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Breaking The Rules

22 Dec

Avid blog readers and followers of my Facebook page will know that I am hot on it when it comes to properly fitted bras! A bra needs to fit properly to look and feel great, and there are certain signs that you can look for to check whether or not your bra is wrong, check out my ‘Bra Fitting’ section for more info.

I’d love to think that I practice what I preach, but I have one huge huge weakness…

The Freya Deco.

The deco only goes up to a GG, one cup smaller than I need, and yet I constantly seem to reach for them when getting ready to wear a cleavagey dress. I have tried many other brands and bras and nothing is as comfortable or consistently boobalicious as my Decos. I do spill out of my Decos, as seen here but I can’t seem to shake my addiction! Combine that with my huge huge stash of red dresses and you get this recent purchase:


It was on offer in Debenhams and I couldn’t walk past! Plus the size XL briefs were so comfy and I love having a matching set. But as you may be able to see there are a few problems with the fit of the cups.
IMG_2874Yes I get that great orb like look, the gorgeous decorated cental gore sits flush against my body but…IMG_2873I do have some slight spillage at the armpits…IMG_2872And from the side you can see I am starting to bulge out.

The thing with ill fitting bras is that if they are just a few cup sizes out they can sometimes give a better shape than the same bra in the right size. They can squeeze the boobs up into a fab shape and make it hard to resist getting a better fitted size. As I am someone who commits bra crimes I am inclined to say that if you, like me, have a few guilty pleasure ill fitting bras that you wear purely to look good, and not because you know no better then that’s ok for the few hours that you wear them. But really, I should be breaking the habit, but I can’t seem too! Maybe one day…

Are you a bit like me – do you have a few badly fitted bras that make your boobs look incredible that you find it hard to part with? Let me know!

Merry Christmas you lovely lot ❤