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Debenhams ‘Gorgeous’ Range Revisited

12 Jul

I’m always quick to recommend that my British readers visit Bravissimo for an excellent fitting service and a great range of bras, but they are not the only place on the highstreet that offers a service to large cupped women. Enter: Debenhams.

I first tried Debenhams lingerie last year and so I was very pleased to be given the change to try out two more out their bras.

First up was the orange spotted non padded DD-J balcony bra in a 36H, with matching briefs in a 20.
I probably don’t need to tell you again that non padded bras don’t really do it for me, but I am starting to wear them more often. Some of my dresses require my bust to take up a little less room, and when that happens I do like to don something sheer.
This bra really and truly blew me away. Even before I put it on I was in love! The fiery chilli pepper colour was amazing and unlike anything else I own.
I loved the greeny yellow details that can be seen on the edge of the cups and on the bows at the gore and on the straps. They really pop, and offset the fiery orange.
The gorgeous polka dot details add another cute dimension to the bra, and really appeal to me – I’m a sucker for a spotty pattern!
The bra is made of a three part cup construction, and the top third is sheer, and the lower two are made with a double layer of fabric. This helps offer support and projection whilst still being undeniably sexy. The bra didn’t feel rough or itchy, but it wasn’t silky smooth either. It didn’t rub me uncomfortably at all and it will be a great every day bra.
I found that the cups gave me an amazing projected rounded shape. I would have liked the sides to be a teeny tiny bit higher to contain my rampant side boob, but other than that I could not fault the bra.
As always, the three hooks and eyes and fully adjustable straps were a welcome feature, and the fit was pretty much perfect. I sometimes have trouble filling bra cups all the way to the bottom, and with this bra that was the case with my right tit. However, it didn’t show through my clothes and I didn’t spill over the top of the cups.
The size 20 briefs were dreamy! The frilly part over the thighs was a cute touch and they fit my ample bottom extremely well. I could probably have gone for an 18 as they were very true to size.

The next bra that I tried was the natural moulded multiway bra.
Strapless bras are not something I can wear unless the dress I have on gives me a huge helping hand, and so I was dubious about trying another one.
This bra reminded me a little of the Freya Deco. It fit true to size, unlike some strapless bras that come up very tight.
I was thrilled when I first put the bra on as I felt instantly boosted and aloft. However the bra didn’t keep my chest up for long, and it was only a matter of moments before I felt the weight of my bangers almost crushing the cups!
The inside of the band is lined with an almost rubber type of substance that helped stick to me without causing discomfort. However, even they could not support the weight of my chest.
I did love the smooth moulded cups and just how rounded my boobs looked, despite that only being fleeting!
The bra has additional boning around the band to help keep it aloft, and three hooks and eyes – two great features.

I feel that if the cups had more structure than being simply ‘moulded’ they would have maybe stayed up a little more. And if worn with a halterneck dress or a strapless dress with some inbuilt scaffolding it would no doubt work rather well!

I decided to try the bra as a halterneck as well.
The support was marginally better and I loved the shape it gave my chest.
The strap felt surprisingly comfortable on my neck – although any tighter and my neck paid the price of an even better cleavage!
Due to the fact that the bra still wouldn’t stay up, I did have some overspill. I think that the 36H is the best fit for me, however my boobs need a bit more help!
This bra has some very high ratings on the Debenhams site, and I think that ladies with a lighter firmer chest will get on very well with it.
So far this is the best strapless bra that I have tried, and I will be using it with any future dresses I find that work with it. I’ve pretty much given up hope of ever finding one that truly works in my current size on it’s own but who knows – maybe one day.

Curvy Kate: The Princess And The Portia

12 Jul

I first became aware of four year old ‘Curvy Kate’ two years ago when I partook in their annual ‘Star In A Bra’ competition. The concept behind it is simple: their customers wear their underwear, so they should become their models. Although I didn’t win, it was that brand ethic that stuck with me. The fact that everybody and every body who fits into the Curvy Kate range IS a Curvy Kate girl. A girl who deserves gorgeous flirty underwear in delicious exciting colour ranges, with bows and frills and flowery details. Over the years I’ve watched Curvy Kate evolve and change to suit their customers. They’ve extended their cup sizes, changed the shape of some pieces that they received a great deal of feedback from, and their amazing brand ethic means that I will always champion them.

