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Win Tickets To ‘Loving your Curves’

24 Jul


Loving Your Curves is a plus size UK event like no other!

Expo ~ Saturday 21st September

Loving Your Curves has partnered with some of the UK’s most innovative and unique Plus Size designers and retailers to bring you an exciting and relaxed atmosphere of size acceptance for Curvy Women to experience a truly enjoy unique day out.

Visitors will enjoy an entertaining day with Plus Size Fashion shows, workshops, entertainment and a Curvy beauty lounge. You will also be able to meet Plus Size, Health and Beauty experts providing an intimate platform of motivation, inspiration and education all under one roof, specially designed for you.

With over 50 exhibitors at the show, you will find a lovely mix of Plus Size designers, jewellery designers, make-up artists, shoe designers, bags, accessories and much more.

Wedding Fair ~ Sunday 22nd September

Loving Your Curves Wedding Fair has partnered with some of the UK’s most unique and luxurious independent designers and retailers to create a platform for Plus Size and bespoke suppliers of wedding essentials to showcase their work and create an exciting and relaxed atmosphere for Curvy Brides-to-be and their wedding party to experience a truly unique day out whilst being introduced to suppliers in every are required for planning and adding the finishing touches to their special day.

Visitors will enjoy an entertaining day with Plus Size Fashion & Bridal shows, workshops, entertainment and a Curvy beauty lounge. Brides will also be able to meet Wedding and Plus Size experts providing a complete wedding shopping experience under one roof specially designed for Curvy Brides-to-be.

With over 50 exhibitors at the show, you will find a lovely mix of Plus Size designers, jewellery, photographers, cake makers, make-up artists, henna artists, florists, caterers, DJs and much more.”

If you would like to win two tickets to one of these London based events then please leave a comment below this post. Please use your real name and email address (so I can contact you in the event of you winning) and please let me know this:

Why do you love your curves?

The lucky winner will be announced on August the 15th. Good Luck, and I will hopefully see some of you there!

Click here to find out more about the ‘Loving Your Curves’ event.

A Review Of The Tutti Rouge Betty

17 Jun

Ever since I first tried the Liliana bra by Tutti Rouge I have been champing at the bit to give some of their other sets a whirl. And so when Tutti Rouge HQ sent me a little tissue paper wrapped gift, complete with the Tutti stick of rock and lipgloss, I couldn’t have been more excited for it’s contents!

Inside was the gorgeous Betty set in a size 36HH/XL.


I was really excited to try the set on, especially in a 36HH as my previous bra had been touch and go in a 36H. Tutti Rouge sent me this unprompted, and they must have realised that sizing up would probably be a good idea on me.


As you can see, the set fit me pretty damn well! The size XL knickers were a lot comfier than the Liliana briefs, and I attribute that to the material that they are made out of. I adore the sexy sheer back and the peephole at the top with the tiny cute hot pink bow topping it off. I’m actually in shock at how well the fit my rather large derriere, especially given that they are a size XL!

I found the bra to be a pretty good fit on me. It’s made out of a two part construction, and gives me a very rounded shape.


I wore the bra almost solidly for two days in a row under one low cut dress, and one very fitted dress, and it was extremely comfortable, perfectly plunged and I didn’t have to worry about anything showing underneath my dresses.


The bra gave me a gentle cleavage without squishing my bust or bruising my chin. My bust felt very secure in the bra, and it even survived me running for several buses and trains – the story of my life! The wires under the arms were a good length on me, and I didn’t experience any stabbing under the arms, or too much ‘side boob’ overflow.


The pattern of the bra is stunning, and something you would usually struggle to find in larger cup sizes. The straps sported the signature heart shape adjusters, and they held me in place over the two days. My only gripe with the straps would be that they are only half adjustable, and smaller shouldered women may find that something of a problem.


In the photos my bust does look somewhat squished, and I would be curious to try a cup size up and possibly a band size down, as the band is very forgiving.


The frilly detail on the bottom of the bra does give the illusion of the wires sitting away from my chest – something that led to a great discussion amongst my fellow blogger and bra addicts. However, I can assure you that the wires sit flush against my chest, and as stated there is no movement from the bra when I wear it. Like I said, the band is quite stretchy and I would possibly fit a 34JJ bra better if it existed, but this 36HH was a pretty spot on choice.



