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BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Broods Big Bras

6 Jan

I’m so pleased to have Brood on board for my giveaway! I think this will explain why she is an amazing woman:

Broods Big Bras is exclusively Curvy Kate, that means you will only ever find Curvy Kate lingerie in their online store, Broods Big Bras was also the very first worldwide retailer to be selling only Curvy Kate products. They are located in Australia and are an online only store who by special request can also ship Internationally.

Broods Big Bras launched back in April 2010 by Brood who wanted to help out other larger busted women find decent, supportive and feminine looking bras. She herself wears a 14/36K bra but up until a year and a half ago before she discovered the brand, was trying to squish into size 18/40E’s and 18/40F’s because that was all that was available instores such as Bras N Things, Myer, Target, K-Mart, Big W, David Jones etc. It got to the point where she realised she would have to go to a specialty bra store but put it off for a long time as she knew that she would be spending $120 and up for just one specialty bra.

She struggled all through-out her teens and adult life trying to find a bra that fitted, gave some cleavage and that didn’t look like a granny bra. Just about every place she went to tried to put her into a minimiser bra which she hated, she was proud of her large breasts and wanted to show them off (tastefully), she didn’t want to hide them away. She finally bit the bullet and visited a local specialty store, she was asked what she was looking for in a bra and mentioned the above, only then to be told by the sales lady “You won’t find a bra that will give you cleavage in your size, go and get a breast reduction and then come back and see me about a bra”. She got fitted and left empty handed disgusted by the way she was treated and turned to the internet to help find a bra.

She came across Curvy Kate online and ordered a 16/38J Portia Black Pink and fell in love, she almost cried when the bra fit and it met all the requirements and it was under $100, it was that moment that she decided that she wanted other large busted ladies to feel the same joy that she did. With her motto driving her forward that “No woman should be punished for having large breasts and be forced to pay over $100 for just one bra” a few months later
http://www.broodsbigbras.com.au was born, she believed in the brand that much and only wore Curvy Kate bras that she decided to sell only this brand and no other.

Broods Big Bras has just under 400 fans on Facebook and a little over 100 followers on Twitter but her biggest achievement is her blog. Talking about her boobs and bra experiences, plus giving in-depth views of the Curvy Kate bras, she decided she wanted to help out and do more and did the bra modelling herself, no one else was a K-cup and doing reviews so she thought she would show the world how amazing the bras are and that they can support the larger end of the scale.
What sets Broods Big Bras apart from the other retailers is the personal touch with in-depth email responses, being available outside normal office hours, offering specials and discounts to her fans and regular customers, plus she sells under the RRP. Also every customer gets a Broods Big Bras pink tote bag and a free gift as she wants her customers to feel special.

As a way of saying thank you to Georgina for all her help in the past Brood is jumping on board with her competition and giving one free bra of the customers choice from her online store!

Best of luck ladies!

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: How To Enter My Competition

5 Jan

So I have teased you with my blog posts, told you about some of the prizes that many lucky winners could get their hands on, and so now it is time…to tell you HOW to enter and WHO can enter!
I do still have some prizes to add to the prize pool so keep checking back to see what else you could win.

So far the multiple prizes for multiple winners are:
A £25 voucher from Collectif.
Three pieces of jewellery from Butterfly (which will go to 3 lucky winners).
A bra set from Dbusted.
An item of clothing of choice from Dbusted.
A bra from Broods Big Bras.
Two pieces from Parfait By Affinitas.
Five Panache bra sets.
Two sets from Brastop
A £50 gift voucher from Large Cup Lingerie.
Three dresses from BiuBiu (which will go to 3 winners).
Two Naturally Close pieces from Simply Yours.
A dress from Simply Be.
A Curvy Kate Portia set from Annella Lingerie.
A set from Elomi.

*Entrants must be female, whether biologically or through choice. My blog is for women, about women. If you want to enter for someone else the best thing to do is to get them to enter.

*It is for EVERYONE in the world! Some companies may not deliver – no bother, I will personally send the items on to you!

*Entrants must be happy with the possibility of me publishing their entries on a later blog post or let me know if there is something they do not wish for me to include.

*Entrants must be willing to potentially review their prizes, photos optional.

*Entrants must specify if there are any prizes that they cannot use due to the sizing. It would be helpful if you could send me your stats so I can make doubly sure and also make sure any new prizes added after this post can go to the relevant people.

*I will send you a confirmation email once you have entered. If more than a few days go by and you have heard nothing please inform me via my Facebook page or Twitter or email me again.

