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My Day With My Boudoir By Pam

16 May

So, earrings I need to get some stud earrings for today! I quickly drive over to the big tesco, and grab myself a couple of stud earrings along with a new tunic and pair of casual shoes which i don’t really need! ( a couple of days later all the buttons will fall of that tunic and I will have to improvise how I wear mid- Beyonce concert!).

I sit down with a coffee in the cafe and contemplate how the day will go. A little over a month ago, I won a competition from Fuller figure Fuller Bust to have a make over boudoir shoot with My Boudoir. I don’t normally do competitions, but entered because I just loved what was being asked: write a love letter to yourself. I did and I was the lucky winner. Since then I was scouring Nicola’s website, internet and my brain was going into overload about my lucky prize.

Honestly, I was so excited, knowing what Georgina stands for and having seen Nicola’s and Sarah’s work, I knew I was in the hands of an arti-gicians. Half artists, half magicians! I knew I would be made to look fabulous, all I had to do was enjoy the day.

I turned up at Nicola’s with the biggest suitcase, full of sari’s, shoes, accessories, hair extensions and ideas of voluptuous nakedness!

I loved Nicola straight away, it’s like you’re immediately long lost friends and that’s saying something considering the first thing we did was lug my supersize suitcase, guitar and cupcakes up a rather steep hill, but the adrenaline was already pumping. Nicola welcomed me in at which point I met the other two most important people of the day, Sarah Elliott for MUAH and Normie for general cuteness and moral support!

Over a cup of coffee we just chatted, about me, the things I like, expectations of the day. I was asked at one point, what parts I liked least.. I said I had bra scars and rather dry elbows! For me, this was my chance to mark a milestone in my life, like my tattoos, everytime I view these pics they would take me back to this day, a couple of weeks before my wedding to the most awesome man, (sorry other men!) a time in my life when I am extremely happy being who I am, in a place surrounded by my friends and family who also accept me for me. This was my chance to have a true professionals do their thing and all I had to do was what they told me to.

I did specifically ask Nicola to get my love bumps into shot, for me, I love my body and its wibbly wobbliness, me love bumps have always been a part of me, have never hindered me and I did not want to hide them away.

As the day went on, and I went from one outfit to another to none, it literally got better and better, it was hard for me to pose as I had to have a neutral face but inside I was bursting with happiness and all I wanted to do was smile. My favourite shot of the day is one which actually I will not be sharing online, it’s my nuddy shot, it’s me with my curves, and lumps and bumps and it’s me.. i feel it captures my soul and everything about me and it’s mine. On a bad day I look at it and go “Woah” and even better so does my man! lol!

Thanks Nicola, Sarah and Georgina for making this happen. It’s extraordinary gift you’ve given to a fellow woman and I wish at some point if not every day of their lives, all women: skinny, fat, curvy, slender, round, pear, athletic whoever they are and wherever they be also feel this way, confident in themselves and empowering and supporting each other.

Mucho love, you sexy ladies xxx

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