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Top Of The Tights

20 Jul

With the weather hotting up every day in England, it doesn’t seem right to be blogging about tights! However, we only have a few months of delightful weather left before we’re back to breezier climates, and it’s best to be prepared!
Luckily for me I have been sent a few pairs of tights, hold ups and stockings to try out recently, and in this post I will be showing you the ones that worked well for my size (around a UK18/20) and height (5’7).
Please bear in mind that these I tried these tights on in my rather toasty flat, and therefore it was a little hard to get them on and looking picture perfect and so I do apologise!

The first pair I tried were the 15 denier Pretty Polly Curves Superfit ladder resist tights, XXL in ‘Barely Black’.
They fit me extremely well, and as you can see sat very high on me, which is perfect! They were easy to get on and didn’t snag or catch easily. They were a chocolatey brown colour, and will be perfect on darker skinned girls.

Next up I tried the Nylonica Linea Classica Sheer 15 stockings in XXL.
These stockings were incredibly soft, and felt like air to put on! They were easy to pull up and didn’t cut into my thighs. The colour is not one I would wear unless going to a fancy dress party, but I would definitely get them in a darker colour.

Hold ups are something I struggle with. they often won’t stay up on me, or they’ll dig in uncomfortably. And so I was intrigued to try the Nylonica Linea Classica sheer 15 lace top hold-ups in XXL.
These fit me excellently, and stayed up successfully for quite some time. They were easy to roll up and felt great on.

These Cette Oslo tights, size L were something a little different…
I have to say that the red and black colouring is NOT something I am a fan of at all, and these will sit firmly in my fancy dress box! However, I liked the fit and the thick comfy material that was easy to put on, and meant the tights stayed up. The fit over my bottom was rather questionable as you can see, but if these came in black I would love them!

Next up I tried two pairs of Sonsee tights, one pair in 60 denier, and one pair in 100. My size 18-20 puts me as a size ‘Flawless’ in Sonsee, and I really love the way the brand is dedicated to making larger women feel and look amazing!


“If you’re a Sonsee-sized woman, you know how difficult it can be to find sexy, luxurious hosiery that truly fits your body. Until now, plus size hosiery has been tight, controlling, restricting, uncomfortable, sold in bland colours and generally thrown out after one wear.
Not anymore.
Sonsee has discovered the best thing to come out of Italy – next to Sofia Loren, that is.
Italian materials and manufacturing have married to create hosiery that stretches beyond your imagination.
It’s comfortable, sexy, durable and fits your body.”

My friend was over as I tried the tights on, watching in amusement as I road tested them all. When I put these tights on her mirth turned to amazement, as she admired just how well they looked and how good they fit! I am so impressed with these tights and I can’t wait to see more from this company.

Last up I tried some products from another brand new brand – Lida.


All of these products were a size 4XL and once again I was impressed with the wonderful fit and look of the products. The hold ups were once again prefect on my chubby legs, and the lighter tights will serve me well during Autumn. Dominik from Lida was absolutely brilliant and patient with me when it came to ensuring I had the right size of product, and I adore the fact that this company are investing time and effort into making hosiery to fit and suit larger women.

Have you got any favourites when it comes to plus size tights, stocking and hold ups? Do you also struggle to find the perfect fit? Let me know in the comments.

Coming Soon From Scarlett & Jo

27 Mar

As I noted in my recent post, Evans have really upped their game recently. One of the reasons for this has to be because of Scarlett & Jo. Scarlett & Jo are a new in house brand, and their mix of trendy edgy pieces and curve hugging silhouette dresses have made them a sure fire hit with many plus size bloggers. It’s no wonder that I picked their red side panel dress for my shoot with The Times.

Lucy from Scarlett & Jo was kind enough to send me a few pieces that will launch online within the next week, and suffice to say I was over the moon!

She mentioned to me that the side panel dress would be released in pink, purple and…turquoise! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the images – the best colour in the world coming in a gorgeous flattering design of dress! Gimme gimme!


As you can see, the figure hugging illusion dress gives me an amazing silhouette. People say that dresses like these are ‘cheating’, but I adore them and I think I may need the full set of colours!

Naturally, I’d add a belt to the dress on a night or day out, as this size 16 dress is perfect everywhere but on my waist.  However, I do love how good it looks without one!


The sleeves are a bonus, as I would ordinarily add some sort of shrug or bolero so my dresses. It also makes the dress rather flattering from the back.