I’m hoping that these photos will give you a better idea of how the band sits against my chest, and also show the frill detail off a little better. It is a nice touch, and one that only serves to enhance the beauty of the bra, and causes no irritation or discomfort to me.

All in all the Betty works rather well for me in this size, but I would be curious to see how it worked on me in a 34JJ if that size existed in this style. I would have to conclude that Tutti Rouge’s sizing is generous in the band due to a rather generous stretch in it, and in that respect the sizing is rather like the Eveden brand’s bras (Freya, Fantasie, Elomi). The cups do come up a cup size or two small – reminding me of Curvy Kate’s ‘Showgirl’ sizing.

If you are curious about what’s coming next from Tutti Rouge then check out Invest In Your Chest’s post.

Did Betty take your fancy? Would you like to win a set? If so you have one week, until Monday the 24th of June, to ‘like’ the Tutti Rouge Facebook page and write a post on their wall finishing off this sentence in 50 words or less:
“I love Tutti Rouge because…”
The Tutti team will pick a winner and announce it on the page! Good Luck!

Click here to buy your own Betty set from Bravissimo.

My Day With My Boudoir By Pam

16 May

So, earrings I need to get some stud earrings for today! I quickly drive over to the big tesco, and grab myself a couple of stud earrings along with a new tunic and pair of casual shoes which i don’t really need! ( a couple of days later all the buttons will fall of that tunic and I will have to improvise how I wear mid- Beyonce concert!).

I sit down with a coffee in the cafe and contemplate how the day will go. A little over a month ago, I won a competition from Fuller figure Fuller Bust to have a make over boudoir shoot with My Boudoir. I don’t normally do competitions, but entered because I just loved what was being asked: write a love letter to yourself. I did and I was the lucky winner. Since then I was scouring Nicola’s website, internet and my brain was going into overload about my lucky prize.

Honestly, I was so excited, knowing what Georgina stands for and having seen Nicola’s and Sarah’s work, I knew I was in the hands of an arti-gicians. Half artists, half magicians! I knew I would be made to look fabulous, all I had to do was enjoy the day.

I turned up at Nicola’s with the biggest suitcase, full of sari’s, shoes, accessories, hair extensions and ideas of voluptuous nakedness!

I loved Nicola straight away, it’s like you’re immediately long lost friends and that’s saying something considering the first thing we did was lug my supersize suitcase, guitar and cupcakes up a rather steep hill, but the adrenaline was already pumping. Nicola welcomed me in at which point I met the other two most important people of the day, Sarah Elliott for MUAH and Normie for general cuteness and moral support!

Over a cup of coffee we just chatted, about me, the things I like, expectations of the day. I was asked at one point, what parts I liked least.. I said I had bra scars and rather dry elbows! For me, this was my chance to mark a milestone in my life, like my tattoos, everytime I view these pics they would take me back to this day, a couple of weeks before my wedding to the most awesome man, (sorry other men!) a time in my life when I am extremely happy being who I am, in a place surrounded by my friends and family who also accept me for me. This was my chance to have a true professionals do their thing and all I had to do was what they told me to.

I did specifically ask Nicola to get my love bumps into shot, for me, I love my body and its wibbly wobbliness, me love bumps have always been a part of me, have never hindered me and I did not want to hide them away.

As the day went on, and I went from one outfit to another to none, it literally got better and better, it was hard for me to pose as I had to have a neutral face but inside I was bursting with happiness and all I wanted to do was smile. My favourite shot of the day is one which actually I will not be sharing online, it’s my nuddy shot, it’s me with my curves, and lumps and bumps and it’s me.. i feel it captures my soul and everything about me and it’s mine. On a bad day I look at it and go “Woah” and even better so does my man! lol!

Thanks Nicola, Sarah and Georgina for making this happen. It’s extraordinary gift you’ve given to a fellow woman and I wish at some point if not every day of their lives, all women: skinny, fat, curvy, slender, round, pear, athletic whoever they are and wherever they be also feel this way, confident in themselves and empowering and supporting each other.

Mucho love, you sexy ladies xxx

satin romance





The Winning Entry…

3 Apr

Thank you to everyone who entered my competition to win a photo shoot with My Boudoir. Myself, Nicola and Sarah loved reading all of your entries, and it was a tough call but we managed to pick a winner. Her letter made us smile as we loved her honesty and energy. Here is her letter and favourite photo of herself:

Hi Pam

How are you?