Sheer cupped bras are often a tricky area for me, as I love a round projected shape, and as a 36H that can sometimes be hard to come by without a little extra oomph. That being said, when I do rummage through my lingerie drawer for something that isn’t padded or moulded, I often go back to my same old faithful Curvy Kate bra, as the shape and comfort are unbeatable.

I was recently given the chance to try out two other styles – the Portia in Seafoam/Pink and Princess in Orchid/Purple, both in my most visited size of 36H with size 18 matching briefs.

The first bra set I tried was the Portia.
The Portia is actually a style that was re worked by their designer Charlotte following the feedback from their customers. I’m a sucker for anything aqua, and the pop of pink was a bonus touch. Being that it FINALLY is the summer, I’m blessed with a slight tan, and this set looked wonderful against my skin tone. The bra comes with fully adjustable straps which I barely had to touch, and three hooks and eyes which offers the most amazing support.
The band is stretchy yet firm and I don’t feel I could have sized down just yet. The shape it offered my bust was fabulous. I felt sufficiently pushed in and up, although my boobs did feel slightly conical – something that did not show through my top.
Whether it’s the ribbon detailing or the shape, this bra did cause me to bulge a little over the top, and as luck would have it I attended a Curvy Kate event where their talented staff who not only make and market the bras, but are also expert fitters. I was able to try a 36HH Portia and the fit worked far better for me. I do have to wear a 36HH in some less generous styles, and so I would say that if you are between cup sizes you should go up one, especially if you have top heavy boobs like I do.
I was VERY dubious about trying the size 18 briefs, as I find Curvy Kate bottoms can come up a little small – unlike my own. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be a really excellent fit. The sheer back adds a little stretch and drama to them, and there’s that gorgeous pink ribbon detailing again! I think I would be happier in a 20 as I felt that the embroidered detail did dig into my hips a little, but I was impressed at how well they fit me in the 18.
The Portia is a very gorgeous set. It’s a bra that could be worn every day that will give you that confidence of knowing you’ve got something quite beautiful lurking under your clothes.

Next up I tried the Princess, which looked absolutely sublime in the gorgeous purple colourway.
This bra was heavenly! Like the Portia it had fully adjustable straps and three hooks and eyes – two huge ticks in my book, and something that is another great thing about Curvy Kate.
The 36H felt spot on, and I was fully encased in the cups with no bulging from the front or sides. My boobs took on a glorious rounded appearance that reminded me of my old favourite, and I mentally added it to the top of the sheer cupped pile.

The briefs also felt a lot better on me, and I think that the Princess may be made out of a slightly more generous fabric. They also have sheer detailing on the bottom, something my boyfriend approved of!

Overall I preferred the colourway of the Portia, as aqua is my favourite, but this beautiful mix of purples was by no means a disappointment, and I adored how beautiful the two purple shades looked together, especially on the rose detailing.

Curvy Kate lingerie is now available to buy at BrandAlley, and they are really worth trying if you haven’t already, or revisiting if they are an old favourite.

ParaNoire: Custom Made Lingerie

2 Jul

‘Custom made lingerie’ – doesn’t that sound like a dreamy proposition. And luckily for me, my dream came true recently when Eva of ParaNoire Design contacted me and offered to make me a pair of knickers.


“Hi, I’m Eva.

I’m a self-taught seamstress and aspiring statistician with a minor in theoretical medicine. A lot of people find that combination somewhat peculiar, but I think it’s awesome. In my world, art, fashion, sewing and patternmaking are just the perfect fields of application for math of any kind.

