A Guest Review Of The Panache Porcelain Body By Kate Nolan

30 Jan

I’ve always been a little curious about bra bodies, and so I enlisted the help of a friend to write a review of hers…

Hello lovely readers of FFFB!

A little while ago I purchased the Panache Porcelain body in 30G. George kindly gave me the amazing opportunity to review it for her.

Overall, sadly, I think it was distinctly average. The bra part of the contraption fit okay, but not perfectly and it only really held in my flab a tiny bit. 1


I found that my torso seemed to be somewhat too long for it, for example, if I pulled the bra up to where I would be happy wearing it, then I got a major wedgie and everything seemed stretched. Besides that it didn’t stay there and I was constantly pulling it up. If I left the bra where it sat naturally, there was folding in the bottom of the cups under my boobs. My boobs weren’t at all supported. This problem was rectified by using the straps included with it, but the reason I bought it was to use it for a strapless dress. 6


Also, weirdly, I seemed to have a weird back fat situation where the back band of the bra pushed my back fat down but the body pushed my back fat up resulting in a back-fat-flap. Most uncool.

The material used was really silky and super comfortable, but not as firm as I was hoping for; I wanted something to hold me in but I found it just altered my shape slightly. I don’t often wear shapewear so I’m not an expert and maybe I had far too high expectations, but I found it did very little for making my flab less flabby. I constantly tell my ribcage off for needing protective fat because I hate the bulge underneath my bra. I hoped that because this was a bra combined with something intended to disguise reality, that maybe I wouldn’t get an under-bra-band-bulge. I was not to be.

And also, maybe I’m nit-picking, but the cup kept denting in the middle. It was even noticeable under my dress.


On a more positive note, the band was firm and cup true to size. However, sadly the cons outweighed the pros and my quest for the perfect bra body continues!


Thanks for reading!  Please let me know if you are a fan of bra bodies and which ones you have tried.

2 Responses to “A Guest Review Of The Panache Porcelain Body By Kate Nolan”

  1. Aliisa January 30, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Now that’s the problem I always have with the bra bodies!!! —that they are too short for my torso. Especially the strapless ones. I’ve tried several, and have yet to find one that is long enough. And, I’m a short girl at 5’3…and have a very short back. I’m hoping they make a body with adjustable length.

  2. Brianna February 26, 2013 at 12.53 #

    For strapless support I prefer a high backed long line that goes to the waist. The bones under the cups help to hold them up…But yeah watch out for back fat muffin at the top…

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