A Review Of The Tutti Rouge Betty

17 Jun

Ever since I first tried the Liliana bra by Tutti Rouge I have been champing at the bit to give some of their other sets a whirl. And so when Tutti Rouge HQ sent me a little tissue paper wrapped gift, complete with the Tutti stick of rock and lipgloss, I couldn’t have been more excited for it’s contents!

Inside was the gorgeous Betty set in a size 36HH/XL.


I was really excited to try the set on, especially in a 36HH as my previous bra had been touch and go in a 36H. Tutti Rouge sent me this unprompted, and they must have realised that sizing up would probably be a good idea on me.


As you can see, the set fit me pretty damn well! The size XL knickers were a lot comfier than the Liliana briefs, and I attribute that to the material that they are made out of. I adore the sexy sheer back and the peephole at the top with the tiny cute hot pink bow topping it off. I’m actually in shock at how well the fit my rather large derriere, especially given that they are a size XL!

I found the bra to be a pretty good fit on me. It’s made out of a two part construction, and gives me a very rounded shape.


I wore the bra almost solidly for two days in a row under one low cut dress, and one very fitted dress, and it was extremely comfortable, perfectly plunged and I didn’t have to worry about anything showing underneath my dresses.


The bra gave me a gentle cleavage without squishing my bust or bruising my chin. My bust felt very secure in the bra, and it even survived me running for several buses and trains – the story of my life! The wires under the arms were a good length on me, and I didn’t experience any stabbing under the arms, or too much ‘side boob’ overflow.


The pattern of the bra is stunning, and something you would usually struggle to find in larger cup sizes. The straps sported the signature heart shape adjusters, and they held me in place over the two days. My only gripe with the straps would be that they are only half adjustable, and smaller shouldered women may find that something of a problem.


In the photos my bust does look somewhat squished, and I would be curious to try a cup size up and possibly a band size down, as the band is very forgiving.


The frilly detail on the bottom of the bra does give the illusion of the wires sitting away from my chest – something that led to a great discussion amongst my fellow blogger and bra addicts. However, I can assure you that the wires sit flush against my chest, and as stated there is no movement from the bra when I wear it. Like I said, the band is quite stretchy and I would possibly fit a 34JJ bra better if it existed, but this 36HH was a pretty spot on choice.



I’m hoping that these photos will give you a better idea of how the band sits against my chest, and also show the frill detail off a little better. It is a nice touch, and one that only serves to enhance the beauty of the bra, and causes no irritation or discomfort to me.

All in all the Betty works rather well for me in this size, but I would be curious to see how it worked on me in a 34JJ if that size existed in this style. I would have to conclude that Tutti Rouge’s sizing is generous in the band due to a rather generous stretch in it, and in that respect the sizing is rather like the Eveden brand’s bras (Freya, Fantasie, Elomi). The cups do come up a cup size or two small – reminding me of Curvy Kate’s ‘Showgirl’ sizing.

If you are curious about what’s coming next from Tutti Rouge then check out Invest In Your Chest’s post.

Did Betty take your fancy? Would you like to win a set? If so you have one week, until Monday the 24th of June, to ‘like’ the Tutti Rouge Facebook page and write a post on their wall finishing off this sentence in 50 words or less:
“I love Tutti Rouge because…”
The Tutti team will pick a winner and announce it on the page! Good Luck!

Click here to buy your own Betty set from Bravissimo.

7 Responses to “A Review Of The Tutti Rouge Betty”

  1. sophie June 17, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Looks amazing on you! I’m still wondering whether to buy this cause it is super-girly after all.. I’m so glad though they improved the fit for this bra and it’s not as shallow as the Liliana.

  2. Jen June 17, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I agree with Sophie, you look terrific in the set—especially once you reassured us that despite what the frill tells us, it is sitting flush against your chest. Your rating the band’s stretchiness and cup size is helpful too—I am raring to try a couple of Tutti Rouge’s sets out but am always so hesitant because I’m not sure of the sizing. Thanks!

  3. Fiona June 18, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Thanks for review ! I love the look of it. , and amazing how slim the straps look ! Ur pics really show it off well, Torn between ordering the 32hh or 34hh as im 32j in bravissimo satine bra & in the tutti rouge pink bra, but if its got a generous band then 34 will stretch out so fast !

    • M June 28, 2013 at 12.53 #

      Fiona, I purchased both the Satine and the Betty the other day – I compared them and it is a bit smaller than Satine. That’s both in a 28 band by the way…I personally felt the Betty was nevertheless pretty forgiving, unfortunately I have not tried the other Tutti Rouge to give a comparison of the two. I would definitely not say the Betty runs small in any case and the fabric seems quite stretchy. But that is just my perception, as I wear a 28 I never have the option to try different band sizes…I just have to accept them as they are more or less and hope manufacturers will make things true to size not huge and epicly stretchy…(here’s looking at you Freya! Compared the 28 deco to an old badly fitting 30 band I had and it was honestly bigger…shame). I’d say go the 32 personally, but maybe get both if you are able to and return the one that does not fit?


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