Before I found out how awesome math can be (after dreadful, agonizing years of math classes at school I was somewhat traumatized), I tried some more philisophical and artsy career options:

  • Psychology (I found out that people really ARE weird)
  • Fashion Design (dropped out after only a few months because I got bored and the people were annoying)
  • Textile Conservation (opportunities to study are rare and I didn’t manage to get through to the last round)
  • Cartography (at least I considered it…)

Now I’m math geek by day and seamstress by night — or vice versa, depending on my sleep cycle — and try to make the world a better place with everything I do.

ParaNoire Design is my part time job.  It was founded in May 2007 after more and more people kept asking if my handmade creations were for sale. So I just started selling them 🙂

When it comes to creating things, I live by a few simple principles.

  • be original — don’t just copy what someone else has already done
  • make things for everyone — clothes should be made to fit the wearer, no matter what shape or size (and not the other way around!)
  • reduce waste and minimize your impact on nature — try to use natural / pre-owned / vintage materials and make beautiful things from even the tiniest of leftovers
  • share knowledge — If you know how to do something great, teach others and make them happy

ParaNoire into a brand that focuses on lingerie and pretty accessories. I do a lot of custom and/or one-of-a-kind work and love to make pretty things for people of all sizes and shapes. I also work on being able to offer custom made bras, but that project is still in very early stages of development and I’m not officially taking custom bra orders right now.”

You can find Eva’s ParaNoire shop on Etsy, and below are some of the examples of items she currently sells.


This a gorgeous set made out of cream silk.

This is a high waisted panty with garters and seamless side panel. As with all panties, Eva can make them in any color combination and custom sized.

This is a ‘Peek-a-Boo’ style knicker which can be made in any size or color.

These cute bloomers can be made in any size.

When Eva asked me what kind of knickers I wanted I only really had a few preferences – something high waisted, retro looking and large bottom and thigh accommodating! Eva asked for my waist and hip measurements and soon my surprise knickers were ready!


The knickers are the ‘retro polkadot panty with black polkadot, mesh high waist and no side seam’. They were made for a 33 inch waist and 48 inch hips.


The bow detail is subtle and very cute – who can resist bows and spots!?


The knickers do indeed accommodate my arse, and they do so in a very gorgeous sheer polka dot manner. They don’t sit on my waist as such, meaning that they are a tad tighter than anticipated. However, they are extremely comfortable and flattering.


The biggest thing for me with these knickers was the way they fit my legs. Some knickers can cut in and make my sausage legs look less than great. But these ParaNoire knickers were perfect on my thighs.

Custom made lingerie can be quite a pricey investment, but it is an investment nonetheless. I have worn and washed my gorgeous knickers several times since they arrived, and they do feel great on. For me I just struggle to get things that fit over my bottom, and so anything that does is instantly comfortable.

What do you think of ParaNoire’s work? Are you inspired to try some pieces yourself?

My Recent Photo Shoots

22 Jun

The keener eyed readers amongst you will have noticed that I recently updated my blog’s header to include some recent images. Some of those images are from my latest shoot with My Boudoir and I thought it only right to share the full set with you!

My last experience with My Boudoir was absolutely amazing, and so you can imagine how excited I was to not only get the chance to return to Nicola’s magical house of wonderment, but also to be going with none other than Caroline CurvyWordy.

Nicola and Sarah were as lovely and welcoming as ever, and I cannot recommend My Boudoir highly enough! Caroline’s fantastic write up of the day just goes to show their consistent brilliance, and if you ever want a stunning set of photos, nude clothed or otherwise, then My Boudoir is the place for you.

And now, without further ado I’d like to share my images with you. All of the outfit details will be listed with the images.


My first outfit was my Collectif Dolores doll dress in a size 14 worn with a petticoat from Nicola’s boudoir wardrobe. As ever, I wore my trusty What Katie Did Morticia corset in a size 30 to help my achieve gorgeous curves! I loved posing on the floor in a ‘classic pin up’ pose, and then had a lot of fun being giggly and winky in front on Nicola’s wind machine – it also helped me cool off a little, as the bright lights can get very warm!