*There are three different ways you can enter. You can enter in each of these different ways but you can only enter each way once so a total of three entries per person. I will pick three main winners, one from each category and they will receive bigger prizes. Then I will lucky dip the rest of the the winners for the remaining amazing prizes.

The three competitions are…

Design Your Ideal Bra
We all dream about a perfect bra/basque or babydoll don’t we? Well I want to see what they look like! Either you can draw a picture by hand or on the computer, or you can customise an existing item. You should name it and give it a blurb that will make us all want one! If you customise your own lingerie send me a photo of it off or on, I don’t mind, just no nudity!

An Ode To Your Wardrobe
I would love to hear your songs/prayers/poems about your wardrobes! For example:

“Our cardi,
Who art in Evans,
Simply Be they name,
Thy ringdom come,
Thy knickers on bum…”
And so on and so forth, hopefully you get the jist! I want it to be fun, light hearted, rejoicing in your gorgeous clothes and accessories.

My Recipe
The third and final way you could enter is to bake me a cake! Or mix me a drink! Of sorts…
I want you to make a recipe up of your good bits and ONLY your good bits. For example:

“Take a teaspoon full of wit
A pinch of sarcasm
A generous dollop of booty
Mix into a a bowl and leave to stand…”
And so on. I want you to embrace what makes you amazing, what makes you you, what makes you unique, what makes you gorgeous. A celebration of your truly scrumptiousness! Yes it is egotistical but sometimes we all need to realise we have so many good things about us.

Now what are you waiting for?! Get creative!
Email me your entries titled ‘Big Blog Giveaway Entry’ at:

I am ONLY accepting emails from valid addresses. You CAN NOT enter via the comment section or on my Facebook page or Twitter, you MUST email me. Please tell me which country you are based in as I have a few possible donaters based elsewhere and it will help me and my wallet out a bit to be able to match certain prizes with certain winners!

Any questions? Hit me with them, ideally on my Facebook page as I can access that at most times. Best of luck ladies, the hard work is over for me for now, over to you!

Oops, I almost forgot!
The deadline for entering is:
Sunday the 12th of February.
Results will then be announced within the following fortnight.

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Panache

5 Jan

This next beautiful amazing company are offering a corker of a prize! Let’s find out a little more about them:

Panache, an award-winning British lingerie company, has built its reputation on 3 core values:
Fit, Support and Comfort.

Dedicated to fit and specialising in D plus lingerie, Panache is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of perfect fitting lingerie.

We see this not only as a process of design but also a feat of engineering. If a garment does not fit to our exacting standards, it does not leave the design room. Our products are continually improved and developed to ensure that the company leads both in terms of fit and quality, as well as sourcing and production.

We currently offer five leading brands all focused on offering the perfect fit from AA to KK cup sizes. One lucky winner will be able to select five sets of underwear as their prize, one from each Panache brand. With collections that encompass high-end, trend driven fashion to everyday modern core basics we are proud to be able to offer support and comfort to every woman with our bras.

To follow us on Twitter click here.
To like us on Facebook click here. We are constantly evolving to suit our customers needs and wants and the best place to give your opinion is on our Facebook page.

Good Luck!

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Brastop

5 Jan

How can anyone not love this next company? The sellers of dirt cheap bras and runners of many AMAZING competitions.

Brastop.com is a heavenly website for all curvy girls, offering gorgeous lingerie and swimwear with huge discounts on all stock, everyday.

Brastop.com specialises in D to K cups with back sizes from 28-44”.

We sell all your favourite brands with everything at up to 70% OFF normal retail prices! Especially helpful for the fuller figure who would normally pay a small fortune for a lingerie set.

For this competition we will be offering a lucky winner the chance to get their hands on two sets of their choice.

The full Brastop range includes a diverse collection of all the latest styles with bras starting from under £7.95.

Shop Brastop: Find your bra size or search by brand.
Join our mailing list to make sure you know when new offers arrive in your size.

Brastop has been trading since 1996 and our previous retail activity means we understand how difficult bra buying can be.

Our fitting guide and bra tips should help you make sure you are wearing the right bra: your comfort is key! We strive to make every girl love their curves and to create a hassle free shopping experience,

We encourage customer feedback good or bad, so do not hesitate to contact us with any comments and suggestions.

Follow us on Twitter here.
Like us on Facebook here and keep an eye on the page as we are always running competitions that could win you prizes and much more!