The other dress that she sent me was a similar sort of style in that it was a long sleeved ponte sort of material. However, this one had a wrap effect neck line that gathered into a ruched effect.

The sleeve and hem length were the same as the side panel dress, as was the waist and hip room. The boob room was slightly different due to the wrap effect, and I almost felt like I might have to size up.

I loved the vibrant colour and the way that the dress could be easily dressed up or down.

The dress will be coming out in black as well as blue, and fingers crossed some other colours in the future.


I would also add a belt to this, but once again it looks fabulous without one. I just feel very comfortable with them, and it will help break the dress up a bit, and maybe add a new colour to the outfit – like green or silver.


Lucy also sent me some leggings, not too dissimilar to the current leather look leggings. The newer ones will be pleather on the front and cotton on the back, a half and half look.



These leggings are a size 16, one size smaller than my pleather ones. But due to the leggings material going over my large bottom and having more stretch, a 16 fit me well and looks pretty trendy with the blue dress.

All three pieces will hit the Evans website next week, and the blue dress and leggings will be available instore as well.

What do you think of the Scarlett & Jo collection? Are you impressed? Have you tried any pieces out, or will you be?

Evans Up Their Game!

24 Mar

When it comes to shopping, I am at that ‘inbetweeny’ size where I can still find what I want on the high street and online without relying on plus size lines. I have always been grateful for this, and will usually turn to stores such as Evans for things like wide calf boots and jeans. This means that when I was recently given the chance to select ten items from Evans, I panicked and fretted that I would struggle to find anything at all that I would like and want to wear.

I needn’t have worried.

As I am London based, I visited the Marble Arch store and felt welcomed from the moment I walked in. The store opened recently, and is large, spacious and well laid out, with plenty of staff around. I explained who I was to the manager, and she left me to browse, telling me to ask for help should I need any.

In no time at all I had around ten items in my arms, and I headed for the changing rooms. I went for a size 18 in everything, and I’m pleased to say that I was spot on or had to size down in most cases. Below are some photos of my haul, as well as the links to them on the website.



This dress blew me away! I actually picked it up on a whim, thinking it was quite frumpy but still appealing. In the end, I loved it so much I wore it to the press event that I attended later that day!
You can read all about that by clicking here.

I thought that this dipped hem dress was the perfect mix of smart and casual, and could easily be dresses up or down. I rather liked it with a black bolero, click here for a similar one.


I also liked how it looked with a denim jacket, which fit perfectly AND did up over my boobs in a size 14!


I paired these looks with these fab shoes – oh so comfy with the chunky heel, and oh so George with the t-bar strap!  I teamed the whole look with these gorgeous bracelets that matched the colours in the dress perfectly.

The next items that I had to have were ones that I have tried before – this tunic and these leather look leggings from the awesome Scarlett&Jo.





When I was shown the leggings by the awesome Lucy of Scarlett&Jo, I admitted that they were really not my style. I am a sucker for a knee length dress and a bare leg, and so I didn’t see the need for the leggings… until I tried them on and fell a little bit on love!


It’s a slightly edgier look that I am used too, but I love that I have the option, and I have always been curious about pleather leggings!

I of course had to try some jeans from Evans, and my huge bottom and I are rather fond of a high waisted (read “arse accommodating”) pair of jeans. This khaki pair looked perfect!




The jeans were a fab length on me, and actually quite flattering, despite the colour being lighter than I am used too. I adore skinny jeans, and my only gripe with these was the usual…


The gape slightly at the waist. It’s nothing that a belt won’t fix, and it didn’t put me off them in any way.




This super cute heart print cardigan looked perfect with the jeans, and was a perfect snuggly fit in a 16. I was torn between that and the button up version, but in the end I favoured the longer cut.




With all this snow and general shit weather we’ve had recently, I was eternally grateful that item number ten was this size 14 jacket. It fits like a dream, even with a hoodie and t shirt underneath, it’s a fab length, lightweight and warm.