Next up I had some fun looking like a sultry goddess in the teal Ava from Pinup Girl Clothing, size 2XL. I loved how Sarah made me look a little vampier with my darker make up, and of course my hair looked magical! Those two images were my absolute favourite from the day, and I felt like I had been transported to another era.




Nicola and I then had some fun trying to force my thick mane of hair into one of her fabulous wigs, and I did my best to channel a busty Velma Kelly in that a my gorgeous size 32 Corsets UK curvaceous corset. You can read more about the highly curvaceous corset in my review.


Lastly, Caroline and I donned our matching XL Pinup Girl Clothing Erin dresses and had great fun pulling some sultry poses. As you can see, my Morticia corset made another appearance. Sometimes I wish I could tolerate wearing her all the time, the shape she gives me is amazing!

Another shoot that I saw the results of recently was my shoot for Volup2. I posed for the three hour shoot just hours after my 21 hour journey back from Vietnam, and so I was very interested to see the results…







I wore a mixture of my Collectif Dolores dolls dresses and my Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie and Haunted Housewife in rose. Of course I teamed these dresses with my What Katie Did Morticia corset and Freya Deco as always! Helped by hair artist Rachel Williamson and make up artist Laura Goodwin I became Velvet’s vision – a ‘hillbilly dolly’. She wanted me to move away from the pin up look, and boy did she nail it with this shoot! I flounced around the gorgeous Good Enough College, feeling a bit silly with my curly fringe and contoured nose. It’s lucky I trust Velvet – and of course, she made me look fabulous, and I needn’t have even entertained the idea of worrying! Trying something so different was very fun, and being able to wear my own amazing dresses made me feel a little more in my comfort zone.

I do have one more shoot to share with you. If you follow my on my social streams you will know which one I mean… but that will come with reviews of the items I wore, and so stay tuned for that in a few weeks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the images from my latest shoots – it makes a change from me posing in my living room!

A Review Of The Tutti Rouge Betty

17 Jun

Ever since I first tried the Liliana bra by Tutti Rouge I have been champing at the bit to give some of their other sets a whirl. And so when Tutti Rouge HQ sent me a little tissue paper wrapped gift, complete with the Tutti stick of rock and lipgloss, I couldn’t have been more excited for it’s contents!

Inside was the gorgeous Betty set in a size 36HH/XL.


I was really excited to try the set on, especially in a 36HH as my previous bra had been touch and go in a 36H. Tutti Rouge sent me this unprompted, and they must have realised that sizing up would probably be a good idea on me.


As you can see, the set fit me pretty damn well! The size XL knickers were a lot comfier than the Liliana briefs, and I attribute that to the material that they are made out of. I adore the sexy sheer back and the peephole at the top with the tiny cute hot pink bow topping it off. I’m actually in shock at how well the fit my rather large derriere, especially given that they are a size XL!

I found the bra to be a pretty good fit on me. It’s made out of a two part construction, and gives me a very rounded shape.


I wore the bra almost solidly for two days in a row under one low cut dress, and one very fitted dress, and it was extremely comfortable, perfectly plunged and I didn’t have to worry about anything showing underneath my dresses.


The bra gave me a gentle cleavage without squishing my bust or bruising my chin. My bust felt very secure in the bra, and it even survived me running for several buses and trains – the story of my life! The wires under the arms were a good length on me, and I didn’t experience any stabbing under the arms, or too much ‘side boob’ overflow.


The pattern of the bra is stunning, and something you would usually struggle to find in larger cup sizes. The straps sported the signature heart shape adjusters, and they held me in place over the two days. My only gripe with the straps would be that they are only half adjustable, and smaller shouldered women may find that something of a problem.


In the photos my bust does look somewhat squished, and I would be curious to try a cup size up and possibly a band size down, as the band is very forgiving.


The frilly detail on the bottom of the bra does give the illusion of the wires sitting away from my chest – something that led to a great discussion amongst my fellow blogger and bra addicts. However, I can assure you that the wires sit flush against my chest, and as stated there is no movement from the bra when I wear it. Like I said, the band is quite stretchy and I would possibly fit a 34JJ bra better if it existed, but this 36HH was a pretty spot on choice.



