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Pleasantly Surprised By Shapely Figures

30 Sep

So Simply Yours do padded bras up to a H cup – amazing! I had to give them a go…

All I can say is wow! I got the bras in my upper size of 36H and I am glad I did as the band was very very snug! However, once I had wrestled the 3 hooks and eyes closed I felt secure and supported and above all comfortable. The spacious cups encased me completely and I didn’t bulge out or feel like I was about to fall out and I had the most magnificent uplifted effect! The pretty trim gave the bras a girly twist and chocolate brown and baby pink are some much needed colours to slot into my lingerie drawer – let’s be honest, I pretty much have every other colour combo!
So all in all these gorgeous basic bras are a must have, I am so chuffed to have something so supportive in an H cup, Simply Yours, today you have excelled yourselves!

Passionate About Panache

14 Sep

So today the postman once again handed me a bra parcel. This one was from the lovely folks at Panache and contained not one but TWO Panache bra sets! Amazing! I ripped open the parcel excitedly and to my delight both sets were gorgeous and girly and would slot nicely into my current collection!
The first set that I tired on was the Masquerade Rosa in a 36H bra and size 18 thong. I must once again express my joy at the fact that Masquerade make padded bras in an H cup and I was not disappointed by this gorgeous offering! The straps are not fully adjustable but come up quite small anyway and so barely need adjusting on my broad shoulders. It comes with a two hook fastening at the back which is fab, but I do prefer three just for comfort and sturdyness. The band was Panache’s signature firm offering and the cups were perfect, encasing me fully whilst giving me a beautiful life and shape. It is not quite as pushed up and rounded as the shape given by my Freya Decos, but that is ideal as sometime you want a subtle lift that won’t take anyone’s eye out! The gorgeous rose print is a perfect Autumnal shade, not too vivid, just very elegant and classy with gorgeous flower detailing on the central gore and thong. The thong was very comfy and quite modest for a thong which is also nice. All in all I found this to be a classy sophisticated set that could go under most items of clothing and be worn every day, but still give that vava voom when needed – whether under a sexy low cut dress or on it’s own 😉

The second set was a Panache Superbra set named Melody and it was just divine! The hot pink colouring, the gorgeous detailing and the soft material of the set made it really pretty and comfortable. The cups were spot on size wise yet seemed to be slightly narrow and pulled away from my chest a tad. However It gave me a gorgeous rounded shape and a fabulous uplift, something that I find rare with non padded bras. As you will see in the photos my boobs look slightly pear shaped side on, but that disappeared under clothes. Once again the straps were only half adjustable but I did not need to tighten them at all. The three hooks and eyes felt perfect and made me feel very supported. This for me will be a perfect day bra for lounging around the flat or popping out to the shops. Unfortunately I wear a white t shirt at work and so this would not be appropriate or else I would definitely wear it as I sometimes work 12hr shifts and comfort is key. The briefs were very comfortable and fit me perfectly.

I literally cannot fault Panache whatsoever, they cater amazingly for large heavy busts with their ever expanding sizes, gorgeous designs and amazing flattering shapes. I hope that they continue to listen to feedback and create amazing sets for all size backs and busts.