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The Importance Of A Sports Bra

29 Jan

Regular readers of my blog will know that in a bid to tone up and lose a bit of weight I have been hitting the gym.  And in order to make my experience more comfortable I always wear a sports bra.  It makes me sad and my boobs hurt when I see women working out in their normal bras or badly fitted bras, as they don’t seem to realise the damage they are causing.  It may be that they don’t know that they should wear a sports bra, or that they wear badly fitted bras as it is.

The principle is the same for finding out your sports bra sizing as for a normal bra. You will need to try a number of different brands and sizes to get the level of support you require, as well as to ensure that it does not chafe or rub. To ensure that you achieve the right level of support for your chosen activity, the best guide I can give it to mimic the activity you will be doing to ensure the bra stays in place. I have spent a fair amount of time jumping up and down in changing rooms to test the staying power of a bra!

Sports bras can come up VERY snug, so you may need a larger band, or you may need them to be firmer than your usual size and you will need to go down a band size.

The breast is supported by something called the “Coopers ligament” which stretches during excessive movement or exercise. Once this connective tissue is stretched out, it will never return to its normal contour or shape – so that’s basically what causes the breasts to sag. The ideal sports bra should cut breast movement by up to 80%, and as with any item of clothing you will have to shop around to find one that is perfect for you and your bra size and shape.  I often buy my sports bras online, and I came across a post from Tiffany at Figleaves who recommended the Shock Absorber max. Having tried it, I can recommend Shock Absorber bras for sports and working out, and now the only thing that bounces when I work out is my bottom!  There’s currently a good offer on Shock Absorber sports bras at Figleaves, so why not try one for yourself.    The bras come in a fantastic range of colours and designs, and there is no excuse to not support your bust.

Let me know which bra you use to work out in and why in the comments 🙂