It’s been a while since we’ve been caught up together so I thought I’d write you a letter.

You now how you get with these, so let’s try and keep this short, sweet and to the point! See you’re rambling in the first sentence!

Ok, it’s been a while since you’ve taken stock, the last few years have been full of change around you, countries, jobs, wedding and future weddings.

But there’s a couple of things which are constant, which you really need to appreciate more of.

You’re lucky, you have the most amazing parents, siblings and friends, you’ve managed to surround yourself with the most encouraging people who love you for who you are.

You have a future husband, who’s been to the ends of the earth and back for you, (not many people would do that!) and through it all, the thing I love most about you personally, is that you’ve stayed true to who you are. Well done woman! You know who you are, you know what you stand for and you don’t try and be anything else!

A lot of people thought moving country, starting a new relationship and such were because you had changed (ie: gone mental!), but actually it’s because you were finally showing the world who you were. There is a fine line between confident and cocky of which you are very aware of, but sometimes your confidence in who you are can be misconstrued and your fearlessness does scare other people! You’re also really stubborn! Blame dad for that! You got the best and worst of your parents!

You’ve got the amazing Indian black hair, you look like a proper Punjabi woman, with the boobs and the butt! I love your wibbly wobbliness, although I still can’t believe Ben compared you a to a weeble wobble! Apparently you’re perfectly balanced! Well perhaps physically! Lol!

Anyhoo, as well as being blessed physically, you’ve got an likeable personality, but like everything else in life, keep working at it, keep learning and don’t take it for granted! Keep getting up in the morning and start each day as you do: “Wow, Pam, you’ve never looked as good as you do today!”. Keep smiling, keep loving, keep trying to get fit, keep making lists of things to do, keep reprioritising your priorities, keep organising your music library, just keep going!

I wouldn’t want to be anyone else in the world but you. I love you.

From yours eternally

Pam xx

p.s: Sing woman: #I’m sexy and I know it.. duh duh duh du, dum dum dum “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle“! #

Pam, looking gorgeous in the blue dress.

Pam, looking gorgeous in the blue dress.

I will be posting some of the other letters and photos on my Facebook page in the weeks to come, and then hopefully sharing Pam’s photos and experiences from her shoot, so stay tuned for that.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered my competition and bared your souls to us.  We really loved reading your entries.

COMPETITION: Win £50 To Spend At

18 Mar

If you fancy winning a £50 to spend at Zalando then click the link below and enter using the Rafflecopter.
This giveaway will close on the 15th of April.
Click here for your chance to win a £50 voucher to spend at

A Confidence Boosting Competition!

28 Jan

As many of you know, I recently partook in a Boudoir photo shoot with My Boudoir.  The photos were beyond what I was expecting, and it made me feel amazing and beautiful and confident.

Nicola and myself were excited to see the reactions from yourselves, and thanks to Nicola’s amazing generosity, I am really pleased to announce that we are offering one lucky lady the chance to WIN a shoot with her!

andy spain architectural photography antique mirror black background gold.

How To Enter:
In order to enter the competition you will need to write me a love letter!  However, the love letter will be from you to you.  You cannot enter for a friend or loved one, the competition is about YOU and your confidence journey. It can be in the form of a traditional letter, or a poem or song if you would prefer. You will need to list what you love about yourself and why.  It can be as random or as obvious as you like, but I want you to dig deep and appreciate those positive qualities that you have.  I’d also like you to include a full length photo of yourself in your favourite outfit, something you look at and say ‘Wow, I AM beautiful.’ Some images and poems may get posted on my Facebook page once the competition has closed, so please indicate if this is something you would prefer not to happen. The winner’s photos will also be published online, and I would love for them to write a blog post for me about the day.
Please only enter the competition once.

Send your entry entitled ‘A Love Letter To Myself’ to  I will try my hardest to reply to every email to let you know it has been received and that it fits the entry requirements.  Please note that I am on holiday from the 4th – 20th of February and I will not be checking my emails.  The competition will close on the 31st of March.

Myself, Nicola Grimshaw and Sarah Elliott will judge the entries and select and announce a winner by the 2nd of April.

