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A Guest Review Of The Panache Sports Bra

4 Sep

At Panache’s recent press event I was measured as being a 36HH/J. As their highly aclaimed sports bra stops at an H cup it meant that the best size for me was my sister size – 38H. Sadly it was just too big in the band and I although I adore it for low impact sports I didn’t feel that I could give an honest review of it.

Luckily I have a friend who frequents the gym and was willing to give the bra a go. She is a 32FF/G/34F/G and so I advised that she try a 32FF as the cups are a tad generous and the band is true to size, unlike a lot of sports bras. Here is her account of it…

“As a rule I don’t like moulded bras as the moulded shape and natural shape are not always the same so there are spaces where the breast does not fill the mould.
This seems to be less of a problem in ‘normal’ life- just moving around naturally. I expected more of a problem in a sports bra, used mainly for Zumba, so a reasonable amount of bouncing would occur. Having used a non moulded 34F Shock Absorber for years I was expecting some rubbing from this Panache sport bra, moulded and wired, size 32FF. There were some spaces in the cups but they did not cause any discomfort as I bounced through my Zumba class. I felt very secure, in fact I was not aware of my bra. There is a little more flesh overhang under the arms but I can live with that.
It was a bit too tight to wear in the racing back style and not yet been washed so I can not advise on how it will deal with that.
All in all, I am pleased with the bra’s performance during my rather vigorous work out. I also really rather like the grey and lilac colour.”

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