique inspired lace and floral dress.
I went for a size 20 in this dress, and it didn’t look overly generous in the bust. I was spot on with this prediction, and even in a 20 it proved touch and go size wise.
I think a 22 may have been better in this dress, but with my non padded bikini and loose fitting belt, the 20 sufficed nicely.
The dress is a gorgeous floral print with pretty lace detailing. The lace around the neckline did feel a little scratchy and rough, and I feel like it may have irritated me had I wore it for much longer than I did.
The length was ideal for a casual day of sunbathing in my garden with very few people around, however, I would probably start to feel paranoid about my legs if I were out and about somewhere busier.
The sleeves are nice and spacious and not at all restrictive.
The dress has three buttons on the bust, making it perfect for showing a bit of cleavage and ideal for breast feeding mummies.
The skirt hung nicely, and didn’t blow up and overall the dress was nice and light. It really was a perfect dress for a hot summer’s day!

If you also fancy trying out this dress or anything else on the Livedrobe site then you have until the end of the month to get 15% off. Use the code ‘FFFB’ at the checkout.

ASOS Curve Spring/Summer 2014

4 Apr

Being a plus size female is not what it used to be. Gone are the days when we struggled to find clothes that fit, let alone clothes that we liked and suited us. More and more brands are popping up or extending their current lines to accommodate for the larger lady, and we have more choice than ever before.

One company that has been around for a while now is ASOS Curve. I have been aware of them for quite some time, but after one unsuccessful try on of their clothes a few years back, I wrote them off as being no good for me. However, upon being invited to their Spring/Summer 2013 press event at Duck & Waffle my interest in them was rekindled, and I couldn’t wait to see what would be hitting the site in a few weeks.

I had not heard of the Duck & Waffle until a few days before the event, and nothing could prepare me for the experience that awaited! The glass lift took a matter of seconds to go from floor 0 to 40 – my stomach caught up a bit later! I have a mixed relationship with heights, but the views over London soon made me forget how high up we were.

The view looking DOWN onto the Gerkin!

The view looking DOWN onto the Gerkin!


After surviving the lift journey up, myself Bethany, Lauren and Rivkie made our way into the private dining room, where we met the lovely ASOS team, and a well stocked rail of gorgeous clothes.





637C0526 (2)

637C0507 (2)




We had an amazing evening of bone marrow martinis, octopus, the famous duck and waffle, mini lamb chops… I had to literally waddle home! Pretty clothes and gorgeous food, drink and company certainly make a fat girl happy!

I’d like to share some of my favourite pieces with you if I may. They will come in the usual ASOS Curve sizes, and once they become available in the next few weeks you will be able to get more info about measurements and exact colours.

I love the mod feel of this dress.

I love the mod feel of this dress.



SO pretty.

SO pretty.

I love the aqua colours.

I love the aqua colours.

Amazing embellishments.

Amazing embellishments.

Beautiful coral.

Beautiful coral.



Fab maxi.

Fab maxi.

Gorgeous pretty flowers.

Gorgeous pretty flowers.

Stunning florals.

Stunning florals.

I love skinny jeans.

I love skinny jeans.



More gorgeous floral patterns.

More gorgeous floral patterns.

I love this colour gradient effect.

I love this colour gradient effect.

Amazing pattern.

Amazing pattern.

After seeing the wonderful patterns and prints that will be gracing ASOS Curve very soon, I was just dying to see whether the brand would work for me the second time around. Jenny from ASOS kindly let me choose one item, and so I went for this dress:

The ASOS CURVE Bodycon Dress In Geo Mono Print.

I would usually go for a stretchy dress like this in a 16 or 18, but as ASOS Curve start at a 20 I went for that.

I loved the look of this dress as it was very out there pattern wise. The sleeves and length were a huge tick for me, as was the tightness contrasted with a higher neck line. Here is how it looked on me.




I went for quite a pin up/flamboyant look with this dress as I felt that it was necessary! As you can see it is quite a statement piece that fits quite nicely – bar in one spot, my waist…

That’s better!

The pattern on this dress trod a fine line between flattering and bulge enhancing. The way that it sat on my tummy did help show my gut off somewhat, and the belt was a welcome distraction.


The sleeves were a little baggy on me, but I would probably wear this with a cardigan or jacket for comfort.





Ideally, this dress would be better on me in a 16/18, but the 20 still works well, and this zany look is a trendy modern twist on my usual retro style.

I have to say that I am impressed with ASOS Curve. They have some gorgeous funky DARING affordable clothes that plus size women have been crying out for. Not all of us want oversize muted shades of black in our wardrobes, and ASOS are aware of that. I am excited to see how their new collection is received, especially by my fellow bloggers. They are certainly one to watch when it comes to plus size lines evolving to meet the insatiable tastes of the women who need them.