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Large Cup Lingerie

5 Jan

This next company have been tireless supporters of mine from the beginning and I am so grateful to have them on board:

We believe that voluptuous girls should be able to choose from a range of fabulous fashionable big cup bras which enable them to embrace their curves. The versatile ranges from leading designers Freya and Fantasie not only look gorgeous, they make you feel great about yourself, so why not give your bust and your self confidence a boost in one of their flattering styles.

We provide a wide range of lingerie sizes, including those which are harder to find; 28-40 back sizes and D to K cups, so whether you are looking for fresh and funky lingerie, or bra-sized swimwear, you’re sure to find something to take your fancy here.

With new stock arriving every month, there’s always something new to tempt you; sign up to our monthly newsletter for the latest styles and special offers.

For the Big Blog Giveaway we will be donating a £50 gift voucher.

If you have any questions or comments about our company, please don’t hesitate to ask us.
Our website can be found here.
To follow us on Twitter click here.
To like us on Facebook click here and why not let us know you are entering the Big Blog Giveaway.

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing BiuBiu

5 Jan

Another contributer to my blog is the amazing BiuBiu!! I am so pleased to have them on board as I just adore the company!
Just to remind everyone the competition has not yet launched and yes it is open to ladies all over the world, if any companies do not cover the shipping I will personally take care of it!
Please ‘like’ my Facebook page as I am always updating and answering questions on there. So without further ado…

BiuBiu is a small Polish company that designs and sells clothing dedicated to curvy women.

It is obvious to us that women have a variety of shapes and that all shapes are beautiful. The secret to reveal their beauty is to provide clothes that emphasise the assets of your shape. Sounds so simple when you say it – why is it, then, that it is so hard to find clothes for curvy women? Most popular chain stores and high street stores seem to focus on slim and tall women having relatively small breasts. BiuBiu provides an alternative for those of you who have bigger curves.

All too often we still see girls despairing over their big boobs and
believing that there is something wrong with them: they will just not look good no matter what they wear. This is a misconception that should be fought against!

Nothing is wrong with our feminine shapes, or with our breasts.
Something is wrong with the clothes we try on. When you find clothes that fit your curves you will be surprised to discover your new looks in the mirror!

It was that discovery – that it is clothes that should fit woman’s shape and not the other way round – that was the start of BiuBiu, a company
established by – yes, you guessed correctly, by a curvy woman who could not fit into high street clothing.

Everything began in 2008 on a Polish internet forum for big breasted women who tried to convince lingerie designers that there are bra sizes beyond D cup. The issue of clothing was raised there
many times. Combined with her own personal experience, it inspired Kinga, now the owner of BiuBiu, its chief designer and customer support, to try making her own designs, starting with tops that would have enough space for the bust without being big all over, and when these first attempts gained approval of Polish big bust community, to start her own company to continue with the project.

And even though the reality of fashion market proved to be different than the ideal world we all live in, even though we are not able to make all the wishes come true, BiuBiu is still here today, trying to make the life of curvy girls a bit easier.

If you are not sure if there is anything BiuBiu can do for you, ask yourself these questions:
Are you frustrated by shirts with popping buttons?
Are you tired of clothes which maybe fit your bust, but give you a hunchback appearance, no waist or broaden your shoulders?
Are you looking for clothes which will not give you Arnold Schwarzenegger
Are you one of those women who have never owned a dress which would celebrate their curves?
If the answer is YES, welcome to BiuBiu, where you will find clothing cut for women who have busts, waists and hips.

At BiuBiu, we take into account that busts can be different in size. Instead of using internationally recognised sizing such as XS, S, M etc., we additionally differentiate our clothes by bust size: B, BB and BBB in
non-stretchy fabrics and B/BB or BB/BBB in stretchy fabrics. Our sizing is fully explained on our website but we are always happy to provide sizing advice by e-mail. Our current offer includes long-sleeve and short-sleeve tops and shirts as well as dresses. We are thinking of introducing some accessories such as scarves, belts and jewellery. Long-term plans include jackets and overcoats.

You can see more on our website.
You can also visit our Facebook page to like us and to share your opinions – why not let us know you are thinking about entering the Big Blog Giveaway.

For Georgina’s Big Blog Giveaway, we are happy contribute THREE BiuBiu DRESSES of the winner’s choice, to be selected from those available in our online store. These will be distributed in whatever manner Georgina sees fit. We wish all the entrants good luck and great fun with the competition!

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Simply Yours

3 Jan

The next lovely company who will be donating prizes to one lucky winner is… Simply Yours. They will be offering a lucky winner any two Naturally Close pieces. Here is a little more on the company:

Simply Yours provides gorgeous lingerie for girls with curves.