I’m hoping that these photos will give you a better idea of how the band sits against my chest, and also show the frill detail off a little better. It is a nice touch, and one that only serves to enhance the beauty of the bra, and causes no irritation or discomfort to me.

All in all the Betty works rather well for me in this size, but I would be curious to see how it worked on me in a 34JJ if that size existed in this style. I would have to conclude that Tutti Rouge’s sizing is generous in the band due to a rather generous stretch in it, and in that respect the sizing is rather like the Eveden brand’s bras (Freya, Fantasie, Elomi). The cups do come up a cup size or two small – reminding me of Curvy Kate’s ‘Showgirl’ sizing.

If you are curious about what’s coming next from Tutti Rouge then check out Invest In Your Chest’s post.

Did Betty take your fancy? Would you like to win a set? If so you have one week, until Monday the 24th of June, to ‘like’ the Tutti Rouge Facebook page and write a post on their wall finishing off this sentence in 50 words or less:
“I love Tutti Rouge because…”
The Tutti team will pick a winner and announce it on the page! Good Luck!

Click here to buy your own Betty set from Bravissimo.

Stocking HQ’s Plus Size Offerings

13 Jun

Being plus size, large arsed and fairly average in height means that wearing tights is often no fun. And so when Peter from Stockings HQ offered to send me some plus size tights and hold ups to try, I jumped on the chance! I decided to try them all on with some lovely red knickers so that you could see the opacity of the products. Please do also note that the exact products I tried are seemingly not on the website, but I will be able to link you to the brands.

The first pair that I tried on were some footless tight from Pretty Polly in a size XL.
I really like these tights! Footless is always a winner because it means there’s less chance of them not fitting. I like that they are technically ‘light leggings’ and they will perfect on a cooler summer’s day… or one when I can’t be bothered to shave my legs! They feel really smooth on and pulled up really easily. I liked where they sat on me, as there is nothing worse that a pair of tights cutting into your chub. I’m keen to try some more Pretty Polly plus size tights after having these on.

The next pair that I tried were these XL Eleganti stockings.
My chubby thighs don’t always go well with hold ups, and sadly these were no exception. They were very easy to pull on and up, the length was spot on and I loved the retro seams. However, my tree trunk legs resembled overstuffed sausages! On a more toned slim pair of legs these soft elegant luxurious tights would work wonders, but sadly they would not be a choice of mine until my legs lose a little of the wobble!

The final pair of tights that I tried were a size 4XL by Levante.
These tights had gorgeous floral details around the waist and thighs, and I really loved that touch. They were not so easy to get on, and sadly did not fit me perfectly – although I was petrified of breaking them! They were really soft and had a lovely sheen to them, and it’s a brand I would probably re visit in the future.

Who makes your favourite plus size tights?

Introducing: Tutti Rouge

12 Apr

Recently, there has been a stirring amongst my fellow lingerie bloggers. Images from trade shows and press releases have been shared of a brand that is due to start hitting stores next month. I have seen images of laughing smiling models, wearing brightly coloured gorgeous sexy lingerie that appears to be available in larger cup sizes. Models that are slim and slender with curves, with smaller and larger back, augmented and natural breasts. Who is this magical brand? The answer…

IMG_1255 copy 2

“We would like to introduce you to a cute, curvaceous, fun, flirty and frilly lady ‐ Tutti Rouge.

Tutti Rouge will get the party started with one of the most exciting brand launches of the year, offering a stunning, fuller bust collection of coordinating lingerie available in DD – HH cups with 28” ­‐ 38” backs. The range has been lovingly created by lingerie designer Jessica Prebble. Previously Jessica has consistently delivered best styles for selected European brands and High Street retailers.

Tutti Rouge has already successfully trialled in several independent and online stores in the UK for AW12. The SS13 collection will debut with lingerie leader Bravissimo.

The emphasis for the brand is on fashion, fit and affordability. As Jessica says ‘Tutti Rouge will break a few hearts, but she won’t break the bank’.

