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My Review Of The ‘Naturally Close’ Strapless Bra By Simply Yours

30 Sep

Simply Yours have recently released the world’s largest strapless bra that goes all the way to a K cup – the Naturally Close Multiway Bra.
Inspired by my fellow blogger Cheryl I decided to give it a go in my ‘upper’ size of 36H, as she warned me that it came up quite snug in the band and fairly true in the cup.

As you can see the bra is not the best with the straps on as it seemed to pull the underwire away from my chest, despite it being perfectly snug and amazing supportive with its 5 hooks and eyes! It also seemed to push down onto my breast which gave me that double boob effect.
However, as you can see without the straps it gives me a fairly good supported shape. My boobs are slightly conical but they are in place and I felt very secure.
I think that the pattern is very pretty but not overly practical as it would show up quite a lot under tight fitted tops and dresses. I tried it on under a dress and compared with a normal bra you can see that my breasts do look a bit droopier and pointier and slightly spaced apart:

This bra would not be one that I would personally feel comfortable wearing with a strapless outfit, but more for under halternecks where you have added support but don’t want your straps to be visible. The shape and support are spot on for me as I have given up hope of finding a bra that can give me my much coveted rounded cleavagey shape, but for women who are used to non padded bras I think that this would be a fantastic bra as the shape is not too dissimilar to how my breasts look in a non padded bra.

I would give this bra 4.5/5, that .5 taken away due to the lumpy pattern which I think may cause a problem for some depending on the outfit.

Very well done Simply Yours.