Spring Cleaning!

12 Jun

I am a TERRIBLE hoarder, and it really takes some effort from me to clear out my wardrobe or cupboards and decided what I want to part ways with. I am also an impulse buyer – and so you can imagine the mess that my flat is in!
I often use eBay to sell unwanted items – the thing is, I then end up buying even more tat…
Enter musicMagpie. If you are looking to sell your old clothes before the summer or anything else then this is the site for you. musicMagpie are a company that allows the user to make easy cash for some of their old unwanted items. Starting with DVDs, CDs and video games, they have gone on to buy consoles, laptops, iPods, iPads, mobiles and now even clothes! So now you can sell your old stuff that you don’t want anymore, whilst making money, all at the tips of your fingers, using their website or even their mobile app, making it even easier for you!
I’m currently selling a few clothes on my Facebook page, but I will definitely be trying to make a bit of extra money on musicMagpie selling other unwanted items.

Here are my top tips for deciding whether or not to sell or keep something:

* If it’s an item of clothing – does it fit you? There’s not point waiting to lose or gain enough weight to fit something. Your wardrobe is for NOW and if it’s the wrong size you should get rid!
* When did you last use/wear it? Have you missed it? If not – get rid!
* Is it of sentimental value? Will the person who gave it to you be upset if you part with it? Will they even know? If not – get rid!
* Is it broken beyond repair? If so you should maybe throw it out…
* Do you have about five of the same item? I have about ten red dresses, and about half of them look suspiciously similar. Time to pick the faves and get rid of the rest!

Are you also a fan of spring cleaning? What do you usually do with your unwanted items?

3 Responses to “Spring Cleaning!”

  1. Shelly June 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I do love a good spring clean … but I tend to just tidy away and rearrange the stuff, rather than get rid of it!!! 😀

  2. Alison June 12, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I love spring cleaning, always makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something at the end! Any old clothes I don’t want have to be offered to my mother and sisters first, then anything they don’t want goes to my local hospice shop, but things have been tight money wise lately so I sold some clothes to a recycling place – two huge black bags full. I only made a couple of pounds, and probably spent more on the petrol to get there. I think I’ll go back to donating my clothes, as I’d rather see the money go to a local charity

  3. Leah Shafik June 14, 2013 at 12.53 #

    I have started a charitable scheme as part of my company charity which is looking for old Suits or Work Wear to help elimanate the barrier in to work of not having appropriate attire for interviews.
    If anyone is interested in donating then you can contact me on twitter @LeahShafik

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