Shoot Details:
A fabulous shoot with Nicola at My Boudoir consisting of a full Boudoir Make-Over with Sarah Elliott followed by your shoot with 2 outfits and 8 fully re-touched images supplied on Disc. You have access to all our fabulous outfits, accessories and props, but you can pose in lingerie, a special dress, or nothing at all!! Visit the website for more details about the shoots or follow ‘My Boudoir’ on Facebook for up-to-the minute photos.
The winner will be allowed to bring one female friend with them to offer moral support during the shoot. If I, Georgina, am available and the winner would like, I can attend instead of a friend.

Finer Details:
Shoot to take place at My Boudoir, based in Ramsbottom, north of Manchester, BL0 9EP.
The travel costs and arrangements are not included in the prize.
A collection service can be arranged for £45 from Manchester train stations.
The shoot needs to take before the 19th May 2013. You will need to contact Nicola to book your shoot – . 
Extra images may be taken and can be purchased if you wish when you see your gallery. Upgrade to an Album instead of Disc for an extra £100.

Good Luck ladies!

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: BiuBiu and Panache Reviews By Winner Kelly Parks

22 Apr

So as you may recall I hosted a HUMUNGOUS giveaway a few months back and since anouncing the winners I have been posting up reviews and other entries sporadically ever since.

Today I bring you Kelly Parks’ reviews of the items that she received for blowing me away with this fabulous entry.

So click here for her BiuBiu dress review.

And click here for her review of five Panache sets.

Follow Kelly on Twitter here.

Apologies for any extreme body envy that may occur after reading her blog!

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Winner Anna Phizacklea’s Reviews

18 Apr

The Portia, given by Annella Lingerie, is a beautiful, feminine set. It is plain enough to be wearable under every day clothing, however the delicate detailing makes it a gorgeously girly set which wants to be seen.

The band is quite firm and true to size, and it seems to give a fairly good support with a nice rounded shape, however it seems very small in the cup. Though my “usual” size is 30JJ, I find I often have to go up a cupsize in Curvy Kate, so this is in a 30K. I would need to size up at least another cupsize, but unfortunately Curvy Kate stops at a K. If I could get this bra in a larger cup I am sure it would be a very comfortable bra. The only solution I can think of for this would be to cut the non-stretch ribbon across the top, in a bid to open up the top of the cup.

All in all it is a very beautiful bra, one which I’m sure I would love if only it fitted me properly!

Butterfly specialise in plus size fashion and accessories, particularly oversized and chunky jewellery. From the giveaway I won a Dreamcatcher jewellery set.

The earrings are eye-catching and bold, but still beautifully detailed with dark purple and pale lilac jewels.

They are a touch dressy for everyday wear, and I think would be much more striking on someone with dark hair, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to wear them – they’re too lovely not to! The necklace has a casual bohemian look to it, which I think should be fairly easy to wear with lots of outfits – though I don’t think I could personally pull off wearing them together.

My blog.

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Dbusted Review By Q Lyla

4 Apr

When I checked my email a few weeks ago and saw that I’d won a bra and dress from DBusted, I was thrilled! (Thanks again Georgina!) Phillipa at DBusted was wonderful in helping me select styles and sizes. I had no problem finding a gorgeous bra in my size- the Tiffany Plunge in black satin (32G), Masquerade. The bra and matching shorts are absolutely luxurious.


As for fit, Tiffany has a looser band than some other Masquerade styles, but I would say that it runs true to size (more so than the Rhea, for example). My underbust measures 31 inches and the 32 fits quite well. The cups also seem to run true to size. I am between a 32FF and a 32G, so I chose the 32G, which I can wear with or without added “cookies”. (NB: The picture is without “cookies”.)


I was originally looking at the shoulder dress by Pink Ruby, but, sadly, my size (10) was out of stock. If you’re a 14 or a 16, go for it! That dress is lovely…


With some help from Phillipa, I ended up getting the Tencel ¾Dress with Obi Belt by DDP. It’s quite cute! My friend says that it reminds her of a picnic. The website recommends it beyond a HH cup. I would, however, recommend going up a size, if over a G cup. The Belt is adjustable, so going up a size shouldn’t pose a problem for those with smaller waists.

My experience with DBusted was great! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for cute and functional D+ bras and clothing.

