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My Day With My Boudoir By Pam

16 May

So, earrings I need to get some stud earrings for today! I quickly drive over to the big tesco, and grab myself a couple of stud earrings along with a new tunic and pair of casual shoes which i don’t really need! ( a couple of days later all the buttons will fall of that tunic and I will have to improvise how I wear mid- Beyonce concert!).

I sit down with a coffee in the cafe and contemplate how the day will go. A little over a month ago, I won a competition from Fuller figure Fuller Bust to have a make over boudoir shoot with My Boudoir. I don’t normally do competitions, but entered because I just loved what was being asked: write a love letter to yourself. I did and I was the lucky winner. Since then I was scouring Nicola’s website, internet and my brain was going into overload about my lucky prize.

Honestly, I was so excited, knowing what Georgina stands for and having seen Nicola’s and Sarah’s work, I knew I was in the hands of an arti-gicians. Half artists, half magicians! I knew I would be made to look fabulous, all I had to do was enjoy the day.

I turned up at Nicola’s with the biggest suitcase, full of sari’s, shoes, accessories, hair extensions and ideas of voluptuous nakedness!

I loved Nicola straight away, it’s like you’re immediately long lost friends and that’s saying something considering the first thing we did was lug my supersize suitcase, guitar and cupcakes up a rather steep hill, but the adrenaline was already pumping. Nicola welcomed me in at which point I met the other two most important people of the day, Sarah Elliott for MUAH and Normie for general cuteness and moral support!

Over a cup of coffee we just chatted, about me, the things I like, expectations of the day. I was asked at one point, what parts I liked least.. I said I had bra scars and rather dry elbows! For me, this was my chance to mark a milestone in my life, like my tattoos, everytime I view these pics they would take me back to this day, a couple of weeks before my wedding to the most awesome man, (sorry other men!) a time in my life when I am extremely happy being who I am, in a place surrounded by my friends and family who also accept me for me. This was my chance to have a true professionals do their thing and all I had to do was what they told me to.

I did specifically ask Nicola to get my love bumps into shot, for me, I love my body and its wibbly wobbliness, me love bumps have always been a part of me, have never hindered me and I did not want to hide them away.

As the day went on, and I went from one outfit to another to none, it literally got better and better, it was hard for me to pose as I had to have a neutral face but inside I was bursting with happiness and all I wanted to do was smile. My favourite shot of the day is one which actually I will not be sharing online, it’s my nuddy shot, it’s me with my curves, and lumps and bumps and it’s me.. i feel it captures my soul and everything about me and it’s mine. On a bad day I look at it and go “Woah” and even better so does my man! lol!

Thanks Nicola, Sarah and Georgina for making this happen. It’s extraordinary gift you’ve given to a fellow woman and I wish at some point if not every day of their lives, all women: skinny, fat, curvy, slender, round, pear, athletic whoever they are and wherever they be also feel this way, confident in themselves and empowering and supporting each other.

Mucho love, you sexy ladies xxx

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My Photoshoot With ‘My Boudoir’

17 Jan

Just before Christmas I received an email from a lovely lady called Nicola who wanted to know if I fancied having some ‘boudoir’ shots taken with her. She said liked my blog and my confidence, and she thought I could help inspire other larger women to take pride in their bodies and feel like a star in front of her lens. She sent me a link to her Boudoir photography website and Facebook page as well as a few examples of her photos, and encouraged me to peruse her work and make a decision when I was ready.





I must admit that at first I was somewhat hesitant to take her up on her offer. The word ‘boudoir’ conjured up all sorts of images for me, and my first thought was that I would be expected to have a nude shoot, something that panicked me for a variety of reasons. However, I couldn’t ignore that her work was amazing, her ‘Before&After’ photos spoke for themselves and I wanted to look amazing like the girls in the shots! After emailing back and forth a few times with her, I felt reassured that I would be asked to do nothing that took me out of my comfort zones, and I couldn’t wait to look like a glamourous bombshell!

