Falling In And Out Of Love With Vivien

5 Oct

I have been aware of Vivien of Holloway for some time now, particularly because several busty friend of mine find their dresses to be a fabulous fit – Sophia Jenner being one of them. And as I am a theatre geek I really loved this dress and finally took the plunge to order it in a 46inch bust recently, hoping that my 48inch bust would fit into it and I could make it into a strappy dress rather than a halterneck one.

When it arrived I was instantly mesmerised by the luxurious fabric and exquisite eye-popping design. However, I was quickly disappointed to see that the halterneck was a loop style one, not a tie up one, clearly overlooked by me in my internet shopping flurry and therefore making it impossible to adjust into straps like I had done here. I took some photos and showed some friends, talking of how I would have to return it as although my strapless deco worked well under it the neck felt too high.
I also felt that it bunched up over my waist and made me look larger than usual. What good friends I have – they pointed out how such a busy design didn’t need the added distraction of killer cleavage, how my strapless bra was doing an incredible job and how a dress with so many colours would look incredible with so many different accessories. And so I tried it back on and well, I have to say the dress will be staying! I just feel amazing in it and yes, it’s not my usual style but it’s good to be different and give all those colourful shoes of mine an airing!

…I wore it out the other night! Here is how it looked:

16 Responses to “Falling In And Out Of Love With Vivien”

  1. Darlene October 5, 2011 at 12.53 #

    Thank goodness for your friends’ feedback because I also think this looks amazing on you. Not sure what you mean by bunching at the waist unless you think it falls too high? And if so, it seems like the wide belts take care of this. Very funny, though, because in my conservative book, that’s the PERFECT neckline! 🙂

    • fullerfigurefullerbust October 6, 2011 at 12.53 #

      Thank you! The wide belt I initially tried it on with looked silly and I felt like it bunched too much but I was so disheartened by the neck that I didn’t try to re adjust – but I am now in love and yes, upon reflection the neckline is a goodun!x

  2. confessionsofacurvygirl October 5, 2011 at 12.53 #

    I think the dress has a nice sillouhette When you put on the wide belts it makes you look slimmer. I just wish dress was a bit shorter. That way you could show off a bit more flesh, which what i think you want.

    • fullerfigurefullerbust October 5, 2011 at 12.53 #

      Thank you. And no, the dress is a perfect length, I hate my legs and I don’t wish to just ‘show flesh’, I’m just used to necklines being a tad lower x

  3. Amanda October 5, 2011 at 12.53 #

    i have to say, your friends are definitely right, you look fabulous in it!!

  4. Zoë Dasco Madden October 5, 2011 at 12.53 #

    You look great in the dress, what fun colors. I know that you are a fan of ewa michalak. Have you tried the ewa michalak onyx bra with this dress? It can be worn as a halterneck bra and I find it ideal for all of my halterneck tops and dresses because it gives more support and is more comfortable than a strapless bra. http://www.ewa-michalak.pl/product-eng-141-CH-Onyx.html

    • fullerfigurefullerbust October 5, 2011 at 12.53 #

      Thank you! To be honest my strapless Deco is just amazing but I may give that a go, thank you!x

  5. laura October 6, 2011 at 12.53 #

    love it with the black belt!!

  6. Melissa October 6, 2011 at 12.53 #

    You look amazing in the dress! You’re tempting me to take a look at it next time I am in London.

  7. lilybobombslovelylumps October 9, 2011 at 12.53 #

    This dress looks stunning, but I dont have a small waist, so never get to wear this style, mine is 38″ and my bust is 50″, but you look bloody brilliant in it! x

  8. June October 10, 2011 at 12.53 #

    I agree with everyone else you look absolutely amazing in this dress! I also agree that it looks very flattering with a wide belt.

    How do you feel the waist/bust felt on it? Was the bust at all stretchy? I’ve been drolling over one of these dress forever but I would need to order something between a 22-24 for my bust and something between a 16-18 for my waist.

    • fullerfigurefullerbust October 11, 2011 at 12.53 #

      Thank you!
      It is not stretchy but generous, I feel like I could size down but be squished as there is still some room in the top.
      The waist felt big but the belts really helped. I am about a size 14 waist and 22/24 bust and it was fine. I wore it out the other night and will post some pics at the bottom of the blog!

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