Shop Dbusted.

Read Dbusted.

Q Lyla’s blog.

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY – More Amazing Entries!

22 Mar

So as promised I would like to share some more entries to my competition.


Design A Bra By Jillian Johns

It’s the best everyday bra you could ever own.
Three panel lightly padded deep plunge.
Multi-way straps: regular, wide racer back, narrower racer back, halter, and wide set.
Hook and eye back with an amazing new front feature- A LOCKING INDUSTRIAL ZIPPER FOR EASIER ENTRANCE AND EXIT!
Made of strong but breathable two way stretch powernet with corset like paneling in the weave.
Double banding at the waist and hidden in the lower edge to prevent roll up.
And best of all………
UK 24-50 back sizes AND A CUP RANGE UP TO MM!!!


Design A Bra By Dana Wichmann

“The sexy, fun, and flirty Vivian longline is here! With fuller adjustable shoulder straps, three vertical panels on each cup for maximum lift and support for larger busts, a plunging shape ideal for low necklines, and light boning throughout the torso to sculpt your luscious figure and whittle your waist…this is the bra you’ve been waiting for! In luscious leopard print on purr-fect purples, with lace details for that pretty, feminine touch.”


My Recipe By Tao Flaherty

Place four fifths of a large brain
over wide shoulders and hips
in a bucket full of honesty.
Garnish with
10 large toes and
10 long fingers, and
Serve with music.


Ode To Wardrobe By Clarisse

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracle
for little lady with big breasts!
well fitted bras and – miracle of miracles –
dresses, tops that fit my chest!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles
A fairy came to dress me up!
She had a backpack full of bras!
And each one with a bigger cup!
I tried them on with disbelief – that was a miracle –
I saw the end of my clothing grief – that was miracle too
But of all those miracles large and small
The most miraclulous one of all
Was the one I thought would never be
My mirror showed a whole new me!

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles
Three fairies took me by the hand
They dressed me up and – miracle of miracles –
Led me to the promised land!

And all those plunge bras I could wear, that was a miracle
A dress that made my husbande stare, that was a miracle too.
But of all the miracles large and small,
The most miraculous one of all
Is the one I thought could never be:
Mirror shows a whole new me!
Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles –
No more frustration, no more nerves!
I love my shape and – miracle of miracles-
I want to show my lovely curves!


My Recipe By Amy Watson

Measure out of sweet sweet nice (could also use any mix of kindness and joy), sprinkle generously all over as your base and heart of the recipe.
Then Add a VERY generous dollop of naughty, but the good quality stuff that means your recipe will still retain it’s class.
Add a handful of optimism pre marinaded for a lifetime in realistic logic
Add a dash of protectress
Then a pinch of fun branded randomness
Pour in a large jug of tea, very important
And mix it together it all up, put it in the oven and wait til it looks like a curvy blonde girl loving life.


Design A Bra By Mhairi Williamson


My Recipe By Joey Haynes

For the creation of one Josephine please follow the following instructions with care.

Preheat environment to positive and creative and line with support and inspiration. To make your Josephine a caring, with a friendly nature make sure to smother your ingredients in love throughout the process.

For the base:

Add a teaspoon of determination and Combine with confidence, a good balance between practical and silly, some tolerance openness and playfulness. Mix a large amount of passion with energy and a thirst for knowledge.

Bake the base for twenty years on a low heat and allow it to rise of its own accord with only a little guidance.

For the topping:

Combine; sturdy legs and arms for cuddles, a waist, breasts and hips for sexy femininity, a characteristic nose , a cheeky smile and a twinkle in the eye. These combines should produce a pretty and practical shell for your base, one that reflects the person on the inside.

Pour the topping onto the base and serve your one and only, delicious, delectable and very good for you, Josephine


My Recipe By Tiina Repo

One head, smart, full of ideas.
Bunch of thick long shiny hair.
Two arms, long and lean, must be able to carry more than 30 kg of children.
Two legs, matching the arms, but stronger.
Two breasts, soft and large. Must have plenty of milk for the baby.
One heart.
Loads of love.

Cover the head with the hair. Gently join together with the rest of
the ingredients. Finish by filling the heart with love for family,
friends and the whole world.


Stay tuned to read and see more of the amazing entries I was blessed to have!