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Bra Sizes Do Not Exist Without Back Sizes

16 Aug

I’m about to show you an image that will blow your mind.

I know what you’re thinking –

“What?! How can they be over a D? They look tiny! How do you know that? It’s nonsense!”

Let me start by telling you that those bras are Curvy Kate bras and they only start at a D cup, meaning that the wearers would have to be a D or even over. And yes, you may start to entertain the idea of photoshopping but why? What makes it so hard to believe that those women have D+ breasts? After all, all a D cup is is a bust measurement that is roughly 4 inches bigger than the underbust measurement. So if, for example, those women are both 28Ds then they theoretically have 28 inch underbusts and 32 inch busts. Is that so hard to fathom?

I see and hear a lot of women talking about their bust as a letter and nothing else, something that infuriates me.

“This dress was perfect on me, and I’m a DD!”

“I don’t get how she’s a G? I’M a G!”

Here’s the thing: to label yourself solely as a letter or make assumptions about a letter is misguided. Without a back size a cup size means nothing. It would be like telling the time and only telling the minute not the hour. It’s half past…but half past what? The two pieces of information need to go hand in hand as without one the other does not make sense.

So when we see a women and she is labelled as being a “32DD”, we cannot, in our 40DD bra, scoff and say ‘But how can SHE be a DD when I am a DD?!’ – it just makes no sense. A 32DD and a 40DD have nothing in common at all apart from the fact that they both have the DD label. They are not the same size, they are just the same relative size – by that I mean the ‘DD’ is an indication of how proportionally large the bust is in comparison to the frame, NOT how large the bust is all on it’s own.

Cartoons like the above do not help with cup letter ignorance. The assumption that ALL DD cup women have huge breasts is false – as proven by my first image.

Cup size ignorance leads to ill fitting bras – women assume, for example, that they can’t be a D cup as D cups MUST be huge, and therefore they suffer in too small cups and riding back bands. Do yourself and womankind a favour and wise up about bra sizes. Don’t always put it down to ‘vanity sizing’.