Tutti Rouge calls to curvaceous, vivacious, fashion-­forward girls with attractive price points of £26 -­ £32 for bras and £9.50 – £17.50 for co-ordinates. Complemented by a vibrant marketing campaign, the word on every girls lips will soon be Tutti Rouge.”

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some Tutti Rouge lingerie!
Luckily, my wish was granted by the arrival of a gorgeous looking box some weeks later. The ‘Tutti Rouge’ label on the packaging made me instantly rip the parcel open, and inside was the most gorgeously presented box of lingerie and goodies.








I had been sent the ‘Liliana’ set in a size 36H/XL and she was gorgeous! And who can resist a stick of rock and some lip balm!?

I hurriedly tried Liliana straight on, marvelling at the fact that it was a gorgeous pretty pink PADDED bra in my size – yippee!


The set fit me almost perfectly! The cups were spot on with no bulging, the 3 hooked band was nice and snug, the fully adjustable straps with the cute heart adjusted didn’t dig in painfully. My only qualm was that the knickers were a bit too small. An XL roughly translates to a size 16, and these hips aint no 16! However, the soft stretchy material didn’t create too much of an unflattering silhouette, and they are certainly wearable. Fingers crossed that once the company launches and becomes popular they will consider introducing larger sizes.


The bra does give me a gentle cleavage. It’s not an overly projected shape, making it perfect as a more casual bra, or as a prettier bra to wear out under a fancy dress. I wore it to work underneath my white shirt, and I was very comfortable in it as I moved about during my 6 hour shift. I didn’t experience any digging in under the arms, any movement or any other discomfort.


Pink is not a colour I tend to favour, however, this softer bubblegum pink is undeniably gorgeous and very suited to my colouring. I love the white lace details seen on the cups and briefs, as well as the beautiful bows.


As I mentioned, the shape the cups give me is gorgeous. The bra is made out of a three part construction, and I find that even with padded bras that can sometimes give way to a pointy shape. However, Liliana keeps my boobs looking perky, rounded and gorgeous.  The top part of the cups is unpadded, which helps it lie against the bust rather than cut in.


The bra band is not overly rigid, meaning it was easy to fasten and nice and snug. I found that the sizing of the Tutti Rouge Liliana reflected that of Panache.

Tutti Rouge will start to hit stores from May onwards, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information, and more product photos. They will also be launching their website at around the same time.

I am excited to see what the future hold for Tutti Rouge. They may not stock as many sizes as full busted women would like, but give them time and I am sure things will change. To start off with 28 bands and padded bras up to an HH across all the band sizes is amazing, and I feel sure that they will soon become a favourite for many large breasted women who are crying out for flirty fun bra styles.

What do you think of Tutti Rouge and the Liliana bra? Will you be trying them out for yourself? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Lissome Lingerie

30 Mar

When it comes to DD+ underwear, the world still has a long way to go! I feel very blessed that I live in England, seemingly the breast country when it comes to providing large babylons with comfortable houses. However, there are still not as many options for us fuller bust ladies as there are for A-DD ladies.

Enter: Lissome Lingerie, a brand that caters predominantly for DD+ women, as well as smaller busted women.

Lissome Lingerie's range of sizes.

Lissome Lingerie’s range of sizes.



Lissom Lingerie launched in January this year. Sarah Stephens, owner of Lissome wanted to set up as an online store rather than a high street store so that she could cater to women everywhere. She offers 10% off new orders with the code ‘New10’, and free shipping on all UK orders over £80. Here’s a little more about the company:

“Whatever your size and shape Lissome Lingerie is here to help you feel gorgeous!

By definition Lissome means supple and graceful, so pretty much every woman’s dream body, myself included.

However, in the ‘real world’ that isn’t always the case and often a helping hand is needed.
We strongly believe that help comes from the lingerie we wear. EVERY woman can feel beautiful, sexy and elegant in the right lingerie.

