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The Bra Adventures Of A Petite Pear – A Guest Post By Heather Mason

16 Jan

I haven’t hosted a guest post in a while, but after a few comments and requests from some of my readers I am very happy to share this offering with you. It’s a testimony from my beautiful friend of 14 years. She has quite a different problem when it comes to bras and she’ll take you through her journey in this post:

I am pear shaped. I am not short enough to be classed as petite. I have curves. I don’t have big boobs but I do have a good bum. These are all thing that I tell myself on a daily basis.

I’m 5’5, my measurements are 31”, 25”, 33”. In reality I am not an extreme pear shape, but when I measure round my bum and the tops of my thighs my measurement there is 40”. I have struggled for years to come to terms with this and at 17 was told by my mum that I had child bearing hips – not something that has come into use yet – as a result I have tried numerous diets, exercises and have even tried some awful slendertone ‘fat burning’ shorts, not something I would recommend.

I would say that it’s only been in that past few years that I have really learnt to dress for my shape and this has helped me to become so much more comfortable with being a Pear.

A year ago I finally got down to a weight that I had been trying to achieve for a long time and with the weight I lost I also lost several cup sizes, or so I thought. I decided to get myself fitted properly and went to House of Fraser, I have to say the lady that fitted me was absolutely amazing. She asked me what size I was and at the time I had estimated myself to be a 34 A to which she tutted and wondered off muttering about how tiny my underbust was, and came back with several 30 C’s and a 32C. Looking down at my chest I was surprised she had picked a C but as I’m not a bra fitter or expert in those matters, I didn’t object and instead tried it on. I was immediately amazed at how much better it felt, the back was so much more supportive and my boobs actually looked bigger! After buying all three matching sets she had picked I strutted off home a happy customer. Below is one of the sets that I bought, to this day I still love it.


Since then I have always stuck to shopping in HoF for my underwear. I have ventured a few times into La Senza, Topshop and New Look, but as the high street brands don’t tend to go down to a 30 my trips have been unsuccessful. This is changed just before Christmas when H&M brought out a new campaign for their ‘super push up’ bra’s and I have to admit I was completely sucked in.

2 3I tried the two above sets on, as pictured above and they did not disappoint. I tried them both on in a 32C in desperate hope that the band wouldn’t be too loose, and knowing that the cups may be a tad small. Just my luck, the band with three hooks and eyes was the perfect fit and had great lift, even without the straps.


The bottoms are high-waisted which help give you the whole pin up girl, retro feel, plus it means no risk of the elastic band digging in at the hips.

5 6

The pink and black lace set is my favourite of the two, with detachable bra and suspender straps it means you can wear it lots of different ways, I’ve been wearing it mainly without the straps as I’ve found it has replaced my strapless Wonderbra. I am so impressed with the lift of this bra and how comfortable it is. The bottoms are super comfortable as well, but as you can see from the pictures they don’t come as high on the model.


photo(1) photo

The other set, which I bought in black, had the same great lift, strong band and three hooks and eyes. The only problem with this set is that the straps are thicker than the usual bra straps, but with the cute diamante detail I’m easily won round.

10 11

After having such a success with H&M I would definitely recommend trying them out if you should also be blessed with a perfect handful. I also have to admit that my outlook on high street brands has is starting to change, and rather than immediately assuming they won’t cater to me I’ll definitely go in and try the item on. Being petite with a smaller chest can throw up as many problems as being larger with a voluptuous chest, and it’s not the easy shopping experience that many envision. A great fit is important, no matter what your size, and I’m so glad I have found sets to cater to mine.

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