I live in London, and Nicola’s shoots take place in her house in Ramsbottom, Manchester, a speedy bullet train journey away. She was very understanding about the times I would arrive and leave, and arranged for me to be picked up and dropped off at the station by the lovely Gary, who waited patiently for me at the station with my name on a sign, carried my bags to the car and dropped me off at Nicola’s house. I was greeted by two excited French bulldogs and a smiling huggy Nicola, who checked that I was ok with the dogs being there. She then ushered me into the lounge where I was introduced to Sarah, the hair and make up artist. I was asked about the kind of make up and hair I wanted, and Sarah was very thorough with the exact looks I wanted for my hair, eyes, eyebrows and so on. She was great fun to talk with, and it felt like no time at all before I was ready to take a look into the mirror. I could not have been more pleased at what I saw! She had really captured the look I so often try to emulate, and I couldn’t get over the way I looked!
I felt ready to take on the camera, and I followed Nicola upstairs to start my shoot.
Nicola had selected the outfits from my suitcase that she thought would work best, and left me to change into look number one, my Morticia corset from What Katie Did and Bravissimo Demi Diva set.

The room where the shoots takes place is actually Nicola’s bedroom! It, along with her whole house and the lady herself, have a wonderful vintage feel too it. The room was nice and warm, some great upbeat girly songs were playing and I felt very at ease. I changed into outfit number one and then Nicola came back to just help make last minute adjustments to my corset.

The first pose that she wanted me in really helped break the ice! I had to lie on the floor by her wardrobe with my legs up against the wardrobe, my body in an ‘L’ shape. Let me tell you that doing that in 6 inch heels, a tightly laced corset and knickers that tie up and the side was no mean feat, and poor Nicola must have got many an eyeful as I navigated myself into the pose! But luckily she was very patient, and once I was in position she gave me direction on the placement of my legs, handed me a gorgeous vintage telephone and then started snapping. It was quite hot under the lights, and some positions that I had to hold made me feel like I was getting a work out, but thanks to Nicola’s wonderful direction and editing, I think I look rather good!
After that I changed into my Fauve Rosa set and faux fur coat and had some fun looking elegant on her chaise lounge and cheetah rug.



Next, I changed into my Dollydagger Dita dress and assumed various positions on the satin strewn bed. Once again, she did not disappoint with the images she created.

By this point I felt very at ease with Nicola. I was used to the bright hot lights, the positions that look so natural in the photos, but can take a bit of concentration and effort to hold and maintain, and her frequent directions and praise – something that really makes me relax with a photographer.

I changed into my Erin dress from Pinup Girl Clothing for the next few shots, and I just love how she made me look in the shot with the umbrella.


Last but not least, I changed into my Masquerade Rhea bra and pink corset (code ‘FullFigure1 gets you 10% off at Hot Corsets) and my absolute favourite image was born – something that surprised me as I really loathe pink!



Nicola took a few face shots and made me look utterly classically beautiful, I gasped when I saw the photos!





And then we were done, and it was time to wave my goodbyes and catch my train home!

Luckily for impatient me, Nicola had the photos edited and sent to me the very next day, and like I said above I was in AWE of how I looked in them! She had taken into account my hatred of my arms and legs, and managed to get the absolute best out of me in the images. Yes, her style it to enchance with photoshop, and yes I don’t look natural in some of the shots, but I adore every images she sent me and I feel very privileged to have had such a wonderful experience. It’s something I would definitely look into doing again, and I’m even considering buying a package for my best friend who deserves a dolled up experience.

As I have proven, ‘boudoir’ shoots are all about posing in outfits that you feel happy in. Whether that’s your birthday suit or a full suit, I’m sure that Nicola and Sarah could work their magic on you and make you feel like a goddess. And the great thing is, if you’re not overly keen of a photo or part of a photo, Nicola will change it for you until you are satisfied. She has never produced anything less than mind blowing images, and I want to thank her and Sarah for my wonderful experience, and I hope I have convinced a few of you to let the ladies make you feel like a princess at My Boudoir.