Shoe Spree! The Best Wide Fit Shoe By Jenny Crompton

19 Jun

Chances are you don’t particularly enjoy shoe shopping if you have wide feet. Finding a pair of shoes that fit fantastically and feel fabulous can be a real chore, even the thought of can tire you out.  The feeling of squeezing yourself into anything doesn’t make anyone feel good, but why should you have to put up with it? Well, you don’t have to. All you need to know is how to choose the best style of footwear that will flatter wide feet whilst providing comfort – nobody wants blisters! So what are the best choices for summer?

Casual in Converse

For creating a simple casual look or an ultra cool fashion statement, Converse are simply wonderful. A lace up trainer is always a good choice for wide feet as it is easy to control how loose or tight the shoe is. With so many colours and patterns available to choose from it’s easy to express your personality through your shoes – perfect for wearing with denim.


High-tops are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe and are suitable for wearing all year round. For feisty, fashionable females try wearing a pair of All Star high-tops with a cute summer dress – one of the most on trend looks this season.

2.Hightop Converse


You really can’t go wrong with a flip-flop, with so little fabric you don’t have to worry about feeling constricted. Many flip-flops are actually designed to fit the wide foot, but you should always try before you buy, even if you’re buying online.  They are an essential accessory to go with your bathing suit so you can flaunt all of your curves.

3.Roxy Flipflop

Simply Be have a great range of wide fit sandals and flip flops in stock right now in fits E to EEE.

Heavenly Heels

Searching for those killer heels to keep you dancing all night can be difficult for any woman but even more so when you have wide feet. Nowadays most high-street stores have a section dedicated to your wide-footed needs with a selection of fantastic fashionable styles – in fact the best shoes can even be found there!

New Look sell a large range of wide fit shoes, including many many fabulous high heels. For keeping comfortable with a hint of feminine finesse the best design for you is the ever-on-trend peep-toe, it gives you the extra space so you won’t feel restricted. A pair of court-shoes are essential to every girl’s wardrobe; with their subtle style they’re a great choice for work, weddings or just when you want to feel casually fabulous.


Next also stock a great range of E+ wide fit shoes and boots. The sling-back style is perfect for wide feet, with a design that features limited material around the heel they will prevent those pesky blisters from ruining your night. If you’re a woman who wants to show off her confidence try a pair a platforms to create that sultry, fun-loving look.

Plimsoll perfection

Made with flexible refreshing material the plimsoll is a gorgeous style of shoe that flatters the wider foot. It really is a great choice for summer as this style is ultra comfortable. Team together with a pair of cute shorts and a pretty ankle bracelet, and no one will ever know you have wide feet. Plimsolls are huge this season and you won’t be missing out!

4.Adidas Plimsoll

Evans are one of the best stores for stocking a huge range of sizes and styles. They stock shoes in UK sizes 4-10, and fits E-EEE.

Remember the golden rule; always try before you buy but by following this style guide you’ll find the best wide fit shoes to rock your favourite casual look. Today, there are many shoes designed specifically for wide feet so you’re bound find something stylish with the bonus of a magnificent fit – you’ll never dread shoe shopping again!

2 Responses to “Shoe Spree! The Best Wide Fit Shoe By Jenny Crompton”

  1. Silke June 24, 2013 at 12.53 #

    There are a lot of fun heels available in larger sizes and wider width. Comfy wedges are wonderful for the warm summer months.

  2. Silke June 24, 2013 at 12.53 #

    There are a lot of larger sizes and wider width shoes available online these days. Comfy wedge sandals are great for warm summer months.

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