As ever, I rocked a Freya Deco underneath my items 🙂


There were several other items that I toyed with getting, and it was a hard job for me to whittle my items down to ten. I wanted to go buck wild on the jewellery as I am like a magpie around beautiful shinies. The coral Scarlett&Jo tunic was something I found hard to walk away from. And after seeing the gorgeous Nicolette Mason in this I was sorely tempted to grab one for myself…

However, I am happy with my decisions and I am seriously impressed with Evans and their in-house brands. I have never ever been able to walk into any shop and have that much success. Pretty much everything I brought into the changing room fit perfectly, which shows excellent sizing consistency (and also excellent service from the lady who worked in there and brought me the few extra sizes that I needed!) and I managed to identify a huge number of items that I wanted within minutes of entering the store. Granted, these items were gifted to me by way of thanks for being involved in the forthcoming Clements&Ribiero range, but I think you’ll agree that my hoard is a good one and my decision to snag them has nothing to do with the fact that they were free.

Have you found anything amazing in Evans recently? What are your favourites from my recent new wardrobe additions?

Recent Shennanigans

23 Jan

I’ve had quite an exciting week or so! A lot has happened, some good, some amazing, some scary! And so here is a little round up.

Firstly, I hit 7000 likes on my Facebook page which felt pretty great! I’m not one to judge my worth on how many social followers I have, but I can’t deny my elation. I am really blessed to have so many ladies on that page who are so kind, loyal and informative! A variety of topics get discussed there and it’s a fun environment to have helped create. I share images, blog posts and ask questions to help other readers and my own curiosity. I recently posed the question:

“What would you LOVE to see a plus size designer make? Whether it’s more bodycon, more mini skirts, more black tents (!!!) anything, what do you want?

Me – more options with sleeves, and more form fitting dresses.”

Within seconds there seemed to be a a dozen answers. It seems that a lot of women, like me, would like to see sleeved items and sexier dresses. A few wanted to know where they could find shirts that buttoned up over the bust. A lot talked about maxi dresses – where to find ones with decent straps and lengths. These dresses should provide a few solutions to some of those questions. A lot asked about wide fit boots, clothes for taller women, shorter women, small busted women…the list was endless. It seems that plus size companies have a little way to go before everyone’s sizes, tastes and needs are acquainted for.

On the plus side of being plus – Plus Size Fashion Weekend is approaching!855_487397121299436_2130464114_nTo be in with a chance of winning tickets to this amazing event, click here.

It snowed several times here in the UK this week – not fun at all! I have been asked a few times about what I wear when it turns colder, and so I thought I would share my go-to layer up look!

My favourite recent purchase has to be my Maidenform Fat Free Leggings. Thanks to the linked post by Curvywordy, I discovered these amazing leggings, and I am hooked!
The perfect fit for me is a size large, and they suck me in and smooth me out without being too restrictive.
Remember – they are leggings, not trousers, and the arse stretching see through aspect means that I always wear them with something to cover my bottom!
When layering up, I add a long sleeved bust friendly BiuBiu top.IMG_3326
Any old dress, often without a belt as it’s not seen under the layers.IMG_3330
One of my boyfriend’s hoodies (most of them are from Primark).IMG_3336
My Collectif coat, a scarf, some thick socks, and either my Uggs or Evans bootsIMG_3341


Like I said, I change this look up a bit but generally those layers keep me warm and snug and don’t add too much bulk to my already large body.

My dress obsession and broken handbag recently got introduced to two new sites – and thus, one glorious outfit was born.


The dress is, predictably, a Dolores doll by Collectif that I got in the sale at Miss Mole. The handbag is from JustFab and I got it at at introductory offer of £17.50.
Be warned though – if you do buy from JustFab, read the sign up instructions carefully as you will get a monthly charge if you do not make a monthly purchase.
That said, my new bag is gloriously green, has many zip pockets and the option of a long or a short strap. A beautiful bargain that looks great with my new dress – which I really need to iron, I do apologise!

And last but no means least, this happened…
I appeared in the Daily Mail. Something I swore to myself would never happen! But, if you read the article (ignore that horrific photo that I spoil) you will see it was for a good reason. You can read more about the project and the other ladies involved here, at Plus-Size-Tall.
Sadly we were badly represented what with all the ‘curves’ and ‘curvy’ and ‘real women’ being thrown about, despite me specifically telling Liz how much I hated those terms. I did not know who Daisy Lowe was, and after a quick Google I stated that I thought she was slim, yet curvy. I was also quoted as saying that I wanted to lose weight but feared what my readers would think. Nuh uh. I want too and AM losing weight. I don’t need 200 trolls to tell me to do so, but thanks for the concern guys! Fat as I am, I am healthy, I do exercise, my eating choices are not always the best but I am trying. I have no problem getting male attention (hello boyfriend of 4+ years) and I didn’t eat any dwarves. My thighs do not chaff, I love colour block dresses and guess what DM readers, you aint got nothing on me! Those of us who are intelligent will know that DM readers comment to provoke, they use pseudo names and would never dare look us in our piggy eyes and say such things to our fat faces. Which didn’t make reading them (I couldn’t ignore them) any easier, but it did help me put in a killer session at the gym.
I love this post from my fellow chubster Callie, as it summed up how I felt as well.