Think about it,  every woman’s best friend – body shaping underwear, which is advancing to offer some truly stunning underwear, but of course with a purpose – to give you that incredibly supple figure.
And the glamorous and luxurious collections of lingerie, made from irresistible fabrics, helping you to be truly graceful.
It is our aim to ensure that every woman, no matter what shape or size, feels fabulously supple and graceful. We aim to give you that helping hand by carefully selecting a gorgeous range of lingerie, corsets, shape wear, and nightwear.  Brought to you from fabulous brands and designers such as; Sonata, Pompadour Garters, Rebecca Ansah, Gracya, Roza, Leg Avenue, Coquette, Irrall, Dreamgirl and many more. 

We offer a variety of tips and information in our advice and guidance pages, to ensure that your lingerie purchase is the perfect one.
Why not get in touch with us, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Click here to contact us. Or follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook

Enjoy browsing our website and we’re certain you will find something you love and if we don’t have your size please contact us and we will order it for you if available.

Thank you for shopping with us

Lissome Lingerie x”

Sarah was lovely enough to contact me recently to ask if I wanted to review a Panache bra. Naturally, I excitedly accepted and waited patiently for the Cleo Lucy in a 36H.


It arrived just a few days later, and as soon as I unwrapped the tissue paper, I knew I had made the right choice!

The deep gorgeous purple bra and contrast hot pink bow are a large busted girl’s lingerie wet dream! Gone are the days when we had to wear frumpy ugly itchy bras or nothing else, this soft sheer vivid bra is proof that DD+ underwear options have come on in leaps and bounds.


The cups have subtle flower patterns stitched into them, and are made of of a 3 part construction.


The sheer cups are sexily misleading. You’d think that the weight of a large heavy natural bust would need nothing short of a couple of cranes to keep it aloft, never mind what it would need to keep it looking orb like. However, the Lucy managed to do magical things to my boobies, despite it feeling like it’s made out of spider webs!


The wires are a good height on me. They contain my side boob without digging in throughout the day.

The straps are fully adjustable, and the band has two hooks and eyes.


To me, Lucy fits just like every other Panache bra. Very true to size with a nice firm supportive band, and cups that do not dig into the edge on my boobs, despite pretty stitching and detailing.

I’m really and truly in Love with the Panache Cleo Lucy. As ever, I am never 100% happy until I have 3 hooks and eyes going on, but when a bra looks this good and gives my chest that amount of orbyness I can over look such details.

If you fancy getting yourself a Cleo Lucy or anything else from Lissome Lingerie then I strongly urge you do so withing the next two weeks, as the code ‘FFFB20’ will give you 20% off your order. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions.

Thank you Sarah and Lissome Lingerie for proving yourself to be another trustworthy place to turn too in the quest for the support of the breast.

Gaining Confidence

22 Mar

I often get comments that express admiration at my confidence. It flatters me, as I do believe that body confidence is one of the most attractive things anyone can have. The ability to present yourself not as egotistical, but as cool, calm and happy with yourself. It’s not something that we are born with, or something that comes easily to us all. It’s not about looks, it’s more about feeling at peace with yourself and feeling comfortable. Here are my tips on how to feel a little more confident and self assured.

Naturally, it goes without saying that the first place you should look too to feel happier and more confident is…your underwear drawer. Ill fitting bras and uncomfortable knickers are enough to knock anyone’s confidence. If you are UK based I would urge you to get to a Bravissimo for a fitting. If you would prefer you can email or call them and they will be able to advise you that way. Alternatively, you can check out Butterfly Collection’s bra calculator which will be able to give you a size that is very close to what you should be wearing. For more information about the styles of bras out there and what they can do, check out my video:

Check out my bra fitting posts here.

In terms of knickers, this post by The Lingerie Addict is a great read for ladies looking for a little comfort in the undercracker department. My advice is to always buy knickers that do not dig in, do not irritate you and if they match your bra? Bonus!

