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Aztec Prints

4 Jul

When I visited Vietnam back in February and roped Robbie into haggling for gorgeous bag, I had no idea that I was unwittingly buying a ‘fashionable’ piece of clothing…


It was only upon returning to the UK that I saw Aztec prints everywhere. I got my first taste of the print when I tried out some New Look Inspire pieces – and I really loved the print! And so when I spied Beth from Butterfly rocking a gorgeous Aztec midi dress, I just had to have it…


The dress is currently available in size 16/18, 20/22 and 24/26. I went for a size 16/18 and it arrived in no time at all…


The dress is made of a stretchy polyester, and is finished with a gold foil. It stretched to accommodate my shape, and finished just on the knee. The horizontal pattern felt very flattering, busting that myth that it adds pounds to the figure! I loved how many colours were in the dress and how well it would lend itself to a number of accessories.


The scoop neckline finishes high enough to conceal cleavage, but low enough to still be flattering. The capped sleeves felt comfortable over my arms and didn’t restrict them.


The dress didn’t quite nip me in at the waist like I would have liked, and so I naturally added a thrifted belt. I also paired this dress with my Freya Deco, my Maidenform shapewear and my shoes from M&S that are now several seasons old.

What do you think of the Aztec print trend? Do you own any Aztec print pieces or would you like too?

Excite Clothing’s Ruched Bodycon Printed Dresses

3 Jul

When it comes to fun, varied well priced plus size items Excite Clothing ticks all of the boxes. I first discovered them when I was on the hunt for some plus size boleros, and they haven’t let me down yet!

They recently gave their website a wee make over and added loads of scrummy items. Claire from Excite was generous enough to send me two size 18 ruched bodycon dresses.

ruched dress

I think that it’s very clear that I love a good bodycon dress, and so I was excited to see how these would fit!


The dresses are made out of a silky stretch material that clings to my figure without showing off my lesser loved lumps.


The little capped sleeves fit perfectly over my arms and don’t dig in or feel uncomfortable.


I loved the patterns on the dresses. Plus size women can sometimes be stuck with butterflies and small floral prints, but these dresses were something very different and an exciting choice to have!


I loved how the dresses fit me, and although I did add a belt when I wore the blue one to work, I *almost* don’t need one.


The length is a tiny bit shorter than I am happy with, and I will no doubt only ever pair the dresses with tights and leggings. Pairing silky materials with leggings can mean a slight riding up issue, especially when you run for as many trains and buses as I do…


The neckline was rather flattering, despite being quite high. I think that the capped sleeves help balance out the look, and overall it is quite versatile.


My favourite dress is the blue as it is so dainty and pretty. My boyfriend favoured the other, as he loves red and black. He also commented at how well these dresses fitted without a belt, but definitely preferred it when I added one.


These dresses are stocked in UK size 16 – 32 and I feel sure they will be flying off the virtual shelves this summer!

Have you been inspired to try these yourself? or anything else on the website? If so use the code ‘FULLERFIGURE10’ and get a 10% discount off anything on the Excite Clothing site. Code expires on August the 1st 2013.

I paired these dresses with my Freya Deco, my Maidenform shapewear and my shoes from M&S that are now several seasons old.

Fat Does Not Equal Frumpy

11 Oct

Finding 16+ clothing on the UK high street or online that isn’t downright frumpy and shapeless can sometimes prove a little tricky. Some shops stop at a 16 or 18 and have a separate plus size line that by no means reflect the gorgeous collections that the rest of the store has to offer. And so with this post I bring you my high street and online faves, some tried and tested, some just lusted after!

One of my favourite current stores is Collectif. At present they have just 3 physical stores that are in London, and so if you are in the big smoke then I would recommend checking them out. They frequently host sales online and instore and their high quality pieces are often a real bargain.
Their dresses come in many styles and fabrics and patterns and there really is something for everyone. They cater up to a size 22 in a lot of their clothes. With my busty bottomy shape I favour the Dolores dresses – and I recently got to model the red riding hood print dress at London Edge, available to purchase soon.

I fit into a size SIXTEEN in the Dolores and this little number, proving that they really are cut for curves!

Check out a few of my lust haves from the present and upcoming collection:

Mariella Leopard Long Coat

Dolores Rose Dress

Ella Dress

Marie Lace Dress

Ella Doll Dress

Julia Doll Dress

Here’s hoping that Collectif go all the way up to a 22 in all of these styles!

Another store that is doing really great things is Evans. I was recently lucky enough to attend the opening of their Marble Arch store and I snagged a couple of beautiful coloured jeggings as they were on offer. I think you’ll agree that the current selection is amazing…

I am also quite a fan of the Clements Ribeiro range as it looks a little more form fitted and on trend than some things Evans produce. I know that they have to cater for women of all ages and of many many sizes and so I don’t begrudge what they do sell, it’s just fab to finally see so many things that I personally love.

One of my absolute FAVOURITE new online stores has to be Lady V London.

She makes dresses from a size 8 through to a 32 and regularly has sales and promotions. She listens to her customers and acts accordingly, always trying to provide what we want and so far not failing! I reviewed one of her gorgeous midi dresses here and provided links to a few other reviews as well.

A brand that is slowly growing on me is Excite Clothing.

I first came across them when I was looking for short sleeved and long sleeved boleros and became impressed by their range and prices when I investigated further.
Mrs BeBe is also a fan of the brand and I think you’ll agree that she looks amazing in it.

Those are my favourites online and on the high street right now. It looks like things are on the up for us more voluptuous ladies who still want to look stylish and proportioned and I for one am grateful for that. We don’t all want to dress in baggy dark non patterned items, we want to look sassy and sexy and on trend and we want bargainous bountiful options.
Which is your favourite plus size store and why? What kind of clothing you do love? Let me know in the comments.