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Debenhams Get It Right

2 Oct

When it comes to bra fitting and selling on the highstreet in the UK I am quick to recommend Bravissimo and Leia. I have had some rather bad experiences with shopping at other stores that offer a fitting service – my tale of woe with painful photos can be seen here.

One place that I have not had a chance to try out is Debenhams. I have heard a few things from other people saying the service is ok/great/not good but I have never had the chance to give it a go myself – until now! Oooh this lingerie blogging business gives me a lot of excitement!
I recently attended a lingerie press event for Debenhams and after being given a glass of bubbly and a cake I was offered a fitting – not a bad start to the day! I went to the room with the fitter and after awkwardly extracting myself from my dress I stood there in my undies getting ready to flinch at a tape measure. I could not have been more shocked when she looked me up and down and said ‘36H’. Just like that, the magical boob whisperer spoke and she spoke my language! I do fluctuate a bit, especially with this mega slow weight loss that I am indulging in at present, but she soon had me in this 36H bra and it was spot on. Not only was it spot on, she told me how to put it on, she jiggled my boobs into the cup (note to men reading this: no, you cannot get a job as a fitter) and she explained what everything was for and should do when it comes to a bra. She made me try my dress back on over the bra to admire the shape and lift and talked about other styles that I may want to try. It was amazing, a perfect fitting experience! Of course I fully understand that Debenhams brought a top fitter with them to the event, but to have a woman like that in their company, training others is fabulous. Bra fittings should be fairly hands on and explanatory, you should come away feeling good about yourself and your size and shape, not miserable and freakish like how some places can make you feel.

Debenhams do have a fantastic range of bras. They stock their own brand, the ‘Gorgeous’ range, as well as brands like Freya and Fantasie. They recently started to stock Elomi, an amazing success for the full bust full figured brand – hey, I know someone with the body type…

Elomi are part of the Eveden group (Freya, Fantasie, Huit 8, Goddess) and their bras do fit like those brands. They cater for 34-46 bands, and D-K cups in selected styles. I used to not care much for them as their bras were a little dull and it saddened me to think of all the funky Freya bras and then the frumpy plus size range from Elomi. But they have changed things, responding to the requests from their customers to bring out some funner flirtier prettier styles and now they are an outstanding brand.




I personally cannot wait for this beauty, due out next year in the Spring/Summer collection, wowza…

Debenhams usually have damn good sales and reduced bras by the hundreds in their stores and online, and so if you haven’t checked them out I urge you to do so!
Nice work Debenhams, we can finally start to trust big high street chains stores to give us great service and options.