So, that’s my news!  I hope that this round up has been interesting and fun.  It’s something I may do more if you all would like.. just let me know 🙂

A Review Of The Lycra™ Xceptionelle Hosiery Tights From Yours Clothing

29 Nov

When it comes to a variety of plus size clothing at affordable prices it can sometimes feel like the choices are slim. Thankfully, one site that manages to cater to those demands is Yours Clothing.

They have just had their first TV adverts broadcast and you can even win £250 to spend with them – click here to find out how.

Recently I was offered the chance to try out Yours’ latest product – the “Lycra™ Xceptionelle Hosiery Tights“.

“We know how plus size and tall women struggle to find tights which fit and are comfortable so Yours Clothing are pleased to announce that we are working with Lycra™ to bring a new technology in hosiery to the market. We are extremely excited to be the first plus sized Retailer on the British High Street to have this technology, creating truly comfortable tights.

The Lycra™ Xceptionelle technology enables Yours Clothing to supply overall garment comfort to the taller, fuller figured woman.

This technology offers:

·         Improved fit – enhanced stretch prevents dig-ins at inner thighs and waist. Single layer fabric construction in the waistband reduces rolling.

·         Increased comfort – Soft yarns and sheer lightweight panty area eliminates compression and friction, preventing chaffing.

·         Quality – high quality yarns reduces the likelihood of laddering

·         Appearance – Maximum width eliminating panels and seams.

This new Hosiery with be available in various deniers and prints in the forthcoming months both online and in our stores.”

The lovely Charlotte at Yours was ever patient with me as I pondered which size to get, and she recommended I try the 16-20, as I am 5’7 and usually need a 16-18 in tights and leggings.
When they arrived I was surprised at how thin the tights were. I expected these snag free tights to be quite heavy duty, but they were just like normal tights. I then feared that I might put my fingers through them on the way up, but they rolled up smoothly to just below my bra – the perfect and most comfortable place for me.
I wore the tights on a fairly cold miserable night out and I really liked them. Poor CurvyWordy can attest to the fact that tights and me do not always mix, as I usually have created a giant hole in them by the end of the day where they have buckled under the pressure of trying to contain my ample bum and thighs. But these tights held fast and saw me through the night, keeping me warm and ladder free.

At £8 they are a little pricier than your average Primark bargains, but I can get through three pairs of those before I manage to get one on that fits and doesn’t cut into my hips, the toes straining against me trying to pull them up higher. And so for me this is a pair of tights to be washed carefully to get that money’s worth, but one that I don’t think will be headed for the bin any time soon. Ideally I would love a pair that is a touch smaller just for comparison, but these will see me through the winter for now.

My Plus Size Plight For The Perfect Tights

18 Oct

Being a larger girl I really struggle to find tights, hold ups, fishnets and stockings that fit me. I’m not overly tall or long legged, however my average height and over average sized legs do prove a problem, and I often rip holes in my tights in a bid to get the crotch up higher than knee length. And even when I am successful I often find they work their way downward throughout the day and it is almost better to go bare legged than spend my time hoiking them up.

Recently I came across a site called Tights Please. They stock a huge variety of tights and leggings and stockings in many sizes. Browsing the website brought me a lot of joy – I couldn’t believe how many awesome plus size options there were – I just had to try a pair! And so after careful I decided on these Pamela Mann hold ups.

The hold ups arrived very quickly and in a parcel that could be posted through the letterbox, an added bonus for those of us who despise those post office slips. The length of the tights worked well on me and I didn’t have to struggle to pull them up high enough. The lacy tops were nice and thick and although it took a while to get them into a position that didn’t make them roll down, once I did they felt secure and comfortable. They did dig in a little more than I would be comfortable with in a tight skirt, but they would work perfectly under something less fitted.

I will definitely be using TightsPlease again. I’ve got my eye on these funky coloured tights – perfect for fancy dress parties or jazzing up an outfit. Hopefully my hosiery woes will now be a things of the past!