Volup2 Kickstarter Campaign

18 Sep

Velvet d’Amour and her fantastic magazine ‘Volup2’ are slowly taking over the world!  She has just released the third issue, ‘Zest’, and has already racked up several million page views.  Her beautiful images grace many tumblr sites, blogs and web pages as people rejoice in seeing  her celebration of beauty in it’s every form.

Up until now almost everyone involved has worked for free, and any expenses that have cropped up have been paid for out of her own pocket.  Now, as she looks to carry on her amazing work she is looking for funding and donations.  That’s where YOU can help!

Click here if you would like to watch or read what she has to say about her work, and if it moves you you can make a donation. The best part is that you receive a gift or reward with every amount pledged, as well as knowing you are helping a fantastic project out!

(And if you watch the video closely you may even see yours truly having some fun behind the scenes!)

So go on, see what Velvet has to say and maybe you could help be part of a huge revolution.

Click here to check out the magazine’s ever amusing and poignant Facebook page.
Click here to follow Velvet on Twitter.

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