Beautiful bras in A-JJ cups (selected sizes up to K and L) and back sizes from 30-50 (selected styles in 28 and some up to 56). Pretty underwear, nightwear and swimwear in sizes 12-32.

Home of the Gok Wan shapewear collection.

Simply Yours use healthy happy plus size models to give their customers a better idea of how products may look on them.

Follow them on Twitter here.
Like them on Facebook here.

BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Simply Be

3 Jan

The next prize that could be yours is…a dress of your choice from plus size lovelies Simply Be. Here is a little more about this wonderful company…

Simply Be is for fun, confident women who love fashion!

Simply Be is a trading style of Candid Collections Limited, a sister company to J D Williams & Company Limited, the UK’s leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands. Our catalogues offer a huge selection of clothing and other products for all ages and sizes. All our clothes are designed to provide the best fit at the best value, and we are specialists in the area of larger size womenswear.

The company was founded in 1875 by James David Williams, who in 1882, was the first to make use of the UK’s parcel post service, to send his company’s products direct to his customers. The formula of providing quality, fashionable, value for money clothing direct to customers proved increasingly popular towards the latter end of the 20th Century and J D Williams enjoyed significant growth. This continuing growth has ensured J D Williams is the most successful direct home shopping company in the UK today, with over 2 million customers and 4,000 employees.

It’s fashion without limits in sizes 14-32 including exclusive designer collections from Anna Scholz and Zandra Rhodes. Fab fashion footwear in wider fittings including boots in a choice of calf widths.

Express your mood; express who you are – Simply Be!

Follow them on Twitter here.
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BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Annella Lingerie

3 Jan

Curvy Kate fans, this is the prize for you! The lovely Annella Lingerie will be offering a Portia set to one lucky winner! Here is a little more about them:

Annella Lingerie is an independent online store for branded lingerie based in Oxford, UK. We offer lovely lingerie and swimwear, in cup sizes AA-K, but especially in bigger cup sizes C and above. Our selection include the best British brands like Curvy Kate and Panache Lingerie, with their high quality and affordable prices.

We are committed to finding the best lingerie for our customers worldwide and are constantly expanding our selection. You can keep up with our news and offers by registering your details with us.

The perfect bra size is very important. A high percentage of women are wearing the wrong size, with usually the back size being too big and the cupsize too small. Bra like this won´t give the needed support that it is supposed to give. Right size bra has a great effect on how you look and the way your clothes look. Especially for women blessed with a curvy figure, it is essential to have the support of a good bra. Please take time to find out your correct size.

Tape measures only give you a rough idea where your size will be. All breasts vary in volume, size and shape, and so even women with the exact same measurements might end up with different size bras.

This is why, instead of measuring, you should concentrate on how your bra looks and feels. Remember also that you could be one size in one style and slightly different in another because sizes vary a little between different styles and brands. Some styles will also give you slightly more support than others.

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BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY: Introducing Elomi

3 Jan

Another prize you could win when my competition launches is a sumptious set of your choice by Elomi. Here is some more information on the gorgeous brand:

Eveden is the UK’s largest lingerie and swimwear manufacturer, incorporating brands Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi, Goddess and Huit. Established in the 1920’s, Eveden specialises in providing lingerie for the fuller busted woman, designing from an A to a K cup. Each brand has their own personality and position in the market. Eveden understands that one size does not fit all and that every woman is different in terms of her size, shape, taste and even how she feels!

The Stunning Elomi Hermione

Elomi is Eveden’s gorgeous lingerie and swimwear brand designed for the fuller figured woman.

The Striking Elomi Ophelia

Elomi provides fashionable, supportive and perfectly fitting lingerie up to a K cup. Sheer elegance and total comfort go hand-in-hand with Elomi lingerie, so women can enjoy total fit and support in a range of sophisticated looks.

The Gorgeous Elomi Betty

In addition to beautiful new lingerie collections for SS12 such as Betty, Maggie and Cassandra. Elomi also offers a stunning range of swimwear which offers a fantastic and innovative concept named ‘Confidence in 3 simple steps”. Their concept is made up of wearing 3 garments – Firstly a Swimbra, next a range of brief styles such as high waisted brief, and finally a number of tankini styles – allowing women to mix and match various looks so they can feel fabulous and totally confident.

The Elegant Elomi Caitlyn

Click here to follow Elomi on Twitter.
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Are you getting excited about hearing how to enter the competition yet?