Dainty Doll

16 Jan

A few weeks ago I received this message on my Facebook page:

“Hi Georgina,
My name is Shannon Feeney. I am 17 years old from Birmingham, West Midlands. I have set up a business called Dainty-Doll.com. Basically what I do is create hand-made jewellery and I sell fashion jewellery.
I work on this as a hobby and the money I raise via doing this goes towards a charity ‘In Memory Of’. It’s set up on behalf of my grandmother who I lost to cancer. 60% of the money raised goes to charity and the rest goes on materials to make the product. I would like to send you a few items and maybe you can review my product for me.
I am currently in the process of making my website, I will leave you my details and I hope to hear back from you.

Yours faithfully,
Shannon Feeney


Of course I couldn’t help but take a look and be touched at impressed at Shannon’s site and dedication, and a few days later a parcel arrived containing some items for me to sample.

The first thing that I unwrapped was a gorgeous little trinket.LUCKI have kept it in my purse for now, but I may add it to a necklace or charm bracelet.
lippieI LOVE this retro packaged cherry lip balm. It smells great and has a slight tinted sheen too it.

marshmallowThese cutesie adjustable rings would make the perfect gift for someone, and I especially love the scrabble letter one, simple yet effective.




mringearringI adore all of the earring, particularly the rose ones as I have quite a collection in a few colours, and these were the perfect addition. The M&M ones with the matching ring are quite fun and something a little different.

I really love Shannon’s shop and determination. She regularly attends local fairs to sell her items, and her reasons for starting the line make her a little star. I hope that you are as touched and impressed as I am, and if you ever fancy some cute accessories then make your way to Dainty Doll and support a great cause and an amazing young lady.

Thank you for sharing your story and products with me Shannon x

2 Responses to “Dainty Doll”

  1. Cheryl January 17, 2013 at 12.53 #

    Pretty much need one of those scrabble rings. Xx

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