Of course, it doesn’t end there with underwear. My favourite piece of underwear after my bra has to be my shapewear. I know that a lot of women turn their noses up at the idea of shapewear and see it as ‘cheating’ and an annoyance, but personally I adore it. It helps put my mind at ease that my tight dress isn’t showing too much of my bulgey stomach, and it makes me feel smooth, streamlined and carefree. This is my favourite piece:

This is how the shapewear looks when worn with a fairly loose corset.

This is how the shapewear looks when worn with a fairly loose corset.

It is by Maidenform and I adore it. The straps mean that it won’t roll down, and the shorts mean that it won’t roll up – even on my rather large thighs! The only problem with it is that going to the loo can be…ahem…tricky. It has a convenient ‘slit’, designed to make such actions easier, but it’s still something that baffles some, and can take a bit of getting used too!

Once your underwear is in order, you can feel like you are ready to take on the world! You feel younger, slimmer, walk taller and your outfits can look far better. I get countless emails from women who have been fitted for a better bra or found some that work well for them, and they are all positive. These women feel happier and more body positive without having to lose or gain weight or have surgery.

Personally, I always feel a lot happier after exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I loathe going to the gym as much as anyone! But when I leave, red faced, sweating and breathing heavily, I do feel body positive, even though I am a long way away from being happy with my size. Sometimes all I need to do in a few sit ups or go for a short jog. Sometimes it’s a full gym session. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

Taking care of my nails, skin and hair is also something that makes me feel good. Yes, they are appearance based and it is vain, but personally I feel a lot more put together when I feel confident with my looks.

Due to my job, I can’t paint my nails too often. But when I can, I do and it makes me feel ultra feminine. Sometimes I indulge myself with a salon treatment, and often turn here for interesting offers on professional manicures in London. I am also a huge fan of pedicures, and my trusty Ped-Egg is the best thing that I have found to use on them. Clean smooth feet with painted toes are something that you don’t even need to show anyone or spend much time and money on – it can just make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.

I dye and straighten and curl and generally abuse my hair way too much! And so treating it to the odd hair mask is a must!. I do love to go the the hairdress when I have the time and money, but it’s just so easy to do some cleaning or cooking whilst my hair rejuvenates in a hair mask, and in a few hours it’s back to looking gorgeous and healthy.

I am also a huge sucker for a face mask, as is my boyfriend!

Pardon my face!

Pardon my face!

It’s another quick cheap easy DIY treatment that really changes how you feel about yourself. I rarely wear foundation, and I attribute that to my face mask obsession and all the water I drink. I have tried a few homemade masks to varying degrees of success, but my favourite has to be this mud mask.

There are of course ways that will and won’t work for various people with regards to feeling happy and confident and exuding that. This post was just my way of sharing how I go about making myself feel like ‘me’. I hope that it has not come across as a vain post, but generally speaking appearance is something that we all rely heavily on to make us feel good about ourselves. I would love to hear from other people with regards to what you do to feel confident and happy within yourself 🙂

Volup2: Simplicity

16 Mar

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected to model from Velvet d’Amour’s magazine Volup2. That was the day the love affair between us was born! I love how at ease Velvet makes me feel in front of the camera, how she totally understood what I wanted and what I liked and disliked about myself, and how I should trust her! You can book a shoot with her via her website Velvetography.

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

The Heidi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

Since then I have had several more shoots with Velvet for Volup2, and I’d love the share the most recent images with you, as well as urge you to buy Volup2 to see hundreds of glorious images.


Dress: the Erin wiggle dress by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Dress: the Dita dress by Dollydagger.


Dress: George at ASDA.


Dress: the Mon Cheri by Pinup Girl Clothing.


Shapewear: the 1294 by Rago.

The bra (worn in every shot): the Deco by Freya.

The corset (worn in every shot): the Morticia by What Katie Did.

I hope that you enjoyed these latest shots by Velvet. I believe that no airbrushing took place, she instead uses natural light to shoot and the glorious make up skills of plus size model and hair and make up artist, Laura Goodwin.

Please help support Volup2 buy paying just a few pounds and subscribing to the next three issues.

You can contact Velvet at: emaillinkif you want to advertise in Volup2.