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27 Jul

As I have said all along I am:

“Forever battling with diets, huge bras and high street dresses; I am here to share my experiences about living with and shopping for a fuller figure and bust.”

I have recently gone on a bit of a health kick and that has involved joining the gym again and making healthier choices when it comes to my food. I have lost almost a stone so far, although I swear the scales are lying as it is not evident to me!

As i have stated, I am not here to promote diets or weight loss – I just want to feel happy about myself again and I think that if it is within your ability you should make changes to make yourself happier. I will probably always be overweight and bigger, but I just want to compact myself a little and stop having to always wear cardigans out and about to hide my arms and bags that conceal my stomach and a fringe that covers my face.

I don’t want my size to control me.

By popular request on my Facebook group I will be writing a few infrequent blogs about my new lifestyle. I am not here to preach or make this a ‘diet blog’, I am just trying to cater to the needs and wants of my readers.

Recently I was offered the chance to try out Yoomoo. As I write a clothing and lingerie blog I was at first a bit hesitant. However, as I kept getting more and more comments and emails about my slowly shrinking figure, asking to know what I was doing or would recommend, and I decided to give it a go. As I have been trying to incorporate Sainsburys frozen yoghurt into my snacking habits instead of chocolate the idea of a low fat CHOCOLATE frozen yoghurt excited me greatly!

It took me a while to find a supermarket that had not sold out of all 5 flavours – a very good sign but not helpful for me!

The little tubs were around 89p each and contained an average of 150calories – pretty good for a dessert or snack that you can get two servings out of.

I also liked the fact that the natural yoghurts weren’t significantly lower in calories than the flavoured ones – so no guilt was felt when I tried a scoop of the chocolate DevilMoo!

The yoghurts felt slightly mousse like. They were full of flavour and definitely satisfied any sweet cravings. They would be great on top of a serving of fruit or maybe even with some sorbet.

My parents, who were my fellow testers, both enjoyed their tubs and felt like they had the best flavour – chocolate for my Dad and berry for my Mum. They said it was not something they would buy as they never really eat ice creams or yoghurts, but that they were great value for money and very tasty.

As for me – I will definitely buying Yoomoo again. I like that they are significantly cheaper than your average crazy ice cream tubs, they are fun, tasty, low caloried and will slot easily into my healthy eating. I would love to see a few more flavours and maybe some chunks of frozen fruit and nuts in them, and maybe even a Yoomoo ice lolly. But all in good time!