Are you an ASOS Curve fan? What is your favourite piece from your wardrobe, or the forthcoming collection?

Volup2: Simplicity

16 Mar

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected to model from Velvet d’Amour’s magazine Volup2. That was the day the love affair between us was born! I love how at ease Velvet makes me feel in front of the camera, how she totally understood what I wanted and what I liked and disliked about myself, and how I should trust her! You can book a shoot with her via her website Velvetography.

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

Since then I have had several more shoots with Velvet for Volup2, and I’d love the share the most recent images with you, as well as urge you to buy Volup2 to see hundreds of glorious images.


Dress: the Erin wiggle dress by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Dress: the Dita dress by Dollydagger.


Dress: George at ASDA.


Dress: the Mon Cheri by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Shapewear: the 1294 by Rago.

The bra (worn in every shot): the Deco by Freya.

The corset (worn in every shot): the Morticia by What Katie Did.

I hope that you enjoyed these latest shots by Velvet. I believe that no airbrushing took place, she instead uses natural light to shoot and the glorious make up skills of plus size model and hair and make up artist, Laura Goodwin.

Please help support Volup2 buy paying just a few pounds and subscribing to the next three issues.

You can contact Velvet at: emaillinkif you want to advertise in Volup2.

My Clements Ribeiro Adventure: Part One

4 Feb

Some of you may have spotted this post from a few weeks ago. In the post was a link to the Daily Mail, where an article had been written about myself, Callie Thorpe, Bethany Rutter, Marie Denee and Nicolette Mason. Within the mass of misquotes and lashings of ‘real women’, there was some information – the fact that the five of us have been chosen to partake in an ad campaign with top design duo Clements&Ribeiro.

When I first received the email asking me if this was something I wanted to do, I had to read it several times just to believe what I was seeing.  Myself and the four other girls involved would spend two days with the Evans crew.  On the first day we would have press interviews and a photo shoot, after which we would meet up with some other plus size bloggers in the Evans ‘Shape Studio’.  The second day would be the day of the shoot with Clements Ribeiro themselves.  I must admit, I was mostly keen to find out who the other girls would be more than anything, and when that was finally revealed I was not disappointed. I have worked with and met Bethany several times before, and although I had only met Callie once just briefly, we got on well online and I knew she would be great fun. I was, and am in awe of the American ladies as they are celebrities in the blogging and the plus size world, and working with them was sure to be quite an experience.

The morning of the first day came around I couldn’t wait to see what the two days would bring. I met Callie at Waterloo, and together we mused about what would take place, chatted about why we started blogging and how others react to our blogs and bodies. Before we knew it (and thanks to Callie’s expert knowledge of London) we had arrived at Arcadia HQ. As always, the Evans team made us feel very welcome, and we were soon sipping coffee and eating pastries whilst browsing some of Evans new and upcoming ranges. We got to meet Nicolette and Marie who were mid beautifying, and looked fabulous. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I was told that I could select an outfit to wear for the press shoot for The Times, and within minutes I located a colour block blue and black dress. Carina went to find one in my size, and I was delighted to see that there was a red version of it as well! My dream dress – fitted, knee length, ¾ length sleeves and in red! Perfect!


I quickly changed into it, fastened a much loved belt around me and then was set to work on by the make up and hair artists. During my transformation from bleary eyed to babe, I watched some of the other girls have their turn in front of the camera and felt nervous all over again! They were all so natural and professional and they looked stunning. The photographer knew how to work their poses and expressions, and as we all had chosen our outfits our personalities really shone through.

My turn came around soon enough, and I stood there, wobbling in the huge platform heels trying to look amazing! As soon as I was allowed to release my feet I felt a little more natural, and the poses felt effortless and easy. I pose all the time for my blog, and so I got into the rhythm of how to stand, how to move for every shot and tried my best to follow instructions.


Once the shoot was over I had my interview with the lovely Times journalist.  The Times magazine which includes the interview and photo shoot images will be out on February the 16th.

After a surreal day of posing and preening, it was a lovely to see some of my fellow bloggers at the event that evening.  I had great fun posing with my fellow blogging babes, dressed in the blue version of the Scarlett&Jo dress.



The Scarlett&Jo collection went down a treat with the plus size bloggers who attended the event, and it was great to see women of many sizes, ages and clothing styles make the pieces work for them in their own way. And just when I was worried that I’d had too much free fizz, Evans whisked myself and the other Clements Ribeiro bloggers off to a gorgeous dinner, before checking us into a lush hotel in Knightsbridge so that we could get a good sleep before the following days shoot.

Stay tuned for part two of my amazing two days with Evans and Clements Ribeiro.

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