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Curvy Kate: The Princess And The Portia

12 Jul

I first became aware of four year old ‘Curvy Kate’ two years ago when I partook in their annual ‘Star In A Bra’ competition. The concept behind it is simple: their customers wear their underwear, so they should become their models. Although I didn’t win, it was that brand ethic that stuck with me. The fact that everybody and every body who fits into the Curvy Kate range IS a Curvy Kate girl. A girl who deserves gorgeous flirty underwear in delicious exciting colour ranges, with bows and frills and flowery details. Over the years I’ve watched Curvy Kate evolve and change to suit their customers. They’ve extended their cup sizes, changed the shape of some pieces that they received a great deal of feedback from, and their amazing brand ethic means that I will always champion them.

Sheer cupped bras are often a tricky area for me, as I love a round projected shape, and as a 36H that can sometimes be hard to come by without a little extra oomph. That being said, when I do rummage through my lingerie drawer for something that isn’t padded or moulded, I often go back to my same old faithful Curvy Kate bra, as the shape and comfort are unbeatable.

I was recently given the chance to try out two other styles – the Portia in Seafoam/Pink and Princess in Orchid/Purple, both in my most visited size of 36H with size 18 matching briefs.

The first bra set I tried was the Portia.
The Portia is actually a style that was re worked by their designer Charlotte following the feedback from their customers. I’m a sucker for anything aqua, and the pop of pink was a bonus touch. Being that it FINALLY is the summer, I’m blessed with a slight tan, and this set looked wonderful against my skin tone. The bra comes with fully adjustable straps which I barely had to touch, and three hooks and eyes which offers the most amazing support.
The band is stretchy yet firm and I don’t feel I could have sized down just yet. The shape it offered my bust was fabulous. I felt sufficiently pushed in and up, although my boobs did feel slightly conical – something that did not show through my top.
Whether it’s the ribbon detailing or the shape, this bra did cause me to bulge a little over the top, and as luck would have it I attended a Curvy Kate event where their talented staff who not only make and market the bras, but are also expert fitters. I was able to try a 36HH Portia and the fit worked far better for me. I do have to wear a 36HH in some less generous styles, and so I would say that if you are between cup sizes you should go up one, especially if you have top heavy boobs like I do.
I was VERY dubious about trying the size 18 briefs, as I find Curvy Kate bottoms can come up a little small – unlike my own. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find them to be a really excellent fit. The sheer back adds a little stretch and drama to them, and there’s that gorgeous pink ribbon detailing again! I think I would be happier in a 20 as I felt that the embroidered detail did dig into my hips a little, but I was impressed at how well they fit me in the 18.
The Portia is a very gorgeous set. It’s a bra that could be worn every day that will give you that confidence of knowing you’ve got something quite beautiful lurking under your clothes.

Next up I tried the Princess, which looked absolutely sublime in the gorgeous purple colourway.
This bra was heavenly! Like the Portia it had fully adjustable straps and three hooks and eyes – two huge ticks in my book, and something that is another great thing about Curvy Kate.
The 36H felt spot on, and I was fully encased in the cups with no bulging from the front or sides. My boobs took on a glorious rounded appearance that reminded me of my old favourite, and I mentally added it to the top of the sheer cupped pile.

The briefs also felt a lot better on me, and I think that the Princess may be made out of a slightly more generous fabric. They also have sheer detailing on the bottom, something my boyfriend approved of!

Overall I preferred the colourway of the Portia, as aqua is my favourite, but this beautiful mix of purples was by no means a disappointment, and I adored how beautiful the two purple shades looked together, especially on the rose detailing.

Curvy Kate lingerie is now available to buy at BrandAlley, and they are really worth trying if you haven’t already, or revisiting if they are an old favourite.